Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 662 - Don’t Mind Me

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Chapter 662: Don’t Mind Me

As soon as she finished speaking, the doorbell rang. She dragged her slippers and ran over, only to see An Yan’s face on the surveillance camera. He was carrying a big box. “Ms. Ling, the Third Master asked me to bring the dishwasher.”

Ling Sheng hurriedly ran out to swipe her card and press the elevator button. When she saw An Yan, she asked, “When did you come back?”

“It’s been a week. I’ve been at the company.” An Yan looked at Ling Sheng and smiled. “Ms. Ling, can you tell the Third Master to transfer me back? I’m still used to following the Third Master around.”

In the past, that brat Xu Xi had been the most afraid of serving the Third Master. It wasn’t only him; many others were the same. That was how he had gotten to serve the Third Master himself.

However, he did not know why, but Xu Xi seemed to be addicted. There was no sign of him changing places with him.

“This is up to the Third Master to decide.” Ling Sheng did not care. After all, he was the Third Master’s assistant. It made no difference who was his assistant. Xu Xi and An Yan were similar. As long as it was not He Xie, anyone could do it.

“I was just saying. Don’t mind me, Ms. Ling.” An Yan regretted it after saying that. He felt that there was no need to do that.

Ling Sheng thought to herself, As assistants, do you have to fight with each other both openly and covertly? However, she knew that they were all subordinates of the Third Master. Their relationship was also very strong. It was a life-and-death relationship.

An Yan helped her set up the dishwasher and even helped her put the dishes in. The Third Master was afraid that Ms. Ling would be disobedient and would wash the dishes herself, so he had asked him to do everything before leaving.

Ling Sheng was helpless. It was just two bowls. Would he also help her eat in the future? She was not made of glass, so she would not shatter at a touch. She was not that precious.

She had just taken a shower and was about to fall asleep when she received a call from Mei Xuelin. “Sheng Sheng, I have something to tell you. You’ll be participating in a variety show this Friday!”

Ling Sheng said, “Sister, can you not call me in the middle of the night every single time? I was about to fall asleep.”

Mei Xuelin said, “Isn’t it already the end of the year? I’m really busy with all kinds of red carpet events. I just had time to take a look at the invitations. Star Sky Station’s ‘The Idol Is In Place’ has invited the film crew of ‘The Legend of Empress Xiaoxian’. I know you have a feud with Luo Xin and Gu Shen, but if you don’t go to this show, you’ll give other directors a bad impression and make them misunderstand. They’ll think you’re not participating in the promotion of the show.”

Ling Sheng was baffled. “Why would I not go because of them?”

Mei Xuelin smiled. That was the right way to think. It was not scary to be on the same stage. Whoever made a fool of themselves would be embarrassed. People with high EQ would never be afraid of such trivial matters. “That’s right. You’re the best. Also, there’s a skit performance at the Spring Festival Gala. One person is missing. The main production team contacted me and asked if you had time. I don’t have to tell you how precious this opportunity is!”

It turned out that a skit called “Reunion” lacked an actor. The actor had gotten into a car accident two days ago and had broken his leg. His injury was quite serious, so he had not been able to participate in the rehearsals. The Spring Festival Gala was not like a local station’s gala. If something went wrong, they could only find another actor.

Ling Sheng had been strongly recommended by Old Qian. He had said that she was definitely up to it, and that if she could not do it, they could come and slap him in the face. After seeing Ling Sheng’s performance on the show, they had agreed.

Besides, when the list of actors was submitted, the final approval session would be over and her participation would be confirmed. As long as the other side agreed, she could go over to rehearse.

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