Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs - Chapter 410 - How Can You Not Be Happy?

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Chapter 410: How Can You Not Be Happy?

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Xiao Wu’s condition wasn’t good, but Shao Qiyun didn’t seem to be in a good state either. Mu Jingzhe didn’t know what was going on with them.

Hearing that Shao Qiyun and Xiao Wu seemed to have left next door and that there was no movement, Mu Jingzhe ate some food before leaving the room with Ji Buwang.

After Ji Buwang paid the bill, Mu Jingzhe went out. Unexpectedly, when she did, Shao Qiyun and Xiao Wu had yet to leave. Shao Qiyun was ordering someone to wipe a car that was identical in color and design to Mu Jingzhe’s car. Xiao Wu had bought it for her.

Shao Qiyun had specifically requested a car that was identical to Mu Jingzhe’s, but she didn’t know how to drive and couldn’t get a driver’s license either, so she had hired a driver. The person wiping the car was the driver.

Though Shao Qiyun hadn’t drunk at all, she acted like she was drunk and was even cursing to boot.

Xiao Wu was sitting on the stairs and looking at Shao Qiyun and the car. When Mu Jingzhe came out, she tilted her head and met Xiao Wu’s eyes.

Mu Jingzhe couldn’t help but frown. Back when she had seen Xiao Wu on TV, she had felt that he had lost weight. Now that she looked at him in person, it was even more obvious.

When Xiao Wu saw Mu Jingzhe come out, he couldn’t help but stand up. “Why did you come out? Were you eavesdropping?”

“Why have you lost so much weight? What’s wrong with you?” Mu Jingzhe asked at the same time.

Xiao Wu frowned. “Were you eavesdropping on us?” he asked again.

“Yes, I was.” Mu Jingzhe walked over, her expression even uglier than Xiao Wu’s. “Shao Zhong, since you’re living the life you want, then live a better life. You should live comfortably and proudly so that you can make me angry just by looking at you. Why are you living like this? Look at you now. Do you have no money to eat or something? Can’t you work harder?”

Mu Jingzhe was furious. If Xiao Wu was doing well, she might feel jealous, but her anger would pass.

In the end, he had tried so hard to acknowledge Shao Qiyun. The two of them should be very blissful. He should be happy too. But what was happening? What the heck was wrong with him?

“How can you tell that I’m not doing well? I’m doing very well!” Xiao Wu retorted. “I’m doing extremely well!”

“That’s right. How are we not doing well? Don’t spout nonsense. You still haven’t given up. Do you want to snatch Xiao Wu back?” Shao Qiyun saw Mu Jingzhe and pulled Xiao Wu behind her. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you still saying these things? It’s impossible for Xiao Wu to go back. You won’t be able to snatch him even if you try for the rest of your life, understand?”

“You’re the one who snatched him away. You should treat him better since you snatched him back with your coaxing. You have the nerve to let him get so thin?” Mu Jingzhe fumed even more when she saw Shao Qiyun.

“You keep getting new clothes every day. Why don’t you buy him new clothes instead of letting him wear these old clothes every day? Can’t you make some nutritious food for him? He’s lost weight and he hasn’t grown any taller. How are you raising the child? Didn’t you always emphasize that he’s your biological son? Then don’t act like a stepmother!”

Shao Qiyun’s face turned green, and her saliva almost sprayed on Mu Jingzhe’s face. “Why do you care? This is my son. I can make him thin if I want to. I can treat him well if I want to, and I can treat him badly if I wish. What does it have to do with you? So what if I buy new clothes for myself every day and don’t buy him any? What’s wrong with that?”

As Shao Qiyun spoke, her spirits were lifted. “You’re very angry and frustrated, right? You treated him so well, worried so much about him, and bought him new clothes, yet he only acknowledges me now. Hahaha.”

Xiao Wu tugged at her from the side and didn’t look at Mu Jingzhe. “Mom, let’s go back quickly. The car has been wiped.”

“Let’s go. Son, you’re the best to me.” Shao Qiyun hugged Xiao Wu. “I know you’re indignant and envious that Xiao Wu is treating me so well, but it’s useless no matter how envious you are! Xiao Wu only wants to spend money on me. Even if he can’t afford to spend money on himself, he insists on buying clothes for me.”

Shao Qiyun looked at Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu chimed in. He looked at Mu Jingzhe and said calmly, “Yes, I’m very eager to spend money on my mother. I’m living a very good and blissful life. I don’t need your pity. I also hope you won’t make wild guesses in the future.”

Mu Jingzhe scoffed. So this was a case of a mother abusing a child and a child willing to be abused.

As Shao Qiyun was pulled toward the car by Xiao Wu, she turned around. “Did you see that Xiao Wu is so good at earning money and willing to splurge on me even though he’s thrifty when it comes to himself? That’s why you want him to give you money too. I’m telling you, it’s useless. In the past, you raised Xiao Wu willingly. Xiao Wu won’t give you a dime now.”

Mu Jingzhe took a deep look at Xiao Wu. “I don’t want money. I just think of raising him as feeding a dog.”

“That’s more like it.” Shao Qiyun warned, “Don’t come looking for him again. If you do, I won’t let you off!”

After saying that, she nudged Xiao Wu forward. “Let’s go, Xiao Wu. You’re not allowed to talk to her anymore.”

“I know. I didn’t talk to her. She was the one who talked to me first.” Xiao Wu explained in a low voice before he got in the car to leave.

The person before him had their bill tallied wrongly and was making a fuss about it, so Ji Buwang was delayed at the cashier for a while. When he came out, he saw Mu Jingzhe looking ahead with a frown.

“Why are you frowning again? Are you still thinking about Xiao Wu? After everything he’s done, you should stop thinking about him.”

“Yeah. He has done so many bizarre things and changed his bottom line again and again. I shouldn’t miss him anymore. I don’t want to appear so pitiful either. I decided to stop missing him. But when I came out, I met him again. Did you see how thin he is? It’s like I went back to the time when I started raising them a few years ago.”

“I saw it.” Ji Buwang wasn’t blind and had seen that he had lost weight too.

“He shouldn’t have lost so much weight. It feels like he hasn’t eaten a full meal since he left home. Ji Buwang, I keep feeling that something is wrong with Xiao Wu. I also keep feeling that Shao Qiyun is threatening Xiao Wu.”

Ji Buwang frowned when he heard Mu Jingzhe’s words. “So you still think there’s something fishy about this? But we’ve already investigated it previously. There’s nothing fishy about it, and we didn’t find any threats. Xiao Wu and Shao Qiyun have also been acting like mother and son.”

“I know, so I don’t know what’s going on either.” After Mu Jingzhe finished speaking, she suddenly looked at Ji Buwang. “No, Ji Buwang, that last sentence wasn’t right. You said that they have been acting like mother and son.

“You subconsciously used the word ‘act’, so you also realize that their relationship isn’t truly good.”

Ji Buwang was momentarily stupefied. “That seems to be the case, but Jingzhe, this doesn’t mean much or change anything.”

Mu Jingzhe paused for a moment. “That’s true.”

Ji Buwang’s words had hit the nail on the head, but when he saw Mu Jingzhe’s helpless expression, he said, “Forget it, I’ll go investigate again to find out more. There might be some details that I overlooked, so don’t worry too much about it.”

Everyone felt pity and disappointment about Xiao Wu’s transformation. Ji Buwang also sincerely hoped that his nephew would come back.

“Mm.” Mu Jingzhe smiled.. “I’ll go and find out more.”

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