Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 228 - Processing Seed

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Chapter 228 Processing Seed

Wang Che asked about the details of the Thunder Soul Earth and the specific situation.

However, Qin Li did not know much. He only knew the general situation and did not know the exact situation.

For example, what lightning-type soul pet’s evolution caused the world to change?

Would there be any danger over there?

“My guess is that from the looks of it, the phenomenon won’t disappear in a few months.”

Qin Li shook his head, “Let’s not talk about it. What do you want to exchange for this time?”

Wang Che thought that this was a chance for the Magnetic Sword to cultivate.

However, he still had to wait until his strength increased a little before giving it a try. From the looks of it, the worldly phenomena there would not disappear.

Hearing Qin Li’s question, Wang Che thought and said, “Are there any finished products of the Water Orchid here?”

Qin Li nodded, “Of course. Why are you exchanging for this?” “I want to see a mature product. I’m not exchanging for it.”

“No problem.”

Qin Li took out a Water Orchid and handed it to Wang Che.

Wang Che carefully sized it up and discovered that this Water Orchid was inferior to the Water Orchid planted in the spiritual field in terms of color, size, fragrance, and the water attribute energy.

“So mature products look like this.”

Wang Che smiled

“I heard that you completed the test when you entered the academy. It seems to be a batch of Water Orchid seeds?”.

Qin Li asked curiously, “Are you planning to observe the mature product and start cultivating this soul plant after a while?”

“I guess.”

Wang Che did not deny it.

Then, Wang Che exchanged for a batch of seeds with Qin Li and returned to the wooden house. “I have to find a chance to take a look.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “If it’s just cooped up in school, the little caterpillar will improve very quickly, but I still have to find a chance to cultivate the Magnetic Sword. Otherwise, I won’t be able to catch up.”

“I should first refine the staple food and snacks. When the little caterpillar’s strength exceeds a thousand years, and the Magnetic Sword is a little stronger, I’ll try again.”

A thousand years was a hurdle. It was also a bottleneck.

Normally, when a soul pet reached 999 years of soul power cultivation, they would encounter this hurdle.

A hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years.

They were all hurdles.

After 100,000 years, it would be a hurdle every 100,000 years. To soul beasts in the wilderness, breaking through this hurdle was a natural chasm.

To soul pets, it was also very difficult.

Sometimes, it was normal to be stuck for a few months.

Contract Soul Masters were classified as beginner, intermediate, and advanced at Level 30, Level 50, and Level 70.

They were all rather difficult to break through.

Below Level 30, they were all beginners. Level 30 to 50 were intermediate, Level 50 to 70 were advanced.

Level 70 was a huge threshold.

Therefore, in the next few months, Wang Che had to help the little caterpillar break through to the thousand-year soul power cultivation. With a thousand-year soul power cultivation, the little caterpillar could begin its advanced training

Explosive Flame Stomp, Time Controlled Bomb, Insect Elimination. These were a few core soul skills. For example, as a self-created soul skill, the Spiral Flame Ball could also advance when its proficiency was maxed. The Insect Web could also advance.

Not only would the effect be stronger, but the power would also be greater. However, the most important task now was to advance the little caterpillar’s Force of Nature to the Power of Awakening.

After this period of training, the proficiency of the Force of Nature was already very high!

This was obvious from the speed at which the little caterpillar matured the crops every day.

After its proficiency increased, the speed at which the Force of Nature matured was much faster, although it could not compare to the Life Hand.

Back at the wooden house.

First, he let the little caterpillar grow crops and herbs on new farms and medicinal fields.

This batch of herbs was mainly used to refine medicinal pills with Poison Crystals.

There were many herbs needed to refine Poison Crystals into special pills.

The first and second pieces of farmland were still used to refine the secondary materials for the main food.

Wang Che brought a portion of the seeds back to the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace’s martial soul and planned to try it in the second spiritual field.

It took an entire afternoon to mature the crops.

Its speed was not much different from the first spiritual farm.

There was no difference between the first and second pieces of the actual spiritual farm.

After accelerating the growth, Wang Che still planted twenty Water Orchid seeds and a Seven Leaf Smoke Grass on the second farm.

Next, after preparing the crops, Wang Che began to refine.

The refinement process was rather smooth.

After all, the little caterpillar was too useful.

The refinement process was completed in less than half an hour.

Twenty Water Orchid seeds combined with the crops the little caterpillar planted.

It was refined into about 120 portions of water-blue leaf staple food.

Coupled with other staple foods, it was enough for the little caterpillar to eat for half a month.

The palm-sized water-blue leaf contained a small amount of water life force and emitted a quiet fragrance.

With a new staple food, which was even refined with the crops it planted, the little caterpillar was very happy and felt a sense of achievement.


The little caterpillar called out to Wang Che.

‘I want to eat!’

Wang Che tasted a water-blue leaf staple first.

He nodded slightly.

His standard had not decreased.

The taste and fragrance were excellent. Moreover, it was refined very well in all aspects. It retained the nutrients of all the crops and also stimulated the water life energy contained in the Water Orchid.

In addition, the Water Orchid planted in the spiritual farm was on a better level than the ordinary Water Orchid.

As a result, the quality of the staple food refined was also excellent.

“In terms of quality, it’s even better than the Floating Feathered Leaf rewarded by the Aviation Cup. It’s at least two levels better than the staple food made by the spatial leaves I bought online.”

“The difference in raw materials is quite big.”

“It seems that I should plant and refine the raw materials and staple food myself in the future,” Wang Che pondered.

Buying it outside was too wasteful. The raw materials bought outside could not compare to the soul plants grown in the spiritual fields.

“A batch of Water Orchids in the spiritual field can refine a month’s worth of staple food. Two pieces of the spiritual field and a batch of Water Orchids can refine the main food for two months at once. Even without the help of the Life Hand, each batch of Water Orchids will mature in a week at most.”

“If I use the Life Hand to accelerate the growth, it won’t be a problem to reduce the time by half.”

“It’s nurturing very quickly.” “However, after a thousand years, the green caterpillar still needs fire, grass, and flying-type staple foods. The workload is quite high.” “The most troublesome thing is that using the seeds to exchange for them is too wasteful. The points given by the academy are still not enough. We can only process and grow them ourselves.”

“As for the soul plant seeds, they need to be specially processed… It’s quite time-consuming.” Wang Che muttered.

He took out three water-blue leaves for the little caterpillar to try.

Then, it was placed into the little caterpillar’s medal.

“I’ll save it for you. Take it out when you eat.” At this moment, the little caterpillar was eating the new leaf with a look of enjoyment. It felt that worm life was abnormally beautiful.

While the little caterpillar was resting and eating, Wang Che took out a Water Orchid seed and scanned it with his divine sense.

He sensed how this seed was processed.

“Just using points to exchange for it can’t keep up with the speed at which the spiritual farm is growing.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “We still have to process the seeds personally. This way, we don’t have to use points to exchange for them.”

To other students, the speed at which points accumulated was naturally far faster than the speed at which soul plants matured.

Therefore, after growing soul plants, there was no need to worry about seeds.

However, Wang Che was different. Soul plants grew very quickly in the spiritual field. Coupled with the Life Hand and the little caterpillar’s huge appetite, no matter how many points he had, the speed at which he exchanged for seeds could not keep up with the speed at which the soul plant matured.

However, if the seeds were personally processed, the little caterpillar’s food was self-sufficient.

Wang Che was no stranger to seed processing.

The seeds of many natural treasures in the cultivation world also needed to be processed.

It was natural for resources to develop continuously and for large-scale farming.

He used his divine sense to scan it.

With Wang Che’s rich experience, he quickly analyzed it.

“The Water Orchid’s seed is made from the flower seeds in the stamen. The process of processing should be to inject a specific life force to maintain its activity. At the same time, it will inject a certain amount of nutrients into the seed, allowing it to quickly grow after burying it in the soul power soil.”

The seeds had to be preserved fresh. Typically, after the flower seeds of soul plants scattered outside, they would quickly lose their vitality.

It was very difficult to become a plantation seed.

The seeds of other crops were similar.

Some soul plants could be processed later to form seedlings by intercepting the various body parts of different soul plants.

This could be preserved for a long time.

“To me, it’s not difficult, but it takes time. Different soul plants have different methods of processing. The only difficulty is infusing a specific life force.”

Different soul plant seeds required specific life force to be injected first.

There were even more ways to inject nutrition. The simplest was to soak in the nutritional fluid, but he had to grasp the time.

This was the most time-consuming and required frequent changes in the nutritional fluid.

The nutritional fluid was usually brewed with cornerstones of soul plants or crops, as well as some special materials, such as the Poison Treasure of the Venom Frog.

To the agricultural soul masters who processed plants, the trouble was not time.

It was the first step to infuse a specific life force.

Soul plants required different life forces.

It was extremely difficult.

“For example, Shui Youlan’s flower seeds need to be controlled exquisitely and injected with water attribute life force.”

At this thought, Wang Che could not help but look at the little caterpillar.

Little caterpillar: (o’to)

The little caterpillar was very satisfied after eating the new staple food.

“It seems that I’ll have to rely on you to process the seeds in the future.”

To him, processing seeds was too wasteful of cultivation time.

Since the tool worm existed, it had to play its greatest role.

The little caterpillar: “?”

Wang Che asked, “Do you want to eat more delicious food?”

The little caterpillar nodded.

“Very good. Then do as I say.”

Wang Che took out the flower seeds he had collected from the Water Orchids. They were very small, even smaller than sesame seeds.

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