Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 229 - Swing a Thousand Times Every Day

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Chapter 229 Swing a Thousand Times Every Day

It was very difficult to inject water-type life force without destroying the structure inside to maintain its activity.

If one was not careful, the flower seeds would be destroyed and could not be processed into seeds.

If one directly planted the flower seed in the spiritual field, the subsequent growth speed and quality of the finished product might be lower, or it could even die prematurely. In the first batch of twenty Water Orchids, Wang Che considered the matter of the seeds and collected many flower seeds.

There were many flower seeds. After a Water Orchid matured, there were more than 20 flower seeds.

If these flower seeds were used as raw materials for snacks, they would be very good. The value of processing it into a plantation seed was greater.

In fact, it was already not bad to be able to process two or three seeds from a single plant.

“You just ate three leaves. Did you digest them with the Metal Devouring Art?” Wang Che asked.

The little caterpillar nodded. The life force in the leaf had always been digested by the Metal Devouring Art.

Otherwise, it would not be able to digest it.

However, as the little caterpillar gradually absorbed the bloodline power of the Sky God Dragon through the First Stage True Dragon Form, the absorption speed increased.

It had to be said that the bloodline power of this Sky God Dragon was indeed powerful.

The power of bloodline was very strong in any civilization.

After eating for a while, with the help of the Metal Devouring Art, the little caterpillar had already completely absorbed the water energy in the leaf.

“Alright, now, use the Force of Nature.”

Wang Che said, “Pay attention. When you use it, use your water attribute life force to comprehend the water in nature.”

The little caterpillar nodded, closed its eyes, and began to sense. Its Force of Nature proficiency had already reached a very high level.

In a few seconds, the little caterpillar’s body emitted a faint blue light.

Wisps of water-blue light began to appear in the air, and then slowly formed streams of water.

It gently circled the little caterpillar.

“Not bad. With the water life energy, it’s indeed effective in comprehending the Force of Nature.”

Wang Che nodded in satisfaction, “Very good. There’s no need to draw water in the future. Water produced by the Force of Nature can be directly used to water them.”

The little caterpillar: “?”

“Now try to use the Force of Nature, but don’t use it completely. You don’t need to let the water energy combine with nature. This way, it won’t produce actual water. Just inject the water energy into this flower seed.”

The little caterpillar thought for a while and nodded.

It used the Force of Nature again and wisps of water-blue light appeared in the air.

It was pure water energy.

The little caterpillar’s mental strength was far stronger than before, so it was not difficult to control.

The difficulty was that the flower seeds were too small.

When the little caterpillar injected this wisp of water energy, it could not control it.

Because the first flower seed had been injected with too much water energy, it was ruined.

Wang Che encouraged it. The little caterpillar did not lose heart and continued to try the next one.

Two, three, four…

The last dozen flower seeds were almost all ruined, leaving only one.


The green caterpillar knocked angrily on the wooden house.

It was the sound of incompetency.


It was indeed too difficult.


Indeed, not to mention a green caterpillar, even an experienced agricultural soul master had to make many attempts at processing a soul plant seed like the Water Orchid for the first time.

They would be very proud if they could succeed once in dozens of tries.

This required extremely precise control. Without a long period of experience, it was impossible. At the same time, he had to be extremely focused and not make any mistakes. The interior of the flower seed was very weak, but the internal structure was not simple.

It was not easy to infuse water-type energy into it.

This was still the Water Orchid’s seed.

The higher the grade of a soul plant, the harder it was to process their seeds.

Some without seeds needed to be transplanted, grafted, and so on through various parts. The difficulty was even greater.

For example, Wang Che still had a small segment of the Nine Coral Root left.

If it was only planted in the spiritual fields, only the true Myriad Treasures Dao Palace in Wang Che’s previous life, the true spiritual fields made of the Nine Heavens Lifesoil and the Heavenly Water Spirit Spring, could grow.

Otherwise, even in the current spiritual farm, Wang Che was not confident that it could grow normally.

He had to process this small segment and plant


It was not easy to grow natural treasures.

The little caterpillar went on strike.

“Useless,” Wang Che criticized.


The little caterpillar was unhappy and shouted at Wang Che.

‘Come at me if you dare!’

“Then let me do it. Use the Force of Nature and don’t move.”

The little caterpillar was not convinced and used the Force of Nature.

A wisp of water-blue light floated in front of them.

Wang Che moved his fingertips and the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul appeared. A wisp of soul power wrapped around the blue stream of light.

Wang Che’s gaze froze. His soul power condensed into a thread that separated the blue stream of light into countless threads.

Then, he used his soul power to guide the water-blue stream of light that was divided into hair-like strands into the last flower seed.

He maintained a constant speed and slowly infused it.

The process was extremely slow!

A full minute passed.

Only then did the trace of water energy completely enter.

The seed glowed faintly with a blue light, but it did not break.

The little caterpillar widened its eyes.


The little caterpillar immediately laughed and shouted at Wang Che,



Wang Che knocked the little caterpillar on the head and said, “Don’t try to fool me. Take some time to practice it every day.”

This thing relied on familiarity and experience. Of course, it also required some talent and mental strength.

Typically, after entering the second year to the third year, processing the seeds was something every student had to learn.

Otherwise, as a student of the agriculture major, it was not good to not even know how to process seeds. It was naturally very difficult and time-consuming.

Wang Che succeeded the first time because his proficiency was already full.

One minute was the limit. After all, he only had that much divine sense. “Learning this will also help you control your mental strength. It’s useful for soul skills and battles.”

Wang Che asked, “How’s your practice of the Object Control Technique going?”

The little caterpillar nodded. “Although the Object Control Technique is a spell, it’s also a technique to use mental strength and soul power. The same principle applies to you mobilizing this water spirit energy now. The more subtle it is, the more stable the control.”

“When can you continuously control the water energy and process ten seeds in one go without failing once in half an hour? Your Object Control Technique back then can be considered to have reached major success.”

“When the time comes, perhaps you can use the Object Control Technique to directly control the Little Sword.”

“At that time, I’ll teach you to become the Sword Kinesis Flying Worm.”

Wang Che finally drew a huge pie.

The little caterpillar listened to the first few words until its eyes lit up.

It was immediately filled with motivation.

This practice was actually very boring. It required immense patience. Without any motivation, it was not easy to continue training

It was mainly because this cultivation had a huge increase in the little caterpillar’s strength.

It became stronger as it grew.

It could also increase the proficiency of the Object Control Technique.

Moreover, there were many Water Orchid Flower Seeds. Wang Che only needed to ensure that he could process 20 of them in each batch.

The rest were given to the little caterpillar to practice. If it could process one more, it would be a profit.

This was the most important step in processing seeds.

After completing this step, the rest was relatively time-consuming. After refining the staple food, Wang Che used the Seven Leaf Smoke Grass to refine snacks that could increase his mental strength.

A Seven Leaf Smoke Grass was much larger than a Water Orchid, but there was only one.

In the end, he only refined about 20 Mental Pills. They were round like candy, so he named them Mental Candy. They were sour and sweet and were considered snacks.

They could not eat snacks often. They could eat one every two days.

The increase in mental strength was relatively harder to digest.

He could not be too anxious or it would easily affect the soul.

Just like that, this fulfilling and leisurely farming life slowly passed. On the way, Wang Che used his points to exchange for a soul plant seed that contained earth energy, Earth Ginseng Root.

This soul plant was similar to the Water Orchid. As a soul plant, it was rather precious. Wang Che used up half of his points and only exchanged for ten. He planted it slightly in the spiritual field and discovered that the mature quality was still not bad. With the Earth Ginseng Root, it could refine the leaf staple food that contained the earth energy. It was the last five elements energy Wang Che chose for the little caterpillar.

In the first batch of Earth Ginseng Roots, Wang Che temporarily refined 50 light yellow leaf staple foods.

With other staple foods, the little caterpillar could eat for about two weeks.

Then, he used the first batch of tentacles to personally process and transplant the roots. After two weeks, he successfully transplanted 20 stalks.

However, processing and transplanting took too much time and effort.

In those two weeks, Wang Che’s cultivation time decreased greatly.

Moreover, this did not actually increase Wang Che’s strength.

He could not increase his proficiency in processing seeds and transplanting roots. To Wang Che, this kind of thing would only delay his cultivation.

Therefore, after the first batch of Earth Ginseng Root transplants was completed, for the next batch of Earth Ginseng Roots, Wang Che only needed to personally make a sprout. He would maintain this number.

The other roots were left to the green caterpillar to practice on. Every success was beneficial for its growth.

Moreover, the little caterpillar had its own corresponding life force and did not need Wang Che’s help.

Wang Che and the little caterpillar lived a very fulfilling life.

As for the Magnetic Sword, it felt a little empty. From the moment they entered school until now, it had only rained once, and it was not even a thunderstorm…

It had never cultivated before.

It felt a little nervous.

It watched the little caterpillar farm every day.

Especially after the little caterpillar could water itself, it did not need to draw water anymore.

It was even more free.

After not being able to water anything, the Magnetic Sword thought that it could loosen the soil, right?

However, after the little caterpillar had earth life force in its body, it could use the Force of Nature to loosen the soil in the farm in a minute.

The Magnetic Sword was completely useless in farming

It was very free.

Without cultivating the Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture, the speed at which the Magnetic Sword rose was very ordinary, even with the electromagnetic scabbard.

However, it had not touched Heavenly Lightning for a long time, causing its entire body to itch.

It was not good.

Its mental state decreased and its cultivation speed decreased.

Later on, when Wang Che learned of this situation, he began to teach the Magnetic Sword to practice sword techniques.

As a mature Magnetic Sword, he had to learn to practice his sword techniques.

Practicing sword techniques could cultivate one’s body and mind.

The sword technique Wang Che taught the Magnetic Sword looked very simple.

A simple horizontal slash.

“From today onwards, swing your sword body a thousand times a day. Moreover, you can’t use soul power or mechanical energy. You can’t use the stored Heavenly Lightning either,” Wang Che said. “The upper limit of proficiency for this move is very high.”

It could not be helped. The Magnetic Sword had high talent and strong comprehension. It did not have the Dream Realm Space and did not know many soul skills. In this time, it had already practiced all the soul skills it knew to the maximum level.

However, its cultivation base had not exceeded a thousand years. If it wanted to learn stronger soul skills or sword moves, the soul power in its body would not support it.

Even if it knew it, it could not use it.

Wang Che considered the Magnetic Sword’s current strength and intelligence and handed this sword technique to it.

The Magnetic Sword was actually very patient. It was not afraid of practicing many times a day.

It was only afraid that it would have nothing to do for the day.

After receiving Wang Che’s swordplay teaching, the Magnetic Sword immediately calmed down.

Then, according to Wang Che’s request, it swung itself a thousand times a day.

After swinging, it felt refreshed. Although its cultivation did not increase much, its mental state slowly increased.

Moreover, its comprehension of itself was gradually increasing…

Just like that, a month passed.

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