Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 252 - Magnetic Sword Comprehends the Heavenly Lightning Sword Intent!

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Chapter 252 Magnetic Sword Comprehends the Heavenly Lightning Sword Intent!

It, who was not afraid of flames, felt that these flames were troublesome for the first time.

Wang Che smiled and waved his hand.

The battle situation this time was much better than when he fought the Sky God Dragon.

The main thing was that the fire soul essence countered the Titan Giant Beast’s frost power.

Moreover, they did not fight to the death.

Otherwise, the little caterpillar might not be its match.

The Titan Beast’s current soul power cultivation was much higher than the little caterpillar.

From the beginning to the end, this Titan Beast had only used two to three soul skills.

With its strength, it could naturally unleash even stronger soul skills.

However, this situation was unlike the Sky God Dragon. Back then, it considered that the little caterpillar had to inherit its power.

Therefore, the transformed Young Sky God Dragon directly erupted with its greatest strength.

It could beat the little caterpillar into a dying state.

The Titan Beast did not have such thoughts and naturally would not be serious.

However, being suppressed the entire time made the Titan Beast very uncomfortable.

The little caterpillar enjoyed fighting, especially after entering the Flame Dragon Form, it could really use the Insect Rage Fire Lotus.

This made the little caterpillar very happy.

In the past, it could only be used in the dream realm…

“You admit defeat?” Wang Che asked.

“I guess.” The Titan Beast sighed, “As expected of the successor that guy chose… Even a Green Worm is so powerful. The young Sky God Dragon then should have been beaten senseless by this Green Worm, right?”

“I was lucky,” Wang Che said.

The reason it could win against the young Sky God Dragon was firstly because the little caterpillar’s soul power cultivation was higher. Secondly, it had the Near Death Eruption soul skill. Thirdly, it had the true caterpillar form.

Most importantly, it was only a young body, not the main body.

The Titan Beast was the main body, and its soul power cultivation was currently higher than the green caterpillar. If it continued to fight, the little caterpillar’s soul power would not be able to withstand it. The probability of losing was very high.

The Titan Beast looked like it was seriously injured and in pain, but in fact, with its powerful and abnormal physique, it would not lose consciousness easily even after a few days and nights.

Legend had it that this soul beast could still continue fighting even without its head.

If the body was broken into two, it could still fight.

A land overlord who fought in an era was not that simple.

It was the main body, not an infant.

“This is not a fluke.” The Titan Beast looked at the Green Worm that had returned to its original state, “It already has the bloodline of the Sky God Dragon. Why didn’t it learn a spatial soul skill? The Sky God Dragon can’t just give the bloodline power and not the inheritance, right?”

Especially when it looked at the Green Worm’s forehead, the Titan Beast felt a familiar power.

“It’s not even a year old. It has only inherited the power of the Sky God Dragon for a few months. It’s still not easy to learn a spatial soul skill.”

“What? Not even a year old?”

The Titan Beast jumped up, “I feel that its strength and life force are at least a hundred years old! Are you humans already so powerful when training soul beasts?”

Occasionally, some humans would come to the fifth level to chat with it and relieve its boredom. They would also bring some modern knowledge.

There were also delicious food, drinks, and fun.

Therefore, it was different from the Sky God Dragon that had been sleeping.

The Titan Beast had a certain understanding of modern situations.

“Do you think it looks like a hundred-year-old green caterpillar?” Wang Che asked.

The Titan Beast glanced at it. The little caterpillar had recovered. It scratched its head with its tail and entered the true caterpillar form. It was a little itchy here, so it began to roll on the ground.

The Titan Beast: “…It really doesn’t look like


It was so silly. “That’s why, it’s rather special,” Wang Che said.

“It’s special my ass. It’s special because of a human like you,” the Titan Giant Beast said. “Don’t flatter me, an old soul beast who has lived for an era. The Green Worm is the Green Worm. The fire energy it erupted with just now was clearly not ordinary. I’ve seen the Green Phoenix True Flame before. The flames that this Green Worm unleashed just now are only one level lower than the Green Phoenix Flame!”

“Green Phoenix Flame?” Wang Che asked.

“The Green Phoenix is a soul beast in another Soul Earth. It’s one of the soul beasts that entered the Soul Earth with me. The flames it usually unleashes are the Green Phoenix Flames. Hmm, it can be considered a good friend of the Sky God Dragon.”

The Titan Beast emphasized the word ‘good friend’.

Wang Che could tell that this was not just a ‘good friend’.

The flames were a level lower.

That was probably a flame on the level of the True Samadhi Fire formed after the fire true essence condensed into a Fire Golden Core.

Although the Sky God Dragon told Wang Che everything, there were some secrets that the Sky God Dragon did not mention.

Of course, Wang Che would not ask about their privacy.

The Sky God Dragon had never mentioned this Green Phoenix, so Wang Che naturally did not know.

“A Green Worm can’t have such flames.” The Titan Beast shook its head, “You’re not simple, human. The Sky God Dragon chose the Green Worm to inherit its inheritance. The bulk of the reason is because of you, not the Green Worm.”

“You don’t look like an ordinary human.” The Titan Beast scratched its head, “I’ve seen many miracles in my life, including insects transforming into dragons. However, those insects have the bloodline of dragons. This Green Worm is different.”

“Forget it, forget it. You obtained the inheritance from the Sky God Dragon. I won’t teach your Green Worm anymore.”

“Let me give you some pointers instead.”

The Titan Beast sighed, “Let me see your martial soul. The temporary evolution of the Green Worm should be related to your martial soul, right? Your martial soul has a rather historical feeling. It should be a martial soul from my era. Let me take a closer look. I should know.”

“Can you give me some pointers?” Wang Che smiled and released the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul.

The Titan Beast took a few glances and felt


What was this?

The Titan Beast was shocked. There did not seem to be a similar martial soul in its era.

It had lived for a long time and was probably older than the Sky God Dragon. It had seen many martial souls.

It had seen all the martial souls of its era including many palace-type martial souls.


After watching for a long time, the Titan Beast felt speechless.

It could not tell anything.

It fell silent and did not know what to do.

The words had already been said.


“Your martial soul is not bad. It’s very powerful.”

After holding it in for a long time, the Titan Beast nodded.

Wang Che retracted his martial soul and said, “I can help you modify the seal on your body. However, you have to give me some Ice Lightning.”

“Modify it?” The Titan Beast looked at Wang Che in confusion.

“That’s right. Your current seal can only forcefully seal your strength,” Wang Che said. “At the same time, it will suppress the dark magic power you absorbed because you stayed in the Soul Earth for a long time. Therefore, you can’t use your strength too much, otherwise, it will cause damage to the seal.”

“Once the seal is damaged, the energy aura on your body will leak and cause a huge effect on the Soul Earth.”

“The seal is only slightly damaged this time, so the effect is not big. Instead, there are some benefits.”

“However, if the seal is damaged slightly more, the energy aura will leak too heavily. The Thunder Soul Earth will expand because of this. The berserk soul beasts inside will scatter into the wilderness and cause immense damage.”

“This seal is rather ancient. I can help you change it to a more flexible one that can be released at will.”

“You can usually seal yourself. When you feel that you can’t hold it in anymore, you can directly open the seal for a while and release your energy aura.”

“After that, seal yourself again. This won’t cause damage to the surroundings for a long time. There’s still some buffer time. The benefits are greater.”

The Titan Beast heard that there was such a good thing?

The seal was damaged this time because it could not suppress the energy aura in its body. The seal was forcefully broken.

Simply put, it had held it in for too long.

“You can do this? You’re proficient in the Soul Guiding Diagram? The Soul Guiding Diagram on me is from the Fallen Ancient Era. It’s not easy for modern humans to resolve. They can only stabilize it at intervals and it is very easy to damage.”

The Titan Beast looked at Wang Che suspiciously.

“A little,” Wang Che said.

The Titan Beast scratched its head with its claws and thought for a few seconds before nodding

“Alright, let’s try. What should I do?”

“Just lie down.”

The Titan Beast nodded and raised its palm to condense an ice-purple lightning ball.

Ice-purple lightning jumped in the lightning ball.

“This is my Meteorite Ice Lightning. Take it and absorb it. But I’ll say this first, if you can’t absorb it with that little sword, don’t blame me if anything happens.”

With that, it flicked the ball to Wang Che’s side and lay down.

This small lightning ball was similar to a lightning seed, but it was condensed by the Titan Beast.

The effect and power were better than the lightning seed.

The Magnetic Sword happily stabbed into the little lightning ball and directly absorbed it to cultivate.

Wang Che took out a spirit stone.

He had obtained three spirit stones in the soul illusion.

One was used for the little caterpillar’s mechanical meteorite armor. Although the mechanical meteorite armor was currently unable to keep up with the little caterpillar’s thousand-year soul power cultivation, it was still very useful.

Wang Che had not used the other two.

To change the sealing array, he naturally needed spirit stones.

Of course, he would not change the ten spirit arrays on the Titan Beast.

Instead, it was easier to modify the last sealing array.

If the Titan Beast did not have these array formations, Wang Che would not be able to operate them.

He did not have that many spirit stones to set up ten spirit arrays.

Not to mention ten, it was not enough for even one full array.

Modifying and directly setting up spirit arrays were two different things. Using the spiritual qi energy in the spirit stone, it combined the nine spirit arrays to form a special Nine Seal Spirit Sealing Array.

This was a high-level cultivator specializing in sealing spirit arrays to prevent being disturbed and destroyed when he was in seclusion.

After he successfully entered seclusion or failed, he could undo the array formation at any time.

Some high-level cultivators would seal their cultivation completely to experience the mortal world and temper their minds using a similar array formation.

However, sometimes, in order to prevent enemies from coming to find them, the surrounding mortals would formulate a way to break the seal to deal with the enemy.

The array was not very complicated. Wang Che modified it slightly and drew on the Titan Beast’s mountain-like chest.

In the end, he imprinted the spirit stone into the triangle between the Titan Beast’s chest and belly.

Beams of light spread out from the Titan Beast.


Wang Che jumped off the Titan Beast.

The Titan Beast closed its eyes and felt it. “Why do I feel that nothing has changed?”

“Look below your chest. Is there a light button?”

Wang Che said, “Press it yourself. At the same time, feel it in your heart. Your current strength will immediately be sealed. The energy aura will also be sealed.”

The Titan Beast looked and indeed, there was a round light spot below its chest.

It closed its eyes again and pressed.

The next moment, the aura on its entire body began to shrink. Its entire body seemed to be dancing. Its size rapidly shrunk to only four to five meters tall.

It looked ordinary, like an ordinary little monster with fangs.

“The seal changes according to your will. The amount of strength you exert when pressing will determine the strength of the seal.”

The sealing array Wang Che had set for the Titan Beast was even simpler than the normal Nine Seal Spirit Seal Array.

If it was too complicated, he was afraid that the Titan Beast would not be able to control it.

“It seems that it really can work?” The Titan Beast looked at Wang Che in shock.

If it were to fight the little caterpillar now,

it would be beaten to a pulp.

It pressed again and its figure quickly rose to become a fifty to sixty-meter beast. A terrifying energy aura instantly swept through the entire space. The Titan Beast hurriedly pressed down. “If you press it about 500 times, the array will lose its effect.”

Wang Che said, “Try to use it as little as possible. The soul power in your body is mixed with dark magic power. The more you use your strength, the faster your consciousness will corrode.”

“Yes, yes!” The Titan Beast looked at Wang Che in joy, “Although the Sky God Dragon has a bad temper, its perception is still so accurate.”

Wang Che looked to the side. The Magnetic Sword had already absorbed most of it.

The red light on the blade and the ice-purple light flickered alternately. Suddenly, the Magnetic Sword sizzled continuously and suddenly let out a thunderous sword cry!

A powerful light suddenly erupted and shot into the sky!

Sword light flashed as it surged like lightning. The majestic sword intent erupted!

The delighted Titan Beast was immediately attracted and looked at the Magnetic Sword in surprise.

‘What’s wrong with this little guy?’

Wang Che’s eyes lit up.

“Heavenly Lightning Sword Intent! It has finally nurtured the Heavenly Lightning Sword Force enough to comprehend the Heavenly Lightning Sword Intent!”

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