Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1206 - Killing The Former Yokai Ruler, Forget About The Marriage, Tushan Queen Awakes   

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Chapter 1206: Killing The Former Yokai Ruler, Forget About The Marriage, Tushan Queen Awakes


Chu Kuangren had come across the Golden Crow Guardians back in Planquilon Immortal World.

However, the ones he came across were the Honorable Yokai Hall’s Golden Crow Guardians, who were all fake Golden Crow Guardians consisting of a group of flying beasts.

Yet now, all Golden Crow Guardians in front of him were of pure bloodline, which could not be compared with those he had met previously.

“Chu Kuangren!”

At that moment, an angry voice sounded from the Golden Crow Guardians.

A figure then emerged among the Golden Crow Guardians. His angry eyes glared at Chu Kuangren, wishing to rip him off.

Chu Kuangren glanced at him. “Oh, it’s you.”

That Golden Crow Guardian was the former Honorable Yokai Hall Ruler of Planquilon Immortal World, but now, he had become one of the Golden Crow Guardians.

With that said, his bloodline must have evolved and made him a pure-blooded Golden Crow. It was very interesting.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here, Chu Kuangren,” the Yokai Ruler said coldly with murderous intent surging in his eyes.


After escaping from Chu Kuangren back then and the Immortal World merged, he returned to the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain. That was when his bloodline finally evolved, and he became a pure-blooded Golden Crow after many trials and tribulations.

Besides, he had also obtained a huge Opportunity of Fortune and became a guardian of the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’s Crown Prince.

“Chu Kuangren, I have no idea why you are here, but don’t you even think about leaving since you’re here.”

The Yokai Ruler turned around and said to the Golden Crow Crown Prince, “Crown Prince, I have a blood feud with him. Please allow me to take action.”

He knew Chu Kuangren was connected to Tushan since he was here.

However, in his opinion, Tushan was almost in the bag for Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain. As long as he was under the protection of the Golden Crow’s Crown Prince when he made a move and killed Chu Kuangren, Tushan would not dare to say anything.

How deep could the bond between a yokai and a human be anyway?

“I can fulfill your wish to die,” the Golden Crow’s Crown Prince said indifferently.

The Yokai Ruler was a little bewildered. ‘What’s going on?’

“You think you can kill him, huh? You think too highly of yourself,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince continued saying.

The Yokai Ruler had no idea about Chu Kuangren’s strength because his status was too low. Moreover, he had been living in the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain for a long time and lacked information sources.

However, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was different. As the most outstanding sky-pride of the Golden Crow Tribe, he knew of Chu Kuangren, whose battle in the Kunlun Secret Realm had gained him a reputation among the Heavenly Champions.

“How is that possible?” The Yokai Ruler was in disbelief.

He was already a pure-blooded Golden Crow and a top-notched Heavenly Immortal. Yet, why did the Golden Crow Crown Prince regard him as thinking too highly of himself for killing Chu Kuangren?

What has Chu Kuangren done over the years?


At that moment, a surge of sword qi burst out.


Before the Yokai Ruler could react, he was already torn in half, and mist of blood splattered everywhere.

The scene shocked everyone, especially the Golden Crow Crown Prince. He stared at Chu Kuangren with a grim expression. “You best give me an explanation!”

“Explain? Why do I need to explain myself for killing a person who wanted to kill me?” Chu Kuangren asked calmly.

The Planquilon Yokai Ruler should have died a long time ago.

Since they had met again, and he had the guts to express his murderous intent, Chu Kuangren had to kill him.

“Chu Kuangren, you really are mad. You’re now in the Great Ten Thousand Mountains. Believe it or not, I can make you stay here forever with a command!” the Golden Crow’s Crown Prince said coldly.

He had never seen a human dare to behave arrogantly in the Great Ten Thousand Mountains.

“Well, believe it or not, as long as I’m willing to, I can easily flatten the Great Ten Thousand Mountains and even destroy the Golden Crow Tribe,” Chu Kuangren said in a cold tone.

Were there many elites in the Great Ten Thousand Mountains?

Yes. There were a lot of them, including Arch Gilded!

However, not all of them would follow the Golden Crow Tribe’s orders. With Chu Kuangren’s background, not only could he act wildly in the Great Ten Thousand Mountains, but he could also destroy the Golden Crow Tribe if he wanted to.

For being one of the oldest forces in the universe, the Celestial Demon Tribe was no joke.


When the Golden Crow Crown Prince thought of Chu Kuangren’s background, his face turned ashen, and he could not find the words to say.

“An Arch Gilded can’t interfere in the Battle of the Heavenly Champions. There is no exception even though you’re from the Celestial Demon Tribe.” The Golden Crow’s Crown Prince thought about it for a while before saying.

Chu Kuangren laughed out loud. “If it’s only the Battle of the Heavenly Champions, why should I be afraid even if all the Great Ten Thousand Mountains’ Heavenly Champions come forward?”

There was a hint of confidence in those words.

Next to Chu Kuangren, Lil Yu was looking at him with admiration.

“Hmph. It’s all just big talk.”

“Would you like to try?”

“I’m not here to seek trouble with you.”

The Golden Crow’s Crown Prince did not want to argue with Chu Kuangren any longer. Although one of his Golden Crow Guardians had been killed, he must endure it.

After all, he may be confident in himself, but he knew he was not yet Chu Kuangren’s opponent.

He would not gain any benefits from starting a conflict with Chu Kuangren now.

“Tushan Senior Elder, please give me an answer now. Will Tushan Fei Yu marry me?!” The Golden Crow’s Crown Prince asked indifferently.

Tushan Fei Yu bit her lip, her face pale.

Several Tushan elders were put in a difficult position too.

Chu Kuangren remained silent as well.

He had thought about the matter over the past few days. However, he did not want to interfere as it was a matter between Tushan and the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain.

At the end of the day, he was not close with Tushan Fei Yu.

If it were not for Lil Fox and her relationship, he might have become enemies with Tushan because of his identity as the Heavenly Champion.

“Forget about the marriage!” A woman’s cold grunt suddenly sounded.

The next moment, a surge of terrifying yokai qi swept out from a distance and enveloped the entire Tushan. All of Tushan’s yokai foxes became extremely excited when they sensed their bloodlines resonating with the yokai qi.

“That aura… It’s the Queen!”

“It’s the Queen!”

Further away, a stunning white-robed woman with her hair pinned and nine white fox tails swaying behind her approached.

The woman was so beautiful that it seemed like she was the only color in the universe.

Her aura was mighty, and her yokai qi swept across the universe, shaking heaven and earth!

She was the Tushan Queen!

“Forget about the marriage! Tushan doesn’t need to compromise through marriage,” Tushan Queen said indifferently while walking into the great hall.

Meanwhile, Lil Fox followed beside her obediently.

“Greetings, my Queen!”

All Tushan elders bowed excitedly.

The Golden Crow’s Crown Prince looked at Tushan Queen with his brows furrowed.

‘What’s going on?’

‘According to rumors, isn’t the Tushan Queen in deep slumber?’

‘Why is she suddenly awake?’

The Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain targeted Tushan because the Tushan Queen was in a deep slumber and had lost her top-notched combat strength. Although Tushan was a Beast Ruler clan, it was much inferior to the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain.

However, the queen’s awakening had disrupted the Golden Crow’s Crown Prince and the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’s plan.

“Go back and tell the Golden Crow King that you can marry anyone in Tushan as long as there is love between both parties. But, if the marriage is for something crooked, dream on!”

“If he wants to fight, bring it on! Tushan is never afraid to fight!”

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