Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1207 - The Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’s Attack, Yokai Tribes Besiege, We Are Your Opponents   

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Chapter 1207: The Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’s Attack, Yokai Tribes Besiege, We Are Your Opponents


“We’ll come back another day since the Tushan Queen is unwilling,” said the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

The Tushan Queen’s appearance was beyond his expectations, and he had to return to inform the Heavenly Golden Crown Mountains’ higher-ups.

“Please,” said the Tushan Queen indifferently.

After the Golden Crow Crown Prince left, the Tushan Queen’s aura instantly faded.

“Are you alright, my Queen?”

Several Tushan elders hurriedly went up to her and asked.

“I’m alright. It’s just that I’ve just recovered, and I can’t use my strength,” Tushan Queen said with a bitter smile.

Although Chu Kuangren’s medical skills were incomparable, Tushan Queen’s injury was too severe. Therefore, even though her injury could be cured, it would take some time for her to recover to her heyday.

Just now, she deliberately exuded a powerful aura to deter the Golden Crow Crown Prince so that he would retreat.

“Queen, what shall we do now?” asked the Tushan Senior Elder.


Now that the Tushan Queen had awakened, they seemed to have found their backbone again and wanted to seek her opinion.

“Tell me everything that has happened over the years.”


Soon after, Tushan’s elders told the Tushan Queen everything that had happened over the years.

“It looks like a lot of things happened when I was in deep slumber. Even the Immortal World has merged,” the Tushan Queen lamented.

Following that, she looked at Chu Kuangren before bowing and greeting him sincerely. “I’d like to express my gratitude to you, my human friend. Lil Yue has told me a lot about you, and she said you’ve been taking good care of her. It’s also because of you that I’m awake. From now on, you’re my most honored guest and friend.”

“Don’t sweat it, Queen.”

Chu Kuangren smiled.

The Tushan trip this time was well worth it for Chu Kuangren. Not only did they find Lil Fox’s parents, but he also gained Tushan’s friendship.

“I wonder what’s your plan, Queen? Are you confident in dealing with the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain?”

“No matter what, we’ll never sacrifice our Maiden Sage’s happiness.”

In the yokai world, Tushan yokai foxes were known for being affectionate and bold, so Chu Kuangren was not surprised by Tushan Queen’s action.

“Queen, I’m afraid that with our current strength, competing with the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain won’t be easy,” an elder said worriedly.

“Queen, why don’t we promise the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain? You’ve just awakened, and you still need time to regain your strength. As long as we can buy some time until you’ve recovered, we won’t have to be afraid of the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain. My sacrifice will be worth it,” Tushan Fei Yu said through clenched teeth.

“Nonsense. There’s no way I’m allowing this to happen.”

The Tushan Queen bellowed and continued. “With regards to confronting the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain, I’ve decided to visit the Emerald Hill.”

At the mention of Emerald Hill, she patted Lil Fox’s head and said, “I should give them an explanation about the incident back then to heal the relationship between Emerald Hill and Tushan. There are many powerful clans in the Great Ten Thousand Mountains. If we, the Fox Tribe, don’t unite, other powerful clans besides the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain will have their eyes on us sooner or later.”


“We fully support your decision, my Queen.”

“If it’s you, Queen, perhaps we can heal the relationship between Emerald Hill and Tushan.”

“However, there may be a danger during your trip to Emerald Hill, so it’s best to get someone to go with you.”

“I want to go too,” said Lil Fox.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll tag along too. I’m quite interested in Emerald Hill’s yokai foxes,” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

The Tushan Queen set off after deciding on the candidates to go to Emerald Hill with her.

Meanwhile, at the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain in the Great Ten Thousand Mountains, the Golden Crow Crown Prince had already informed the Golden Crow’s higher-ups about the Tushan Queen’s awakening and Chu Kuangren.

“Tushan Queen… I didn’t expect she would suddenly wake up after so many years. Now that’s a real pain in the neck.”

“Indeed. However, if we don’t explain ourselves, I’m afraid it’ll affect the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain’s dignity.”

“The Tushan Queen has just awakened, and she can’t return to her heyday so quickly. If we can deal with her, our plan shall remain the same. I’m guessing she’ll seek Emerald Hill to join forces. Let’s get the Yokai Tribes who have joined us to get rid of her along her way.”

A few of Golden Crow’s higher-ups were communicating with each other.

“What about Chu Kuangren? What shall we do if he tags along and stops us?” asked a Golden Crow higher-up.

Unlike Tushan Queen, Chu Kuangren was a Heavenly Champion with a fortune and the Celestial Demon Tribe’s backing. Therefore, the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain dared not mess around.

“The Heavenly Champions should deal with their matters themselves. Let all Yokai Tribes’ Heavenly Champions who belong to us take action, and no matter what, we must stall Chu Kuangren and not let him affect us. It’ll be great if we kill him. The Celestial Demon Tribe can’t do anything if he dies in the Battle of the Heavenly Champions.”


“Your father is the King of the Emerald Hill. We met in a competition when we were Bachelor Sage and Maiden Sage…”

On the way to Emerald Hill, Tushan Queen told Lil Fox about her relationship with the Emerald Hill Fox King, Lil Fox’s father.

There was a nostalgic look on her face when she brought up the past.

Suddenly, the Tushan Queen’s gentle expression disappeared and was replaced by an icy look.

Several figures walked out of the void, each with a powerful Immortal’s Core fluctuation. They were yokai of different races like the tiger yokai, snake yokai, eagle yokai, and many more.

“What? Is the Golden Crow Yokai King so afraid of me to have sent you guys here?” the Tushan Queen asked indifferently.

“Hah! Tushan Queen, I heard you’ve awakened, so I came to greet you,” a snake yokai with long and narrow eyes said in a ridiculing tone.

“Greet me? You all should get out of my way instead.”


A terrifying aura erupted from the Tushan Queen’s body. The eruption of the yokai qi made many yokai weak, and they fell from the sky and landed on their knees.

“Is this Tushan Queen’s strength? It’s horrifying!”

“We shouldn’t underestimate her strength. According to the rumors, Tushan Queen was close to the Embodier Realm in her heyday. I wonder if it is true.”

“Although her yokai qi is scary, it is somewhat vague, which means her strength has yet to recover.”

Some Gilded Immortal yokai exchanged glances with each other.

Just as they were about to make a move, a figure in white suddenly stood before them. It was Chu Kuangren.

Dressed in white and his robes billowing in the wind, he looked at the group of True Immortals and even Gilded Immortal elites. His expression remained unchanged as he said indifferently, “Are you sure you want to attack?”

“Chu Kuangren!”

A strange look emerged in all yokai eyes.

They knew about him and his terrifying background.

The Hundred Academy and the Celestial Demon Tribe…

Besides those two major forces, Chu Kuangren’s identity as a Heavenly Champion was not something they could not get involved with as it was related to the will of the Immortal World, which involved great karma.

“Chu Kuangren, we’re your opponents!”

At that moment, countless figures emerged from the void and surrounded Chu Kuangren. Although their auras were not comparable to other True Immortal and Gilded Immortal yokai, they were all Heavenly Champions!

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