Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 1898 - Break Your Dog Legs

Chapter 1898: Break Your Dog Legs

Kongming Academy, Flowing Wind Establishment.

This place was the place where Kongming Academy managed disciples. After disciples like Jiang Jadehall returned to the imperial capital, they would all have to come here to report.

Of course, on the surface, Jiang Jadehall was under the City Lord Manor’s jurisdiction.

Inside the hall, a skinny old man looked at Ye Yuan, his gaze slightly surprised.

The old man asked, “You’re really Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s head elder?”

Such a young Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity, even in the Kongming Academy, it was also not commonly-seen.

Heavenly Eagle Imperial City that sort of place, the city lord was also merely Second Firmament City Lord. Now, this head elder that suddenly popped out was actually a Fifth Firmament City Lord, it was not up to him to not be surprised.

This realm could go to some middle-order imperial cities to be city lord already.

Ye Yuan fished out a token and handed it over, saying with a smile, “I’ve always been traveling outside and only returned to Heavenly Eagle a few days back.”

The old man received it and took a look. Sure enough, it was Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s head elder token without any falsehoods.

Hearing this meaning, it was likely when Ye Yuan was traveling outside, he encountered some fortuitous encounter, that was why he would break through so fast.

It might also be refining a Celestial Deity Dao Fruit.

This kind of Celestial Deity Realm did not have much future.

Thinking up to here, the old man naturally looked down on Ye Yuan much more.

A Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity, not say that they were all over the place in Nine Pledge Imperial Capital, they were also not in the minority.

The old man returned the token to Ye Yuan and said indifferently, “What did you come to find this deacon for?”

This old man was called Lu Chen, Flowing Wind Establishment’s deacon, and also Jiang Jadehall’s direct superior.

Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said, “Deacon Lu, Southridge Ten Cities’ original patrolling inspector, Jiang Jadehall, is this Ye’s close friend. This Ye heard that he was thrown into the death cell by the City Lord Manor because he committed something a while back, and specially came to inquire some news.”

Lu Chen’s expression changed imperceptibly, but then he smiled and said, “Turns out that it’s for Jiang Jadehall’s matter. Actually … I don’t know much about his matters either. But, the thing that he committed wasn’t small.”

How could Lu Chen’s change in expression hide from Ye Yuan’s eyes?

But he came to ask people to do things and naturally would not be unaware of the proper limits for speech and action. He smiled slightly and said, “Deacon Lu, please enlighten with your teachings.”

Lu Chen stroked his beard and smiled without saying anything.

Ye Yuan understood in his heart. Fishing out a small bottle, he passed it to Lu Chen and said smilingly, “Deacon Lu has taken good care of Brother Jiang normally and naturally also took care of my Heavenly Eagle Imperial City. This Ye has a small token here, Deacon Lu please kindly accept it.”

Deacons like Lu Chen naturally could not dispense with a bout of extortions from arrivals from below.

They managed patrolling inspectors, patrolling inspectors managed imperial cities.

Patrolling inspectors lined their pockets from imperial cities, while they, these deacons, lined their pockets from the patrolling inspectors, exploiting layer upon layer.

Of course, those like Jiang Jadehall basically did not show much filial respect.

Even if he wanted to reap some profits, he could not reap much either.

Hence, Jiang Jadehall’s status in this Flowing Wind Establishment was actually very low.

He was merely a Fourth Firmament Celestial Deity. Regardless of whether strength or status, it was not enough to be regarded with importance.

“This … A heaven-grade Shu Yu Pill! Good stuff!”

When Lu Chen saw the medicinal pill in the small bottle, his two eyes immediately lit up.

Shu Yu pill was a middle rank five divine pill. It could increase Celestial Deity Realm martial artists’ cultivation.

This medicinal pill was refined by Ye Yuan in the Bamboo Groove Void Realm very long ago. At that time, his standards when refining rank five divine pills were still lacking and he only refined heaven-grade divine pills.

But this ruined pill was akin to a supreme treasure in Lu Chen’s eyes.

Lu Chen received the Shu Yu Pill carefully and hurriedly put it away, as if afraid that Ye Yuan would regret it.

“Mn, not bad, at least you had the heart. But Jiang Jadehall’s matters, I urge that you’d better not get involved. Otherwise, you’ll even lose your life.” Lu Chen put away the Shu Yu Pill and waved his hand as he said coolly.

He seemed to have lost interest in continuing to talk with Ye Yuan and actually directly chased people away.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, and he controlled his temper and said, “Brother Jiang showed kindness to me, this Ye is only here to inquire and have no other intentions.”

Lu Chen’s brows also furrowed and he said impatiently, “I had good intentions. You can go already!”

Ye Yuan’s heart burned with fury. Two eyes narrowing slightly, he said, “Deacon Lu took the benefits and isn’t doing work?”

He also did not expect that this Lu Chen was so shameless. If he had long known so, he might as well have used the Shu Yu Pill to go feed dogs.

Although this medicinal pill was insignificant to Ye Yuan, a heaven-grade rank five divine pill, its value was considerable.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s appearance, Lu Chen said with a cold smile, “Why, in this Flowing Wind Establishment, are you still planning on attacking? Taking your things is thinking highly of you! A mere imperial city’s head elder also dares to be insolent in front of this deacon! Get lost!”

Toward these people that came from below, Lu Chen was normally used to playing the tyrant and did not take them seriously at all.

Ye Yuan’s attitude also stoked his wrath.

When the people below saw him, which one wasn’t reverent and respectful?

Now, this Ye Yuan actually dared to have such an attitude toward him, truly did not know what was good for him.

A cold light flashed in Ye Yuan’s eyes and he said in a cold voice, “Looks like you’re very cocky huh!”

Lu Chen was greatly angered when he heard that and said, “Brat, you think that by hitting the jackpot and refining a Celestial Deity Dao Fruit, you can be insolent in front of this deacon? This deacon already gave you the chance, but since you’re not scramming, then I’ll break your dog legs and throw you out!”


Lu Chen’s world power suddenly erupted, crushing over toward Ye Yuan.

Lu Chen was peak Sixth Firmament Celestial Deity, Ye Yuan was merely a middle-stage Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity. He did not take Ye Yuan seriously at all.

It was only to see his figure flash, smacking over toward Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan stood there and did not even move. He did not even release divine essence, as if he was frightened out of his wits.

Lu Chen sneered when he saw the situation and said, “Don’t even know how much capability you possess, to also dare be insolent in front of this deacon!”

The two people were not far away, Lu Chen arrived in front of Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye.

In the next second, he would be able to cripple Ye Yuan.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan moved.

He still stood there, it was just that his right leg swung imperceptibly.


Only to hear the sound of bones snapping transmit over. Lu Chen screamed miserably, directly kneeling down in front of Ye Yuan.

“Ahh! My leg!” Lu Chen wailed.

Ye Yuan looked at him and said coldly, “Don’t even know how much capability you possess, to also dare attack others? Giving you the Shu Yu Pill was looking on the account of Brother Jiang’s face. Did you really take yourself to be somebody important?”

Lu Chen hurt until he grimaced in pain, cold sweat pouring profusely.

Ye Yuan’s kick just now already kicked until his leg bones were crushed to dust, unable to stand at all.

He wanted to break Ye Yuan’s legs. In the end, he broke his legs with one move.

The domain that his world power formed did not have any effect on Ye Yuan at all.

Only now did Lu Chen understand that this ridiculously young imperial city head elder in front of him was really not to be trifled with!

“I … I was wrong! I … I beg you, let me off.” Lu Chen was sweating bullets as he said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Not that I can’t let you off, but you should know what to do.”

Lu Chen’s pupils shrunk, but he still nodded and said, “I … I’ll speak! I’ll tell you all that I know!”

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