Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2447 - Three Great Heavenly Dao True Martials!

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Chapter 2447: Three Great Heavenly Dao True Martials!

In the dense forest, there was a stretch of open ground. Five or six men and women were currently carrying out a life and death fight.

Terrifying Dark marks bloomed in the dense forest, fighting incomparably fiercely.

A quasi-divine son said in a solemn voice, “Yuan Ming, you have nowhere to run already! Hand over the Dao mark crystal! Otherwise, die!”

By the side, a quasi-divine daughter said coolly, “Yuan Ming, hand the Dao mark crystal to me, I’ll guarantee you from death!”

When the others heard that, their faces changed.

That person who was being ganged up on laughed wildly and said, “The Dao mark crystal is on me. You all come and take it if you have the ability!”

“Humph! Courting death!”

The few people were furious and attacked Yuan Ming at the same time.

But right then, a layer of ripples surfaced in space. A powerful domain power suddenly erupted.

The few people had no command over themselves and were directly pushed flying out, fresh blood spurting wildly.

Yuan Ming was overjoyed. He already harbored the thought of certain death, did not expect that he was saved by someone in the end.

“Many thanks for rescuing, Your Excellency!”

A figure slowly walked out, his aura illusory, making people unable to see clearly.

However, the expressions of Yuan Ming and the other quasi-divine children changed wildly.


“Who are you, to actually dare barged into Heavenly War Hunting Ground? Are you tired of living?”

… …

Yuan Ming and the others were incomparably shocked in their hearts!

This place was the divine race’s central region. So how could a mere human possibly arrive here without any sound?

What were the lords doing?

Ye Yuan’s gaze swept across everyone’s faces and he said coolly, “Ask you all about someone. Tell me everything about her and I’ll spare you all from death.”

His words carried a tone that did not allow questioning.

However, these divine children did not care at all.

One of them sneered and said, “Brat, if you have the time to threaten us here, might as well hurry up and run! Heavenly War Hunting Ground has middle-stage Nine-marks powerhouses garrisoning, they must be currently on their way!”


An invisible streak of sword energy came out, that quasi-divine child was already deader than dead before he even had time to react.

“Divine Daughter Yue Mengli, I want to know everything about her here,” Ye Yuan still said nonchalantly.

The few people were frightened by Ye Yuan, each and every one of their complexions turning pale.

That streak of sword energy just now was seriously too strong!

That sort of power surpassed their understanding of humans!

Ye Yuan’s gaze looked towards that quasi-divine daughter.

The quasi-divine daughter’s expression changed wildly and she stammered, “I … I never heard of this name before! D-Don’t kill me!”


The moment a cold light appeared, the divine daughter died!

Ye Yuan’s gaze looked over toward the quasi-divine son next to her.

That quasi-divine son seemed to be stared at by the god of death, his hair standing on end.

But right at this time, one powerful aura after another arrived with a howling, stepping on the air as they arrived!

“Impudent! Who dares to cause havoc in the Heavenly War Hunting Ground?” The arrival’s voice was akin to a great bell, his aura extremely imposing.

Ye Yuan looked towards the arrival, a hint of a smile flashing across the corners of his mouth.

Another old acquaintance!

“Ye Yuan! You … Why are you here?!” When the arrival saw Ye Yuan, he could not help crying out in surprise; even his voice changed.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Xin, long time no see!”

The arrival was none other than precisely the divine son who was pummeled heavily by Ye Yuan back then. It was Xin!

Not seeing for many years, Xin’s strength actually broke through to middle-stage Nine-marks too!

Xin gave a cold laugh and said, “I didn’t expect that you actually have the ability to sneak into Heavenly War Hunting Ground! Heh heh, it’s just a shame that you’re too stupid, to actually expose your whereabouts here!”

These few years, Xin had been in charge of the Heavenly War Hunting Ground’s divine children selection all along and did not take part in the war between the two races.

And the outside world’s news also did not reach here.

Hence, he did not know what kind of sensation Ye Yuan entering the Abyss World caused.

When Ye Yuan heard that, he could not help laughing as he said, “I think that you’re mistaken. I didn’t sneak in, but walked in openly.”

Xin laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha … Are you kidding me? Forget about you, even your human race’s Dao Ancestors also don’t dare to enter the Abyss World swaggeringly! You’re actually telling me that you walked in openly?”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “Looks like your intel is outdated enough.”

But Xin did not care, smiling coldly as he said, “You’re here to find Yue Mengli, right? She is no longer who she used to be! She’s currently our divine race’s divine daughter. She is Lord Tian Qing’s successor! In the future, she even has the possibility of reaching Lord Tian Qing’s height!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’ve already met her. I didn’t come to find her. I’m just here to inquire from people on how she lived in the divine race. Since you came, you can tell me about it.”

Xin laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Why should I tell you? Back then, being defeated at your hands, I cultivated desperately after returning. It’s for the sake of finding you to get revenge! I didn’t expect that you actually delivered yourself to the doorstep! After I cripple you, I’ll bring you in front of Yue Mengli, and let her tell you herself! Hahaha …”

The defeat back then was a tremendous blow to Xin.

After returning to the divine race, he cultivated desperately, and entered deep into dangerous places several times, narrowly escaping death.

His talent was extremely high to begin with. Coupled with painstaking cultivation, that was how he broke through his bottlenecks repeatedly, reaching middle-stage Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm.

Presently, he was already a top existence in the divine race!

Such painstaking cultivation was all for Ye Yuan’s sake.

It was just that he did not know what kind of terrifying level the present Ye Yuan already reached.

Xin knew that the divine race was defeated, but he did not know that they were defeated at Ye Yuan’s hands.

When everyone heard that, they all looked toward Ye Yuan with looks of surprise.

“So, it’s this human who defeated Lord Xin back then!”

“Heh heh, this guy is dead for sure! Lord Xin has really been cultivating desperately these few years. Not only did his cultivation soar, he even comprehended three kinds of Heavenly Dao True Martial!”

“Now, among our divine race’s same rank, there’s no one who’s Lord Xin’s match at all! This boy is dead for sure!”

… …

The gazes that these people looked at Ye Yuan with were already like looking at a dead person.

They all knew how much Lord Xin had put in his effort for today!

Ye Yuan looked at Xin and shook his head and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Your strength indeed improved considerably, but it’s just a pity that your intel is too outdated! Alright, since you’re not talking, then I’ll beat you until you talk!”

Xin gave a cold laugh and said, “You also broke through to the Deva Realm? It’s no use! The current me is no longer the me back then! Heavenly Dao True Martial, release!”

Void Blade!

It was only to see Xin reach his hand out and beckon. A golden-colored light blade condensed and formed in his hand!

Feather of Heavenly Dao!

A pair of white-feathered wings slowly spread open behind his back.

Nine Heavens Frost!

On the body of the Void Blade, there was actually an additional layer of light white frost.

The moment three great Heavenly Dao True Martials emerged, the terrifying aura immediately swept throughout the entire Heavenly War Hunting Ground.

All of the divine sons and divine daughters inside were stirred!

Everyone stopped cultivating one after another and looked toward these two people fighting fiercely in the air.

“Who is this, to actually make Lord Xin unleash three great Heavenly Dao True Martials?! This guy is dead for sure!” A divine son said.

With three great Heavenly Dao True Martials, his might was boundless.

Xin stood proudly in the air, akin to a celestial deity. Looking at Ye Yuan, he said coldly, “Ye Yuan, these three great Heavenly Dao True Martials are all prepared for you! The Void Blade can slash all things in the world! Feather of Heavenly Dao can increase my speed tenfold! Nine Heavens Frost can freeze space! You have no way of evading!”

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