Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2459 - Shameless!

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Chapter 2459: Shameless!

Ye Yuan left freely and leisurely, unimpeded along the way.

He wreaked havoc in the Abyss World, turning the entire divine race upside down. Even Tian Qing was powerless to do anything, who else dared to be blind and block his path?

Leaving the Abyss World, Ye Yuan was currently planning on leaving for the Heavenspan Mountain.

At present, his realm had soared and his strength already did not lose to Deva Fifth Blights!

Coupled with his newly acquired and mysterious chaos origin divinity, Ye Yuan wanted to go to the Heavenspan Mountain to test his luck and see if he could find the Tear of Life or other ways to save Mu Lingxue.

But right then, a figure sprang out from the flank.

Ye Yuan focused his eyes and looked, but it was Pang Zhen.

Pang Zhen had an anxious look on his face. When he saw Ye Yuan, he rushed over at the fastest speed.

Seeing Pang Zhen’s appearance, Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly, immediately having a foreboding premonition.

“Why did you come?”

When Pang Zhen saw Ye Yuan, he had a look of panic as he said, “Ye Yuan, things are bad!”

Ye Yuan frowned and asked, “What happened?”

Pang Zhen recounted the events that happened in this period of time, making Ye Yuan bristle with anger.

It turned out that not long after he left, Sacred Ancestor High Priest exited seclusion from the Primeval War Realm.

Moreover, he broke through to the realm of Dao pill in one stroke!

The so-called realm of Dao pill was reaching the level of rule in Alchemy Dao!

This way, apart from the nine great Dao Ancestors, the myriad races alliance finally had another who reached the realm of rules!

The entire Heavenspan World was greatly shocked for some time.

Another rule powerhouse appearing at this juncture clearly gave a cardiac stimulant to the myriad races.

After Wing exited seclusion, the first thing that came to mind was naturally to find Ye Yuan.

But after he heard about Ye Yuan’s encounter, he was greatly enraged.

It just so happened that at this time, Dao Ancestor Life, Lin Chaotian, personally went to find Sacred Ancestor High Priest, to request him to take action and refine Dao pills for Ancestor Water, Ancestor Fire, and Ancestor Wind, three great Dao Ancestors.

These two Dao Ancestors suffered considerable injuries when they fought with Tian Qing last time.

But this level of fighting, injuries were extremely difficult to recover from.

Therefore, Sacred Ancestor High Priest exiting seclusion at this time was clearly at the right time.

But Sacred Ancestor High Priest refused without the slightest hesitation.

Because of Ye Yuan!

What a joke! He could reach the realm of rule and achieve a true Dao pill entirely because of Ye Yuan.

Now, how could he possibly refine pills for Ye Yuan’s enemies?

Even if it was Dao Ancestors, it would not work too!

However, Lin Chaotian did not get angry. He put aside his ego instead, using a righteous cause to convince Sacred Ancestor High Priest.

Lin Chaotian said that Heavenly Dao Samsara would begin in the next few years. At this time, they should put the interests of the whole above all else.

If the human race’s Dao Ancestors were to lose three people, then the myriad races would absolutely not be the divine race’s match.

At this time, they should put aside their personal grudges and grievances, and put the interests of the whole above all else.

Furthermore, Lin Chaotian even said, Ye Yuan’s matter was indeed him not considering things properly.

After Ye Yuan returned, he would take the initiative to apologize to Ye Yuan.

The exalted Dao Ancestor Life put aside his ego to say such words, Sacred Ancestor High Priest was still convinced in the end.

Hence, he refined Dao pills for the three great Dao Ancestors, and this thoroughly healed the injuries on their bodies.

But no one could have thought that after the three great Dao Ancestors recovered from their injuries, Lin Chaotian suddenly turned hostile and brought the eight great Dao Ancestors and directly rounded Profound Secrets Bodhimanda up in one fell swoop!

Even Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets also became a prisoner now!

And the banner that they played was that Ye Yuan had entered the Abyss World. He definitely defected to the divine race.

This way, it was equivalent to confirming Ye Yuan’s name as a traitor.

All the people close to Ye Yuan were all locked up.

White Light, Lu-er, Ye Tong, as well as many of Heavenly Eagle Bodhidharma’s related people, were all captured.

Even the unpredictable army’s upper echelons were also all detained apart from Pang Zhen.

Pang Zhen had an indignant look as he said, “This Dao Ancestor Life has simply lost all balance of judgment! They actually severed their own arm at this juncture for their goal! If not because of my family’s ancestor, I’d have long been sent to prison too! Your Excellency, Dao Ancestor Life has already spread the news throughout the Heavenspan World, and even sent it into the Abyss World through certain channels! They’re making you go to Origin Enlighten Bodhidharma within a year with the name of the nine great Dao Ancestors, to make an apology and ask for punishment! Otherwise, every half a year, they will kill off one person related to you! At present, there are only three days left away from the half-year date!”

After he finished listening to all these, Ye Yuan still appeared very calm.

However, Pang Zhen had followed him for a few years already. He knew that Ye Yuan at this time was actually the most terrifying!

“Heh, looks like Lin Chaotian doesn’t even want face anymore, in order to obtain the secret on me! Huhu, you want the secret on me, is it? So what even if I give it to you?” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Pang Zhen was rather worried as he said, “Your Excellency, you can’t go! They couldn’t capture you. So they used this sort of method to force you to walk right into a trap! Once you go, you definitely won’t be able to come back!”

Ye Yuan gave Pang Zhen a glance and said, “Who’s the first one that they’re going to execute?”

Pang Zhen’s expression changed, and he said, “I-It’s Wan Zhen!”

Ye Yuan said, “Then do you think that I’m the kind of person to abandon my companions? Relax, they can’t do anything to me! Let’s go!”

If it was before this, Ye Yuan would really be helpless.

But he cultivated the chaos origin divinity now. Even Tian Qing could not do anything to him. So what was he scared of?

Even if I let you kill, could you kill me?

… …

Today, in front of Origin Enlighten’s mountain pass gates, countless powerhouses gathered.

They were all here to watch the killing!

Ye Yuan’s proud subordinate, the unpredictable army’s chief figure, Wan Zhen, would be sentenced to death today!

It caused a great sensation in the world!

Of course, what they were more concerned with was whether or not Ye Yuan would come!

Ye Yuan entering the Abyss World was already not some secret.

With regards to his move, people at the outside world were all speculating.

It was just that, they all knew that with Ye Yuan’s personality, it was impossible for him to explain anything.

It was also because of Ye Yuan’s pride that made this matter become even more confusing to the eye.

“Do you all think that Ye Yuan would really have defected to the divine race or not?”

“Very likely! I heard that the divine race’s eight great progenitors have invincible might. Back then, they killed our 18 rule powerhouses! Looking at it now, the chances of winning are seriously not high! Moreover, Ye Yuan’s most beloved person has now become the divine race’s divine daughter. There isn’t without this possibility!”

“You’re bullshitting! The divine race members that Lord Saint Azure killed can probably pile up into several Origin Enlighten Mountains! He created an eternal legend, his contributions unparalleled, would he defect to the divine race?”

“Humph! Keep talking rubbish and I will smack you to death with a palm! The Dao Ancestors’ manner of eating is also too unsightly! They went back on their word and actually made a move against the people around Saint Azure! What Saint Azure said is definitely the truth!”

“T-Talk nicely, don’t attack!”

… …

In the crowd, there were a lot of discussions.

The public’s opinions on this matter varied because of Ye Yuan’s failure to explain in the first place.

After all, no one had evidence to prove this.

But Dao Ancestor Life not keeping his word, this matter was already spread by Sacred Ancestor High Priest.

Therefore, the nine great Dao Ancestors’ reputation currently was very bad,

Of course, to them, this level of powerhouses, all were ants beneath Dao Ancestors. They would not care about these people’s discussions at all.

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