Versatile Mage - Chapter 2376 - Supercar Driver

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Chapter 2376: Supercar Driver

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan immediately went to Mochizuki Chihaya’s room.

Mo Fan snuck into the room with his Shadow Element, knowing Lu Kun was constantly keeping an eye on them. He was able to sneak through the tiniest window with his unique Dark Vein, even if it was sealed by magic.

He heard the sound of water inside the room, followed by soft footsteps.

It was most likely the sound of someone walking barefoot on the carpet. Mo Fan was excited when he picked up the fragrance of shampoo.

He had come right on time!

Mo Fan laid down on the sofa chair and prepared to enjoy the spectacular sight of a beautiful woman coming out of her shower.

(Knock knock knock)!

“Who’s there?” Mochizuki Chihaya asked.

“Miss Mochizuki, someone is trying to break the rules, so I’ve come as a reminder,” Lu Kun said from outside the door.

Mochizuki Chihaya wrapped herself up with a white towel and draped a coat over her shoulder before opening the door.

Lu Kun fixed his eyes on the sofa Mo Fan was lying on as soon as the door opened.

Mochizuki Chihaya turned around and noticed a blurred outline under the light of the table lamp. Mo Fan’s face gradually took shape.

She opened her mouth in shock. Since when had Mo Fan come to her room?

“Why would I break the rules?” Mo Fan said indifferently.

“Why are you here, then?” Lu Kun demanded.

“What else can we do when a man and a woman are alone in a room? Can’t you see I’m waiting for her to clean herself? You can’t stop us from satisfying our mutual cravings, even though we are in your territory!” Mo Fan stated.

Lu Kun harrumphed coldly.

“I have my job to do, so please don’t blame me for being a busybody. This is just a reminder. If you do it again, I’ll have to disqualify you two and take away all the information,” Lu Kun warned them.

“I told you, we are only mutually attracted to one another. It’s that simple, so stop disturbing us. Thank you,” Mo Fan did not want to admit anything.

Mochizuki Chihaya was utterly confused, but she did not rebuke Mo Fan’s words.

Lu Kun turned and left, closing the door with him.

Mo Fan fell into deep thought while lying on the sofa.

How did Lu Kun know he had come to visit Mochizuki Chihaya to ask her about her job? Did he trigger a magic Formation on the way here, or did he have the ability to read one’s mind?

“You are ruining my reputation,” Mochizuki Chihaya grumbled.

“It’s fine, Lu Kun isn’t the blabbering kind,” Mo Fan said awkwardly.

“Are you here to ask me about my job?” Mochizuki Chihaya was smart enough to figure out Mo Fan’s intention.

“Why can’t I be here to do something perverted?” Mo Fan snarled.

What did she think of him as? A righteous man?

Why couldn’t he be here to do something wicked? He was a handsome young man in his prime!

“If you really think that, I will have to see how much stronger you have grown after two years!” Mochizuki Chihaya’s gaze sharpened. She had never seen such a daring pervert before!

“Fine, I’m here to ask you about the job, but Lu Kun seems to have some special power that can sense my intentions,” Mo Fan said helplessly.

How did Lu Kun do it? It was unlikely that anyone could see through his shadow.

“The truth is, even if I want to break the rules, I have nothing to tell you,” Mochizuki Chihaya said.

“Why is that?”

“I didn’t even see the job. My grandfather read the letter and left in a hurry,” Mochizuki Chihaya said helplessly.

“I see…”

Mo Fan’s head hurt. What was the job Mochizuki Ken had received? Judging from Mochizuki Chihaya’s description, it must be something he was deeply concerned about.

The letter clearly wrote down the place where Senior Hunter Leng had fought the red demon.

To Mo Fan’s surprise, the place was in the Pudong District, very close to Pudong Airport.

Mo Fan and Lingling decided to investigate the place to look for some clues tonight.

They heard the sound of an engine being gunned as soon as they left the main entrance.

“Why are you in my house?” Lu Zhengxin stared at Mo Fan in shock.

Mo Fan did not answer him. Lu Kun had suddenly appeared behind them like a phantom.

Perhaps he was seriously worried about Mo Fan breaking the rules, which might stop him from receiving the Universe Vein reward for his job.

“Zhengxin, our guests are going out. You should give them a lift,” Lu Kun suggested.

“You’re asking me to be their driver?” Lu Zhengxin asked in disbelief.

“They are in Shanghai. It’s your job to look after our guests,” Lu Kun said sternly.

“Hell no!…”

“Do as I say, if you don’t treat them well, I’ll sell all your cars!” Lu Kun threatened him.

Lu Zhengxin admitted defeat as soon as he heard his cars would be taken away.

“Lu Kun, we are from Shanghai. We won’t need him to look after us. We can go anywhere we want.” Mo Fan shook his hand to turn down the offer.

“I’m acting on behalf of the client, so I have the right to assign someone to follow you. You can choose to leave, but I’ll be taking back the Universe Vein and the letter and passing them to someone else,” Lu Kun said.

Mo Fan was speechless.

It seemed like Lu Kun had realized he was going to break the rules. He decided to assign someone to keep an eye on him when he was going away.

However, Lu Zhengxin looked like a complete idiot. It would be too easy to fool him. Besides, they were planning to visit a few places quickly. Having a supercar driver was not such a bad idea!

“Fine, but can your driver give us a lift anytime we want?” Mo Fan asked.

“Feel free to order him around. If he dares to disobey you, I’ll have someone take one of his cars away every time you complain to me,” Lu Kun promised.

Lu Zhengxin almost lost his temper when he heard the words.

Not only did the guy damage his car, steal his chair, and eat his crayfish, he had to be his driver too?! None of this made sense!

“Lingling, get in,” Mo Fan jumped into the front passenger seat. The door happened to be open.

The seats in the back were smaller, but the space was plenty for a petite girl like Lingling. It did save them trouble having someone as the driver.

“Where do you two want to go?” Lu Zhengxin asked with a grim face.

“Pudong Airport,” Mo Fan said.

Lu Zhengxin almost lost control of the vehicle. Luckily, the car had outstanding stability.

“Get a f**king boat if you want to go there!” Lu Zhengxin snarled.

The east of Huangpu River had already become a part of the ocean. The streets, houses, and buildings were long submerged under water.

His heart would ache if he drove it across a small puddle, let alone the sea!

“Your job is to bring us there.. I don’t care if you’re driving a boat or a car,” Mo Fan smiled.

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