Versatile Mage - Chapter 2377 - Scars from Six Digits

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Chapter 2377: Scars from Six Digits

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Translated by XephiZ

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The car reached the bridge across the Huangpu River.

Mo Fan was surprised to see the water reflecting the moonlight had fallen a little compared to the last time he was here. It had dropped by about half a meter.

The difference of half a meter in the water level involved a huge volume of water. He could now see the outline of the river. It seemed like it was possible to repair some of the buildings and roads.

However, the tides had been inconsistent. The Magic City was treating the river like a dam. It had assigned the army to guard it as a boundary line.

Mo Fan found some high ground and observed the area with his night vision. He noticed that the structures sticking out of the water and the areas where sand had accumulated were crawling with enormous creatures.

Many of them had a mixture of sand and water on them, like a layer of armor.

The creatures had also occupied the relatively short houses that were half-submerged in the water. They were ideal lairs for demon creatures who enjoyed taking sunbaths on the land during the day.

“Are those sea monsters?” Mo Fan asked with a worried face.

The creatures were some distance away, but they were not that far from the city’s boundary.

“Just some lesser sea monsters. They have turned the submerged districts into their territory and the sturdy buildings into their nests,” Lingling said disdainfully.

She had no idea what the officials were thinking. They had not bothered to exterminate the sea monsters, allowing them to occupy the submerged districts and build their nests.

“Lu Zhengxin, drive across the bridge,” Mo Fan said.

Lu Zhengxin’s face paled.

They were about to cross the boundary line. Everyone knew the other side was crawling with sea monsters. Was he trying to deliver fresh takeaway to them?

Mo Fan immediately picked up his phone and dialed Lu Kun’s number.

Lu Zhengxin stopped hesitating. He stepped on the gas and drove onto the bridge.

The soldiers on duty tried to stop the car, but immediately granted them access when Mo Fan showed them his identity as a Seven Star Hunter Master.

The officers on duty believed the high-rank Hunter was going to help them to exterminate the nests of the sea monsters.

The bridge was connected to a highway leading to Pudong Airport.

The highway was surprisingly clear, and they could drive straight across it. The military seemed to have cleared any obstacles, making it easier for them to scout the Pudong District at times.

Lu Zhengxin was a fan of street racing. The highway only had a few barricades on the sides, and there was not a single other car on the road. It was perfect for Lu Zhengxin to fulfill his dream of driving on an empty highway in the middle of the night!

Lu Zhengxin kept accelerating. The car was already traveling at one hundred and twenty miles per hour, but Mo Fan and Lingling were extremely calm even though the car’s top was open.

Mo Fan could easily travel at the same speed on foot. He had no idea why Lu Zhengxin was so excited.

“There’s a gap in front of us.”

“What? I can’t hear you!” Lu Zhengxin said.

“There’s a gap ahead. A section of the highway has collapsed three meters!” Mo Fan shouted.

“F**k me!” Lu Zhengxin cursed as he rammed on the brakes.

The piercing screeches echoed across the silent sky.

Lu Zhengxin had been driving too fast. He had stepped on the brakes a little too late.


Mo Fan swiftly Cast a Space Spell.

A silver tunnel appeared above the gap as Lu Zhengxin’s car was about to drive right into it.

The car went straight into the silver tunnel. It vanished briefly before reappearing on the other side of the gap, traveling across the gap like there was an invisible tunnel there.

“Can you keep your eyes open while you are driving?” Mo Fan yelled at him.

Lu Zhengxin moved his hands away from his eyes. He was surprised when he saw he was on the other side of the highway instead of falling into the sea.

“Brother, that’s so cool!” Lu Zhengxin exclaimed.

Mo Fan turned around and looked at the gap on the highway.

He was puzzled. The military had obviously cleared the obstacles on the highway. Why had they not fixed the gap, too?

Mo Fan tossed his doubts away as the car drove into the distance.

The sea level was higher as they approached the airport. Half of the office buildings were still under the water. The houses and shops with less than four stories remained underwater, too.

“This is the place,” Lingling pointed at a collapsed structure.

Mo Fan took a quick glance and noticed the buildings close to the airport were mainly government offices, apartments, hotels, and office buildings.

The buildings were dark and submerged. Some of them occasionally emitted the sound of broken glasses and falling objects. They might seem deserted, but they were not necessarily empty.

According to Senior Hunter Leng’s recount, he had fought the red demon in this area.

If the streets and roads were still around, they might be able to find more clues, but they wondered if there were any traces left after they were washed by the water.

“Mo Fan, look at that building,” Lingling suddenly pointed to the side of a structure.

It was an apartment with faint-blue paint on one side. Mo Fan could see long scars on one side after he took a closer look.

“It looks like a claw, heh,” Lu Zhengxin joked.

Mo Fan observed carefully and said, “It doesn’t just look like a claw; it is a claw, with six digits!”

Luckily, the building had not been renovated recently. Not many would notice the scar on the side of the building, thus it had remained in place until now.

“Does this mean the red demon is a creature with six fingers? At least when it shows its true form…” Lingling murmured.

“We have to verify it first.” Mo Fan looked around.

Lingling went to the top of the building and took some samples of the microorganisms from the scar to confirm it was not left by other species of sea monsters.

Mo Fan went around to search for more scars. If the other scars also had six toes, it meant they had confirmed a trait of the red demon.

“Why are we so fussed about the number of toes?” Lu Zhengxin asked curiously. He was following Mo Fan around.

“Every demon creature has a fixed number of toes, no matter how they evolve. We can find out the species of a demon creature from its number of toes,” Mo Fan explained.

Lu Zhengxin nodded like a rookie Hunter.

“Look, were those left by the same creature, too?” Lu Zhengxin pointed at a nearby highway interchange.

Mo Fan followed Lu Zhengxin’s finger and noticed a few scratches on the concrete!

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