Versatile Mage - Chapter 2665 - I'll Teach You to Lower Your Head

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Chapter 2665: I’ll Teach You to Lower Your Head

“Don’t you know what’s happening down there? Do you seriously think you can take on so many powerful Mages? Fanxue Mountain hasn’t really encountered any serious problems so far, but today isn’t going to be the same!

“This place is a piece of juicy meat. You have attracted the carnivores of the whole jungle here. They are either going to split the meat evenly, or eat until there aren’t even bones left!” Li Dong told Mo Fan and the others grimly.

“Did they send you here to negotiate with us?” Mo Fan asked.

“I requested that I be allowed to come here myself. Mo Fan, you have always been reckless. You never treated the powerful factions and people seriously, but that was before. You have made the country proud by winning the World College Tournament and you captured Shao Zheng’s attention, so most people didn’t want to touch you, but it’s different now. Your supporter has been overthrown, and you have messed with someone you shouldn’t have messed with. Who do you think Zhao Jing is? He can basically call the wind and summon the rain in the south of China. Eight out of ten Councilmen have to call him Young Master Zhao…

“Luckily, Zhao Jing only wants the thing you took from him. He won’t complicate the situation any further if you hand it over. No one wants to be caught in trouble at a time like this.”

Li Dong talked very fast and clearly. He was doing his job as a negotiator properly.

However, a negotiation only worked when both sides were offering bargaining chips. It was more like a threat instead of a negotiation!

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They had to hand over the Earth Flame Pistil, no matter what!

“Tell me who’s down there,” Mo Fan inquired calmly.

“Zhao Jing and Lin Kang are in charge. I don’t think I need to say anything more about them to you. One is the emperor of the Zhao Clan, while the other is the leader of the most ruthless division of the military in the south. The leader of the Southern Mercenary Alliance, Du Tongfei, is here, too. He’s an old friend of Zhao Jing, an extremely powerful Mage. Apparently, three of his Elements have reached the peak of the Super Level.

“The Nanrong Clan has also sent a boat here, led by Nanrong Xu and Nanrong Ni. Nanrong Xu’s strength is immeasurable. Many people believe he is comparable to Zhao Jing, but no one has seen him fight at his full strength.

“There are four others with great reputations, but even if I leave them out, there are more than a dozen Super Mages, including the father and son who are in charge of the Zhao Clan’s Sulfur Island, three elders of the Mu Clan, the Qishan Hunter Group, and the Vice Captain of the South Wing Platoon…”

Li Dong mentioned everyone with a certain reputation that he could remember, but there were many whom he found familiar, but he could not recall their names right now.

It was not because they were not famous or strong enough, but he was too ignorant to know all of them.

The reason they had not attacked right away was because they were still waiting for more people, and for Lin Kang’s men to evacuate the residents in the area.

Once the area was evacuated, making sure the attack would not result in too many innocent deaths, they would immediately make their move!

Either way, Lin Kang had accused Fanxue Mountain of committing a treasonous act. He was not going to cause a bloodbath if he could avoid it.

Even though it was a time that strictly obeyed the law of the jungle, it was still necessary to disguise their intentions!

“If you hand the thing over, Lin Kang no longer has a valid reason to attack you. I don’t understand what you are hesitating for. You don’t have much time left!” Li Dong was seriously worried about Mo Fan, but he did not know the exact reason why.

“Li Dong, who did your clan send here?” Mo Fan asked him.

Fanxue Mountain and the Dali Clan had always been on bad terms, but the Dali Clan had declined over the years. The Nanrong Clan had been taking advantage of them.

“Only two, they just achieved the Super Level not long ago. They are the two seniors of my clan.” Li Dong did not understand why Mo Fan had asked the question. The Dali Clan was only here to fill the numbers!

“Fine, since you have provided me with some useful information, I will consider sparing their lives if I see them,” Mo Fan nodded.

Li Dong almost lost his temper.

“What the heck? Are you in your right mind? Who do you think you are, a god? Are you seriously going to fight them? You are only going to get yourself killed! Your people have worked so hard to establish Fanxue Mountain. Can’t you just suck it in for once? What’s wrong with adapting to circumstances and being an opportunist? Only those who are alive in the end have the right to talk!” Li Dong scolded him.”I’ve already told you who are you up against! Do you think it’s worth everything for something so ridiculous?”

The entire hall fell silent after hearing Li Dong’s shout. Everyone was looking at him with wide eyes.

Mo Fan was surprised by Li Dong’s reaction, too.

Shouldn’t he be happy to see Fanxue Mountain’s destruction as a member of the Dali Clan? Why was he so angry about Fanxue Mountain’s decision to fight back?

“Why are you looking at me like that? Am I wrong? I’ve been in this city for many years! Don’t you think I know how this world is? Fanxue Mountain consists of a group of young and energetic people with the same goals. It’s a new faction that managed to secure a foothold with limited resources that were left after the rest were taken by all the powerful factions. Everyone with some common sense knows you are just trying to build a city that strives to provide its people with a safe place to live in.

“Unfortunately, in this rotten society, every new faction that isn’t willing to collude with the old factions will be isolated and despised until it’s gone!

“I was just as ambitious and hot-blooded as you are when I was young. I criticized and bit at anyone that said I was wrong and ended up injuring myself. Back then, I so wished there was a faction like Fanxue Mountain, where its people are working hard for the same goals instead of fighting one another for power, but I’ve already ended up like this after you showed up as the Dali Clan’s enemy.

“Fanxue Mountain is many people’s hope. Some of my friends even told me after having some drinks that if they were ten years younger, they would have moved to Fanxue Mountain to start all over again and protect their pride.

“I share the same thoughts as them. Even though people always call me an opportunist… I sincerely hope you all survive and continue to bring hope to people like us. It’s time for you to put your pride aside.

“Nothing is more important than staying alive!

“If you really don’t know how to lower your head, I can teach you…” Li Dong stared at Mo Fan as he was speaking.

In Li Dong’s eyes, Mo Fan was a demon king that had dared to provoke the Heavens.

However, he should learn to lower his head sometimes, because a greater demon king had appeared, and it was none other than Zhao Jing!

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