War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 3849

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Chapter 3849: The White Asura

Since the leader of the group from the Flying Dragon Sect had charged out, the others had no choice but to follow even if they were unwilling and afraid. Moreover, they knew their leader was right. If they went all out, perhaps, they would have a chance to survive. If they ran away now, there was no doubt they would die. Even if they knew not all of them might survive this fight, at least there was still a chance of survival.



“So what if he’s Ximen Long Xiang?! Let’s kill him today. Let the Tai Yi Sect know that their strongest King of Gods is killed by the disciples of the Flying Dragon Sect on the King Battlefield!”

The group of more than 30 people from the Flying Dragon Sect charged out fiercely as weapons appeared in their hands one after another. At the same time, they mobilized their Divine Energies and the laws they had comprehended. None of them dared to hold back their strength.

Various colorful energies swept out. From a distance, they looked terrifying and grand. They surged and swept toward Ximen Long Xiang.

A vortex appeared in the middle where all the various energies were heading. One by one, the vortex absorbed the waves of energies/

“I’ve not fought since I’ve become an advanced King of Gods,” Ximen Long Xiang said calmly as he stood in the middle of the encirclement, “Today, I’ll offer the blood of the people from the Flying Dragon Sect to my sword.”

Many disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect were furious when they heard the arrogant words.

“Kill him!”

“How arrogant!”


In their opinion, no matter how outstanding or strong Ximen Long Xiang was, he was still ultimately a King of Gods. However, he regarded all of them as ants. How could they not be furious? Not only did they have numbers on their side, but there were more than 15 advanced Kings of Gods in their groups; did Ximen Long Xiang think he was invincible just because he had become an advanced King of Gods?

At this time, the green tornado suddenly turned into a green sword ray. Following that, it followed Ximen Long Xiang as he flew out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sword ray circled Ximen Long Xiang as he calmly countered and evaded his opponents’ attacks. The sword ray also easily dispelled the attacks. His movements were leisurely; clearly, he had a very easy time dealing with opponents.

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Suddenly, Ximen Long Xian sped up as the sword ray reverted into a hurricane again. He attacked swiftly, slashing at seven disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect. Pieces of flesh flew in the air as blood splattered everywhere. Three of them died immediately while the other four were on the brink of death.

Two rays of light suddenly shot out of Ximen Long Xiao’s eyes, quickly killing the four disciples of the Flying Dragon Sect using a soul attack.

Unlike the Devata Realms, it was even more difficult to destroy souls compared to physical bodies in the Realms of Gods. However, if the strength of one’s soul was stronger than that of the opponent, one would have an easier time destroying the opponent’s soul. Otherwise, one would only be able to briefly affect the opponent’s soul.

Under normal circumstances, if the four disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect were not injured, Ximen Long Xiang’s attacks would not have been able to destroy their souls so easily.

Ximen Long Xiang knew he had to kill them as quickly as possible so they would not have time to strengthen their souls and recuperate.

When the remaining disciples of the Flying Dragon Sect saw this, they discovered how precise Ximen Long Xiang’s attacks were. They did not think it was just luck. After all, he had to be highly skilled to be recruited by various top emperor-rank forces in the Eastern Ridge Mansion.

“Gather around! Join forces to defeat him. Don’t give him a chance to attack us one by one!” the leader of the group from the Flying Dragon Sect shouted.

The disciples hurriedly gathered, no longer surrounding Ximen Long Xiang. However, the fearful expressions on their faces could not be hidden at all. Initially, they thought they could deal with him since they had numbers on their side even though they knew he was incredibly strong. However, at his moment, they had fully realized how horrifyingly strong he was.

Ximen Long Xiang hovered in the air calmly as he watched the disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect.

While the disciples waited for further instructions, the leader of the group from the Flying Dragon Sect said coldly, “Ximen Long Xiang, I admit you’re truly strong. You’re much stronger than I’d expected. I don’t doubt your ability to kill you. However, with numbers on our sides, I’m afraid you’ll have to pay a high price if you want to kill all of us. If you’re injured now, it’d be disadvantageous for you if you meet other groups or Duan Ling Tian later. Are you really willing to risk so much just to kill us?”

Despite his words, beads of sweat could be seen on the forehead of the leader of the group of the Flying Dragon Sect. Even his hands were wet with sweat. He was the strongest in the group so he was naturally chosen to be the leader.His perception was also better than the others. He could keenly sense that Ximen Long Xiao’s strength was even more terrifying than what the rumors said. He was quite certain that those weak and ordinary Lords of Gods were no match for Ximen Long Xiang at all. Even if Ximen Long Xiang could not defeat the ordinary Lords of Gods, similarly, they would not be able to defeat him as well.


Ximen Long Xiang attacked again in response. The green sword ray spun around frantically until it formed a green hurricane. As he moved, he left dozens of afterimages in his wake. The afterimages were like illusory clones of him and began to attack the disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect.

“Find his real body! There’s no point attacking these illusory clones,” the leader of the group of disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect shouted.

Alas, even with their leader’s reminder, they could not help but instinctively attack the illusory clones when they drew close. They heaved a sigh of relief when the illusory clones dissipated. However, their expressions changed swiftly as they discovered a burst of terrifying energy sweeping toward them. It was too late for them to defend themselves at this moment.

“Idiots!” the leader roared. He was the only one who did not move when the illusory clones attacked. He flew out like a cannonball, trying to escape, as his body exploded with energy.

As soon as he flew away, the wind surged before it pressed down on the remaining disciples of the Flying Dragon Sect with the force of a mountain.

At this moment, the leader of the group from the Flying Dragon Sect, who had fled a distance away, turned to look back. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw the remaining disciples had disappeared. Only mists of blood hung in the air as pieces of blood flesh fell to the ground.

‘They’re all dead! I have to leave now!’ the leader thought to himself. His heart thumped wildly in his chest as his body burst forth with light before he flew away with all his might.

“You’re quite strong, but you still can’t escape from me!”

The leader shuddered when he heard a voice ringing next to his ears. When he regained his senses, he saw two green sword rays flying toward him. One pierced through his forehead and exited from the back of his head while the other accurately pierced his heart from the back.


Ximen Long Xiang hovered in the air. In just a moment, he had killed more than 30 disciples from the Flying Dragon Sect. However, his white robe remained spotlessly clean. Not even a drop of blood could be seen on his robe.

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