You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 17 - Where is my Cell Phone?

Chapter 17: Where is my Cell Phone?

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Shen Liangchuan sat in the car watching Qiao Lian, who was in front of him.

She seemed rather meek and clearly didn’t know where she was standing, but she was accidentally standing on the spot Yang Lingsi had been standing at.

Shen Liangchuan recalled his manager’s voice, “Did you do it on purpose? But what exactly did Yang Lingsi do to anger you?”

Yang Lingsi hadn’t offended him, it had been someone else she had hurt.

However, why had he had the urge to avenge her at that moment?

He should hate her and be delighted whenever someone bullied her!

Recalling Yang Lingsi’s pathetic look, a sudden coldness flashed across his eyes. His glance stopped on the small woman in front of him, and he suddenly started the car, speeding up continuously!


The car stopped one meter away from her. He realized that, in the end, he had still stopped the car earlier than before as he felt flustered.

This incident happened too suddenly and quickly. From the moment he started the car until he stopped it, barely ten seconds had passed.

Shen Liangchuan had both his hands on the steering wheel, and he could clearly see terror flash through Qiao Lian’s eyes. He could see her face turn pale as she swallowed her saliva from shock and saw how both her legs were trembling.

What should happen next is her falling on her butt and bursting into tears, right?

However, when that thought came into his mind, he saw the woman in front of him put one hand on her waist and use the other to point at the car, while shouting furiously, “F*ck! You must be crazy! Do you know how to drive? Are you trying to kill someone?”

Shen Liangchuan: …

As she spoke, she rolled up her sleeves and walked to the side of the car. Her face showed obstinacy, and she looked fierce as she knocked on the window. However, she looked beautiful at the same time and thus her actions didn’t seem boorish. Instead, they gave out forthrightness. “You get out of the car! You almost hit someone, how can you act as if nothing happened?”

The voice that entered his ear made Shen Liangchuan’s face turn cold. For the first time, he felt powerless, as if he had used utmost strength to punch but it landed on soft cotton, making no impact.

He rubbed his forehead irritatedly and lowered his car window.

“You better pray that I’m alright—” Her words stopped abruptly as she said with astonishment, “Shen, Best Actor Shen?”

Qiao Lian was furious. She had merely come to collect her cell phone, but she had almost gotten into an accident!

The startling moment just now caused her fear just recalling it. If something had happened to her, who would take care of Qiao Yi?

Could someone tell her why the driver was Shen Liangchuan?

Qiao Lian opened her eyes wide in shock. She then saw Shen Liangchuan slowly come out from the driver’s seat, with his usual expressionless face.

Qiao Lian stammered, “Why are you here?”

She turned her head to observe her surroundings and realized that the cameras were still around. However, since the crew was still taking their break, no one had noticed what had taken place here.

She suddenly understood the situation, “You are rehearsing? Oh, am I interrupting you?”

Shen Liangchuan: …

Shen Liangchuan’s steps didn’t stop as he walked in the opposite direction.

Qiao Lian moved her legs, which were jelly due to the shock she had received, and ran after Shen Liangchuan, “Mr. Shen, may I know where my phone is?”

She could only publish the article after she got hold of the voice recording!

After finishing her sentence, she heard Shen Liangchuan say, “I don’t know.”

He doesn’t know?

Qiao Lian panicked, “I urgently need my cell phone, how could you not know where it is?”

Shen Liangchuan suddenly stopped in his tracks. Qiao Lian failed to notice and bumped against his back.

As she lifted her head, she was met with Shen Liangchuan’s glance, which was filled with ridicule.