You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1763 - It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (3)

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Chapter 1763: It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (3)

Everyone held their breaths and looked in the same direction unanimously.

Lu Nanze was lying on the hospital bed, pushed out by the nurse. His face was really pale and it was clear that he had lost too much blood.

His doctor walked out and looked at the people there.

Lu Qingtian pushed away Qiao Yiyi, who meant to check on Lu Nanze, and rushed in front of the doctor. “Doctor, how is my nephew? Will anything happen to him?!”

The doctor turned his head to take a look at Lu Qingtian and spoke, “His life is already out of danger. But since he has lost too much blood, he needs to rest well for some time.”

Lu Qingtian became anxious. “But why isn’t he awake yet?”

The doctor didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her words. “The patient has lost too much blood, he is sleeping after fainting. He needs at least five or six hours before he can wake up.”

Lu Qingtian then stopped worrying and spoke with red eyes, “My brother only left one son. Nothing can happen to him, or else, the Lu family will have no descendants! Sigh!”

Doctor: …

Qiao Yiyi took the chance to look at Lu Nanze. Although his face was ghastly pale, his breathing was uniform. One could tell that he was alright from a look.

She instantly felt relieved. But the next moment, her gaze fell upon his leg and she softly asked, “Doctor, how is his leg?”

After the doctor heard her words, he frowned and said, “I was about to talk about this. Although his life is no longer in danger, he might have to rest for about half a year for his leg. He lost too much blood and it won’t be easy for him to recover. Besides that, the leg’s tendon was hurt and it won’t improve any time soon. So all of you have to take good care of him in the future.”

Lu Wanqing looked as if a bomb had been dropped down from the sky. “Doctor, what did you say?! My nephew’s leg- his leg won’t recover to what it was like before?”

The doctor sighed. “It’s not that it cannot return to what it was like before, it is that he must take good care of it for it to recover. Some people can recover well and return to normal. Some people don’t recover as well and walk with a limp. But all of this depends on his recovery.”

Lu Qingtian instantly felt unwell.

Even Qiao Yiyi frowned and looked at his leg in shock.

Although she had imagined many dire consequences before reaching the hospital, she had never thought that this was it.

If one thought about it, it was truly cruel to have a person like Lu Nanze, with such charm, end up being paralyzed on a wheelchair.

As these thoughts haunted her, the nurse started pushing the bed towards the wards.

She followed them hurriedly.

The whole group accompanied Lu Nanze to the VIP ward in grandiose.

The bed went in first, followed by the doctor, the nurse and then Qiao Yiyi.

But when Qiao Yiyi pushed the door open, intending to check on Lu Nanze’s leg, Lu Qingtian held her wrist and pushed her out with strong force.

Qiao Yiyi was shocked. She lifted her head up and found Lu Qingtian staring at her with hatred. “B*tch, are still not satisfied with how much trouble you’ve caused Nanze? You better stay far away! Nanze shouldn’t have married you.”

After she said so, she went into the ward.

Looking at her state, the butler sighed deeply. He couldn’t help also scolding Qiao Yiyi, “Do you know that Sir has ended up like this for your sake? But luckily there was that lady who saved us… Forget it, even if you got ten percent of her guts, we would have had to have done immense good in our previous lives!”

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