You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1772 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (2)

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Chapter 1772: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (2)

Qiao Yiyi paused and looked up at Lu Nanze, who said to her, “I’ll do it myself.”

Qiao Yiyi: …

She stepped aside, crossing her arms on her chest, and eyed him in cold elegance.

Lu Nanze first removed his shirt and then attempted to remove his trousers.

He unbuckled his belt and spent some effort trying to remove his clothes. However, because his other leg was numb, this became a difficult operation.

He frowned and tried for a while.

He didn’t manage to remove it.

In addition to that, the pants had already been cut during the operation. His struggle only served to tangle the clothing further, there was no chance of removing it.

Furrowing his brow, Lu Nanze stubbornly persisted.

Qiao Yiyi could not stand it anymore and stepped towards him. She grabbed the fabric he was holding and said, “Let me help you.”

The man tightened his grip on the piece of clothing, refusing to let go.

Qiao Lian was dumbstruck by his behavior.

This was the first time she saw such an adorable side to this man—a stubbornness and spoiled behavior that came from god-knew-where. It tickled her immensely.

Unable to stop herself from smiling in amusement, she said at once, “Mr. Lu, the way you’re doing this, I’m afraid nothing will come out of your effort. Just let me help you.”

Lu Nanze: …

Then man contemplated it for a brief moment and finally relented.

Hence he released the garment and, at once, reached for the blanket to cover his own body.

Including his light gray boxers.

Qiao Yiyi exploded in laughter inside. Hadn’t he been acting so grandly when he had dressed her wound?

But now he wouldn’t let a woman look at his body?

So it was true, men could be terribly awkward if they wanted.

She lowered her head at this thought and tidied up his messy trousers. Then she tossed the piece of clothes aside. At the same time, she fished a towel out of the basin and looked at the man, asking, “Mr. Lu, are you ready? Can I help you clean up now?”

Lu Nanze: …

Lu Nanze extended his hand and said, “Let me do it myself.”

Qiao Yiyi did not insist. She passed the towel to the man.

She stood aside in a calm and composed manner, enjoying the view of his body.

His firm musculature glistened like warm honey under the light. It was obvious he practiced martial arts or trained in the gym frequently. He had maintained his body even after cutting ties with the world of organized crime.

He had the sort of body that looked slim when dressed but muscular when stripped to his bare flesh. It made Qiao Yiyi drool.

When she had dated Liang Liang, she had promised her mother that she would not remove her mask in front of him before they were properly married.

Hence when they were together, the most they had ever done was hold hands.

That had made it even harder for her to see Liang Liang’s body.

So this was the first time she was staring straight at a man like this.

She continued to stare at him, mesmerized.

Until Lu Nanze stared back at her and smirked. “Are you done watching?”

She replied, still in a daze, “Yes, I’m done—”

Before she could finish speaking, she suddenly snapped back to her senses. At once, she lowered her head and put on a panicky expression.

Lu Nanze gave a frosty laugh, held the towel out to her and said, “Rinse this out for me.”

Qiao Yiyi immediately took the towel from him, rinsed it a few times and returned it to him. Then she watched him trying to wipe his back, but the moment he extended his arm, it tightened the skin around his wound and it was so painful the man could hardly continue.

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