You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 1773 - Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (3)

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Chapter 1773: Did They Think She Was a Weakling? (3)

He fell silent for a moment and then tried again.

Still couldn’t do it.

Finally, he shifted his gaze to Qiao Yiyi.

She pursed her lips and stood there without saying anything.

But deep inside, she was gleeful.

So now he couldn’t clean himself?

A moment ago he had been acting as though she would give him the plague, so now she wasn’t going to be the one to offer.

She stood there, looking calm and composed, as she stared at Lu Nanze, and even ventured to suggest, “Mr. Lu, your back- Just near your waist, there’s a bit of dirt.”

Lu Nanze: …

That was the hardest part for him to reach.

He frowned.

He hadn’t intended for Qiao Yiyi to help him clean up. But after all, he wasn’t attracted to her. Besides, now that he had some feelings for Traceless, how could he let another woman touch him?

But strangely, when he lifted his head, he suddenly caught a flash of a sarcastic smile on Qiao Yiyi’s face.

The smirk was subtle and it was gone in the blink of an eye. The next moment, she was back to looking the way she always did.

But he could have sworn he had seen that smirk clearly.

Was the girl scorning him?

That was impossible.

With her timid personality… but if it hadn’t been a smirk, then his eyes must have been playing tricks.

He frowned and, for the first time, took a serious look at this girl, sizing her up.

She was dressed differently today, which made her look less like a country bumpkin and less timid. Standing there silently, he could have been fooled into thinking she was the daughter of a wealthy family.

Except that for some strange reason, her mousy and timid demeanor seemed to sit awkwardly on her.

Just like… she actually had no fear of him.

For instance now, even a housemaid or nurse would have said something or offered help when seeing that he had trouble wiping his own back.

But Qiao Yiyi just stood there in silence, like a block of wood.

Was she really that slow and couldn’t think?

Or was she putting up an act?

Once this thought occurred to him, he found himself stuck with it.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Qiao Yiyi through a squint. Then he snorted without another word. He carelessly wiped down his back and tossed the towel back at her.

He had to be overthinking.

He had made a thorough investigation of her background before marrying her.

Although her parents were divorced, her mother had been living in another city for many years, working as a kindergarten teacher. Qiao Yiyi had always been a timid and strange person.

How could a woman like her be so petty?

He shook his head and wondered if he was possessed.

Then he lay back in bed and shut his eyes.

Qiao Yiyi did nothing to help him, even though she had witnessed how poor his washing had been. She merely took the towel and basin back to the bathroom. When she returned, she saw that the man had fallen asleep.

She sat on the sofa in silence.

After a moment, there was a sound outside.

Lu Nanze’s eyeballs moved subtly, but he did not open them.

Honestly, he just wanted a moment of peace and didn’t feel like facing Li Tingting.

He could have asked the girl to go away, but they were childhood friends. So for the sake of Qiao Lian, he didn’t wish to be too harsh on the girl.

Hence, why not pretend to be sleeping? Ignoring her should do the trick.

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