You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 20 - Did you Learn your Acting Skills from a Pig

Chapter 20: Did you Learn your Acting Skills from a Pig

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She lowered her head and from the corner of her eyes, she could see him walk towards her.

Qiao Lian took a step back in shock.

Best Actor Shen wouldn’t be so angry as to hit her, right?

As the thought flashed through her head, he suddenly looked up and walked past her towards the filming set, as if he hadn’t seen her.

She heaved a sigh of relief and quickly followed behind him.

The filming set was chaotic. Shen Liangchuan once again sat in the car and prepared for filming.

Qiao Lian could only wait on the side.

Yang Lingsi was standing on the side too. When she thought of what had happened a while earlier, she still felt ashamed.

Although every one of the crew was busy with work, she still felt like she was a laughing stock.

Yang Lingsi took a deep breath, but she suddenly saw Qiao Lian standing in the crowd. She furrowed her brows and said, “Why is she here again?”

Her assistant took a glance at her and spoke softly, “She should be a visiting reporter, I saw a worker’s permit on her neck.”

Yang Lingsi creased her brows, and evil bubbled in her heart. She seemed to have found someone to vent her anger on.

She curved her lips into a smile and gave some instructions to her assistant.

Just as Qiao Lian noticed that the filming was about to begin, the stage supervisor of the filming crew came up to her, “Qiao Lian, I am very close to the chief editor of the Gossip News Agency. Our cameraman isn’t feeling well today and this scene is kind of troublesome, so we require a lot of assistance, could you lend us a hand?”

Close to their chief editor?

She wouldn’t dare reject. If not, the stage supervisor would probably call her to complain!

Qiao Lian could only follow the stage supervisor to the crew, where someone handed her a heavy video camera.

“Everyone stand by! We can start now!”

The filming started.

Qiao Lian adhered to the cameraman’s instructions as she lifted the video camera with some trouble and focused it on Yang Lingsi. Just as this scene was about to pass, Yang Lingsi suddenly stopped and said, “Sorry director, I feel that something’s wrong.”

Qiao Lian was immediately alarmed.

Her arm had just been injured yesterday, and she was already having difficulty pulling through that scene. If they had to do it again…

She suddenly understood.

The filming crew had so many cameramen, why would they need her? At that moment, she recalled seeing Yang Lingsi’s assistant go look for the stage supervisor, and then he had come to her…

So Yang Lingsi is targeting me!

Dang it!

But, she couldn’t reject the task. Her chief editor was already hoping for nothing but to catch the chink in her armor.

Qiao Lian clenched her teeth and persisted.

On the second take, “Ah, director, is my eye makeup unsuitable?”

The third take, “Sorry, everyone~”


The shot failed time and time again, and they retook the scene again and again. The strength she placed on her arm and the actions she repeatedly had to perform were causing her arm to tremble slightly. She could feel that her injury from yesterday was splitting apart.

Shen Liangchuan, who was seated in the car, stared forward, thinking deeply. He watched her getting played around with as if she were a clown, and blood was permeating from her arm through her shirt.

When he saw the blood stain on her shirt, he suddenly pushed the car door open with his hand.

After another failed shot, Qiao Lian could no longer take it.

Assh*le, there is no end to this!

Just as she was about to do something, she suddenly heard the slam of a car door from nearby.

Shen Liangchuan stood beside the car, and his freezing cold stature emitted superiority. His aura pressured everyone so much that nobody dared to move.

Thereafter, he looked at Yang Lingsi and spoke with a dripping-cold voice. Although it seemed emotionless, every word that came out of his mouth felt as if it was a slap to Yang Lingsi’s face.

“Yang Lingsi, did you learn your acting skills from a pig?”