You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 21 - Best Actor Shen is Acting Arrogant!

Chapter 21: Best Actor Shen is Acting Arrogant!

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Yang Lingsi’s face immediately turned pale.

His one sentence shamed her much more than the incident where she had peed herself due to shock.

If the news of her accidentally peeing due to shock were spread out, it would at most earn her the title of a coward. On the other hand however, it would also show her professionalism by not using a stand-in.

But now, with this insult from Best Actor Shen about her acting, her name in the industry would be thoroughly destroyed.

The future that awaited her was a scene of blackness.

No one spoke at the scene. The director came out to mediate the dispute, “Heh, Xiao Yang don’t be such a perfectionist. That-”

Before he could finish, Shen Liangchuan moved.

He was originally standing beside the car, however now, he was making his way to the director domineeringly.

He slammed the script hard before the director and remarked, “I’m sorry, I have limited time.”

He looked down at his watch and said, “I have somewhere to be, I’ll take my leave first.”

As he finished speaking, he turned around and walked away, taking long strides.

This move of his stunned everyone for a few seconds.

The director panicked. He didn’t dare to chase after Shen Liangchuan and thus, he held onto Song Cheng who was about to leave and said, “Little Brother Song, will Best Actor Shen… be back tomorrow?”

Song Cheng was torn between laughing and crying. He knew Shen Liangchuan’s character too well. He replied to the director softly, “He has other appointments scheduled tomorrow. This show… Brother Shen won’t be taking part in it anymore! We will send the cancellation fees over later.”

The director was about to cry, “But we have already advertised the appearance of Best Actor Shen!”

Song Cheng glanced at Yang Lingsi and shifted his glance to Qiao Lian, who was standing beside him. He patted the back of the director, “Do you think Best Actor Shen’s guest performance is a bigger stunt than the stunt of Best Actor Shen exploding in anger due to the female lead?”

The director was stunned for a moment, “You mean…”

Song Cheng laughed, “There happens to be a visiting reporter today on set. Brother Shen is waiting for me, so I shall take my leave!”

As the director watched Song Cheng leave, he thought his suggestion through. Indeed, like he said, if the incident were to be exposed, it would attract even more attention! However, if they did that, Yang Lingsi’s name would be thoroughly ruined.

But this was his first drama. He had to make use of any stunt that could attract a bit of attention, even if it was negative!

As he affirmed his thoughts, he suddenly raised his head and asked, “I heard that there’s a visiting reporter today. Where is she?”

The reported had to put the filming crew in a good light and focus the negative parts on Yang Lingsi. Thus, what he had to do now was to coax the reporter.

The stage supervisor was stunned for a moment and then pointed at Qiao Lian, “It’s her.”

When the director saw Qiao Lian and recalled the actions of Yang Lingsi, he immediately understood the situation.

He smacked the stage supervisor’s head angrily, “Do you not have brains? Actors making a hard time for reporters? Are you looking for death? Quick, invite Reporter Qiao over!”

Qiao Lian carried the heavy video camera as her vision froze at Shen Liangchuan’s leaving figure.

His sudden outburst, had it been… because of her?

She felt extremely touched, and her lips couldn’t help but curve into a smile .

So, he wasn’t as bad as he seemed!

As she was immersed in her thoughts, she saw the stage supervisor walk over. The intentions of buttering up to her were printed clearly on his face, “Reporter Qiao, this is too heavy. Please, put it down.”

After the director and the stage supervisor coaxed her and she received some first-hand news, Qiao Lian felt as if her whole body was floating as she left. Moreover, once she stepped out of the filming set, she saw a black car parked not far away.

Song Cheng was beside the car, and he waved to her excitedly.