You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 26 - The Female Caster 'Forget Chuan'

Chapter 26: The Female Caster ‘Forget Chuan’

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“… So what? I’m telling you, the person who will hit the headlines with Best Actor Shen is me! I’ll take advantage of the buzz surrounding his wedding!”

As the audio recording finished playing, both Su Meimei and the chief editor were completely dumbfounded.

They looked at each other with ghastly expressions.

That day, all the reporters who had gone to the filming site had seen Yang Lingsi and Best Actor Shen sitting in a car together. All of them had gone back to disseminate the news, which resulted in “Best Actor Shen and Yang Lingsi” being the search term that trended the most yesterday.

Su Meimei’s draft seemed extremely normal compared to such overwhelming articles.

At this moment, if they released this bombshell of a draft that was also fully substantiated, anyone could tell how much buzz the article would generate.

Su Meimei’s eyes were red, “It’s all your fault, Auntie!”

She had been with the news agency for such a long time, and yet she still hadn’t had the opportunity to discover such a huge scandal! And this time, her small-mindedness had let such a huge opportunity slip away from her.

The chief editor wanted to say something that would comfort her, but just then, “Ding!” Another email arrived.

She opened it and realized that it was another email from Qiao Lian. The headline was, “Best Actor Shen Refuses Cameo—suspects that a certain female star’s acting skills were ‘taught by a pig.'”

At this point, Su Meimei’s frustration rendered her speechless. Tears began to roll down her face, “Auntie! This was supposed to be mine!”

The chief editor wrinkled her eyebrows, and the phone on her desk began to ring. When she picked up the receiver, she heard the voice of the managing editor, “Regarding the news that Qiao Lian has dug up, you should publish the first wave now. In two hours, publish the second wave.”

The chief editor’s face darkened. It was only at this moment that she realized that when Qiao Lian sent her the email, she also cc’d the managing editor.

At this rate, she wouldn’t be able to kick Qiao Lian down anymore!


As Qiao Lian’s news article was published, the reaction to her findings was extremely enthusiastic. Every major media platform linked her article and in no time at all, the number of people who clicked on her article rose rapidly!

A colleague lowered her voice and said, “Qiao Lian, you should be careful, the chief editor will never forgive you for this.”

Before she could finish speaking, her office door swung open. The chief editor was standing there, staring daggers at her, “Qiao Lian! Just because you’ve unearthed two pieces of unimportant news doesn’t mean you can avoid the main point! I’m asking you, have you figured out who Mrs. Shen is? If not, you must still leave this office tomorrow!”

Qiao Lian immediately stood up straight and said, “Understood, chief editor!”

The chief editor wrinkled her eyebrows, glanced at her and turned away to leave.

Her colleague sighed in relief and said, “Qiao Lian, have you really figured out who Mrs. Shen is?”

Qiao Lian looked at her and said, “What do you think?”

Her colleague said, “Everybody knows that in our industry, it is the most difficult to unearth scandals involving two specific people. One is Best Actor Shen. Until now, nobody knows anything about his family background. The other is that eSports female caster ‘Forget Chuan’. Tell me, why must she be so mysterious if she’s only a female caster?

Another colleague came over to join in the conversation saying, “Yeah, I agree. All female casters typically earn a living based on their appearance, but this ‘Forget Chuan’ doesn’t even show her face when she’s casting eSports. There are no photographs of her, not even now! On the contrary, her popularity is through the roof precisely because of such mysteriousness.”

“I’m guessing that ‘Forget Chuan’ is definitely a dinosaur!”

As she listened to her colleagues’ conversation, Qiao Lian’s face had a weird expression.

Suddenly, her cell phone began to ring.

She excused herself and went outside. After finding a deserted corner, she took the call. A pleasant male voice emanated from the other end of the receiver, “Forget Chuan, don’t forget about the livestream happening tomorrow at three in the afternoon.”