You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 42 - I'm Only Free at Night

Chapter 42: I’m Only Free at Night

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Shen Liangchuan said, “I’m not tired, I want to continue reading my script.”

Caretaker Li hesitated for a while, but she couldn’t help but remind him, “Sir, y- your script is upside down.”

Shen Liangchuan: …

Shen Liangchuan threw his script on the coffee table and looked at the time. It had been one hour since Qiao Lian had called, however, he didn’t want to show that he cared and thus asked the caretaker casually, “When is Ms. Qiao coming back?”

Caretaker Li was stunned. “Ms. Qiao… She didn’t say she was coming!”

Shen Liangchuan stood up and narrowed his eyes. “Then, what did she say when she called just now?”

Caretaker Li replied, “She asked a few questions and said ‘Oh, I know.'”

Shen Liangchuan was thoroughly speechless. So, was she coming or not?

He then loosened his tie and went upstairs.

After he bathed, he laid on the bed and listened to the movements outside. However, not even when the sun slowly rose, she was home.

Shen Liangchuan didn’t sleep throughout the night. When he got up for the day, he couldn’t help but wonder how she was going to write her draft.

Just as he was confused, Song Cheng sent him a message through WeChat. There was a link attached to it.

He opened the link and saw the article by G8ssip . It was from Qiao Lian’s pseudonym and the article said that he was very dedicated to his job, as he was constantly reading his script. It also said that the new movie Ambition would be really good and it talked about the story of Cao Cao, which would be played by Shen Liangchuan.

Shen Liangchuan: …


Qiao Lian heaved a big sigh of relief after she sent out the interview article.

Just when she was intending give herself a half-day break, she suddenly received a call from Dr. Li, “Ms. Qiao, the money you gave us last time has been used up, we need you to hand in more.”

Qiao Lian replied, “No problem, I will transfer it to you.”


After she hung up, she intended to transfer it to Dr. Li using the card Shen Liangchuan had given her. However, just when she was about to do so, she suddenly realized… her card had been frozen?

Qiao Lian examined it carefully and after staring at it for quite some time, she confirmed that the two million dollars had indeed been frozen!

She quickly picked up her phone and dialed Song Cheng’s number.

Song Cheng replied, “Huh? It’s frozen? That isn’t really possible. Why don’t you ask Best Actor Shen yourself. It’s his personal card, I don’t know much.”

Ask Best Actor Shen?

Qiao Lian wanted to continue, but Song Cheng had already hung up.

Qiao Lian thought, “Wasn’t he supposed to be a sunshine guy?”

She was at her ends, thus she held her phone as she hesitated. Even so, she still called Shen Liangchuan.

The phone was only picked up after it rang a few times. From the other side of the phone came Shen Liangchuan’s unique voice, “Hello.”

Qiao Lian hurriedly spoke, “It’s me, ermm-”

“Who are you?”

She replied, “Qiao Lian.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The card you gave me-”

“I’m very busy, if there’s anything, we’ll talk tonight.”

Du, du, du.

Qiao Lian: …

She looked down at her phone and confirmed that she had been hung up on.

How busy was he? He didn’t even have time to hear a sentence from her?!

Qiao Lian clenched her teeth and harshly placed her phone down.

This time, she had no choice but to go back, right? But, if she returned, would he make things difficult for her?

Was it that hard to distance herself from him?

This was the first time she felt that one day could fly by so rapidly. Before she knew it, it was time for her to get off work.

Without any other option, Qiao Lian made a firm resolution to hail a cab to the villa.