You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 58 - Having Dinner with Best Actor Shen

Chapter 58: Having Dinner with Best Actor Shen

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Back at the office, Xiao Ye praised Qiao Lian so much that she knelt on all fours. “Ah, Qiao Lian, you were so cool just now! However, how did you know that she was not Mrs. Shen?”

Qiao Lian coughed and said, “I didn’t know.”

Xiao Ye froze and said, “Huh?”

“I was just lying to her. Who knew that she would be so gullible and reveal her weakness after some mild threatening?”

Xiao Ye suddenly understood her intentions.

Suddenly, the managing editor walked over at this moment and clapped her hands to attract everybody’s attention. She said, “Today, I would like to announce to everybody a piece of good news! I am going to be promoted because our news agency’s performance has been pretty good lately. I will be reporting to our headquarters starting from next month!”

As she finished speaking, the office immediately reverberated with a sound of applause.

However, Qiao Lian’s expression sank when she heard the news.

The chief editor could not stand her and the reason why she had not gotten into trouble yet was because the managing editor had been protecting her. If a new leader was being appointed now…

Before she could gather her thoughts, her colleagues had already started to make a fuss, asking the managing editor to treat them to a meal.

In the afternoon, a bunch of people from the news agency walked towards the seafood restaurant formidably.

Qiao Lian walked at the very back. As she entered, an excited Xiao Ye suddenly grabbed her arm. “Ms. Qiao! Quickly come and look! It’s Best Actor Shen!”

Her words caused Qiao Lian to raise her head. Indeed, she saw Shen Liangchuan and Song Cheng sitting in a corner.

Why were they here?

Her eyes suddenly widened and she froze on the spot.

The managing editor smiled and went up to them to greet them. Shen Liangchuan acted as though he did not see her and fiddled around with his phone. Only Song Cheng bothered to politely respond to her greeting.

At last, the managing editor politely said, “Mr. Shen, Mr. Song, I see that neither of you have ordered any dishes yet. It just so happens that I am treating my colleagues to lunch. Do you want to eat together?”

As he heard her words, Song Cheng immediately declined her offer and said, “There’s no need-”

But as his gaze followed the managing editor’s pointed finger, he turned his head around and saw Qiao Lian. He froze momentarily and the words that came to his mouth immediately changed to, “… Sure!”

The managing editor instinctively said, “Oh, then have a pleasant lunch- Oh? Welcome, welcome!”

She was absolutely frozen in shock! Best Actor Shen had actually agreed to have a meal with them?

Shen Liangchuan clearly had not expected Song Cheng to agree as well. He raised his head, looking at Song Cheng with displeasure. However, Song Cheng gave him a look. Shen Liangchuan followed his pointing finger and saw a small figure, who wished she could hide behind someone else’s silhouette.

The admonishment stopped abruptly. In a flash, Song Cheng had already stood up and said, “Then, we will just help ourselves!”

As she saw her company’s employees gradually enter the compartment, Xiao Ye excitedly grabbed Qiao Lian and said longingly, “Ah ah ah, Miss Qiao! I’m so happy I could faint! We can actually have lunch with Best Actor Shen, ah ah ah! Can I ask him for an autograph later?”

Infatuated, she went into the compartment. Qiao Lian stood at the entranceway and hesitated, not daring to go inside.

Only after taking a deep breath did she gather enough courage to push open the room’s door.

She then realized that the entire table had been filled to capacity. The only available seat was by Shen Liangchuan’s side.

Qiao Lian: …

How could she forget that, given Shen Liangchuan’s status, nobody would dare to sit next to him? Thus, why had she hesitated just now and not dared to come in?

Qiao Lian awkwardly looked to the side and saw a chair sitting in a corner of the compartment. She approached it and was about to shift it over and squeeze among her colleagues when she saw Xiao Ye waving her hands at her, “Ms. Qiao, there’s a space here!”

Qiao Lian: …!

She wanted to refuse but Shen Liangchuan had suddenly raised his head and his eyes were looking directly at her!