You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 60 - Them Eight Years Ago

Chapter 60: Them, Eight Years Ago

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Qiao Lian braced herself and said, “I- I just photoshopped anyway-”

As she finished speaking, the dispassionate man who had not spoken from start to finish, suddenly said, “It’s not a bad photoshop.”

Qiao Lian: …

She looked at Shen Liangchuan in astonishment.

Had Best Actor Shen just complimented her?

Her mind instantly went blank and she could only reply with a simple, “Thank you”.

Xiao Ye took the opportunity to say, “Best Actor Shen, since Ms. Qiao likes you so much, could she… be in a photo with you?”

Qiao Lian thought, “When had she wanted to be in a photo with him?!”

She instinctively shook her head and said, “Xiao Ye, don’t fool around-”


His simple one-word response caused Qiao Lian to react in stunned shock.

Xiao Ye stood up, grabbed the feeble-minded Qiao Lian and made her stand behind Shen Liangchuan. Then, she picked up her cell phone and took a photo of the both of them.


Freeze frame.

As the dishes gradually arrived, Qiao Lian’s cell phone vibrated.

She picked it up and realized that the photo that Xiao Ye had just taken had already been posted in the company’s WeChat group.

In the photograph, she had a foolish smile on her face, while Shen Liangchuan, as usual, had an indifferent expression on his.

Everybody at the dining table started to discuss heatedly.

“Qiao Lian usually looks so untidy, but she’s actually quite beautiful when being photographed!”

“That’s right. Best Actor Shen is so attractive that many female actresses look like any old passerby when they are in the same shot as him. However, when Qiao Lian stands beside him, she actually looks quite decent!”

“I’m only realizing now for the first time that a great beauty is actually hiding in our news agency!”

As everybody joined in the lively conversation, one of them raised their head to look at Qiao Lian and then asked, “Qiao Lian, since you are so beautiful, you must have had many suitors chasing you from a young age?”

Qiao Lian burst into laughter, but she did not answer the query. Then, she stole a sheepish glance at Shen Liangchuan without knowing exactly why.

Another person continued asking, “Give us the scoop Qiao Lian, who was your first love?”

First love?

Qiao Lian instantly froze.

The incidents that had happened eight years ago and the people involved in them flooded her mind.

She widened her eyes and her lips twitched. Finally, she gave a pained smile and said, “I have no first love.”

“No way!”

“You are so beautiful, how could you not have a first love!”


As everybody started chattering amongst themselves, Xiao Ye could not help but ask, “Ms. Qiao, surely you jest!”

Qiao Lian squeezed out a smile and said, “Really, I didn’t have one.”

As she finished speaking, bam! The entire room suddenly reverberated with a loud sound.

Everybody jumped in shock, especially Qiao Lian, who trembled with fright. She turned her head and joined everybody else in looking at Shen Liangchuan simultaneously.

He sat there with a chilly expression. However, a roaring flame of anger was brewing behind his eyes.

What had she just said?

She had no first love?

Then… what did she call the relationship that they had had eight years ago?

The chopsticks he was holding in his hand had already been mercilessly thrown on the table. His other hand was tightly gripping onto a wine glass — the glass had already cracked. As he was still gripping tightly onto the glass, red wine mixed with his blood was slowly dripping down from the glass.

His wound came into contact with alcohol, resulting in scorching hot pain. However, he did not seem to notice the searing pain emanating from his hand.

He turned his head and looked at Qiao Lian.

A rich and complicated feeling seemed to accompany his cold gaze, causing Qiao Lian’s entire body to freeze.

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, “Mr.- Mr. Shen, your hand-”

She instinctively reached out her hand, wanting to hold his arm, but he abruptly stood up. Without a word, he pushed his chair away and strode out.


The room door was violently closed and he disappeared behind it.

The mood had shifted so quickly that Song Cheng only regained consciousness at this point in time. He hurriedly stood up and chased after him.