You Are My Unforgettable Love - Chapter 97 - Their First Love 2

Chapter 97: Their First Love (2)

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Shen Liangchuan had been jilted by his first love.

If this piece of news were to be reported, it would definitely hit the headlines.

As Qiao Lian entertained herself with these thoughts, she was filled with inexpressible dejection, as she sat on her seat in the office and stared at the computer screen.

When Xiao Ye heard her sigh again, she patted her shoulder and said, “Sister Qiao, don’t be sad. I have already explained the situation about that day to the chief editor and the managing editor. Best Actor Shen is so scary, who would be daring enough to dig for his news? The managing editor will empathize with you.”

Will he?

Just as Qiao Lian was deep in thought, the office phone rang. When she picked up, it was the managing editor, Liu Zhixing’s. “Qiao Lian, please come to my office.”

Was he going to confront her?

Qiao Lian stood up with a bitter expression on her face.

She walked to the office of the managing editor and knocked on the door. Just as the door opened, Liu Zhixing was standing near it, filled with smiles. His huge mole moved together with his laughter, making him look ludicrous.

He enthusiastically spoke, “Qiao Lian, you’re here. Please come in!”

After he finished speaking, he reached out his hand and grabbed Qiao Lian’s wrist, pulling her into the room.

Qiao Lian raised her eyebrows, but she was not bothered by it.

“Take a seat!” Liu Zhixing pointed at the sofa and then walked beside her. “Do you want tea or water?”

Qiao Lian hurriedly waved her hands in rejection. “Managing Editor, it’s alright.”

It would be crazy if she dared command the managing editor.

Liu Zhixing did not insist, so he walked over and sat right beside Qiao Lian. “I’ve heard from Xiao Ye about your situation. Indeed, Best Actor Shen is famous for being private and it’s really hard to find about his gossip. He even used the car to scare you, you must have been so shocked.”

Qiao Lian laughed and replied, “It’s alright, I’m iron-hearted, I’m not scared.”

“Xiao Lian, you are so humorous.”

Errr… Xiao Lian??

Qiao Lian got goosebumps on her back when she heard his nickname for her.

She awkwardly laughed and tested him, “Mr. Liu, then, about finding the identity of Mrs. Shen-”

“There’s no rush. Xiao Lian, look, this is a chocolate that my friend has brought me from overseas. You can have it, ” Liu Zhixing took out a box of chocolates from his drawer and handed it to Qiao Lian.

Qiao Lian immediately winced and pushed the chocolate back to him. “It’s ok, Managing Editor.”

She felt like the managing editor was acting weird today, but she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was wrong.

He was acting unaccountably solicitous with evil intentions behind.

She perked herself up and stared at him.

With a smile, Liu Zhixing placed the chocolate on the coffee table and stuck his hand out to hold Qiao Lian’s hand. “Xiao Lian, you are the core of our news agency. You must continue doing well, ok?”

After he finished his words, he moved even closer to Qiao Lian.

A stinking breath was sent into her face, which disgusted Qiao Lian.

She hurriedly moved backwards, wanting to pull her hand out of his grasp. However, before she was able to move, Liu Zhixing was already holding her shoulder. “Xiao Lian, actually, I asked you to come over because I have something to tell you.”

He slowly moved nearer to her. “I know your chief editor is against you. As long as I back you up, you will be safe in the news agency. Do you agree?”

He exhaled his breath on her face, causing Qiao Lian to squint her eyes.

Thereafter, he once again moved closer and just as he was about to kiss her face, Qiao Lian violently pushed him away and stood up. She casually spoke, “Managing Editor, I have a boyfriend.”

Liu Zhixing’s face immediately became gloomy. “Boyfriend? Can your boyfriend help you find out who Mrs. Shen is?”