Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1125 - Professional

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Chapter 1125 - Professional

Lu Lijun was busy working with his friends, and the three even forgot about the food and water.

Jiang Yuyan was busy with her work as she had a lot to do due to her long absence from the office.

She was worried that Lu Lijun would trouble her in the office too and she would be in trouble, but to her surprise, the guy was busy and behaved since the moment they arrived at the Lu corporation.

During lunchtime, Jiang Yuyan asked Xiao Min, "How is work going on?"

Xiao Min knew what his boss was asking about. "The three are too busy to even think about anything else."

"Lunch?" Jiang Yuyan asked.

"Yet to have it," Xiao Min replied.

Jiang Yuyan frowned, "Tell them to eat first. It's not the way to work."


Xiao Min cleared his throat as he looked at his busy boss, who was working non-stop since she arrived at the office, and there was no way she would get out of her chair anytime soon.

Hearing his coughing and not getting any reply from Xiao Min, Jiang Yuyan moved her sight from the file in her hand to Xiao Min and gave him a questioning look.

"I am used to seeing this way of working," Xiao Min replied to his boss's unspoken question.

Jiang Yuyan understood what he meant and put the file aside. "I'll have lunch."

"I'll arrange it," Xiao Min turned to leave, and Jiang Yuyan called him again. "Xiao Min."

Xiao Min turend. "Yes, boss!"

"Tell them to have lunch," she replied.

Nodding, Xiao Min left for Lu Lijun's office. Knocking on the door, he entered the office only to see the busy trio sitting around the work table. Not a single one of them looked at Xiao Min as if they didn't know someone entered the office, and even if they knew, they didn't care. All that mattered was the work only.

Xiao Min looked at the three before talking about disturbing them and thought. 'Workaholism is infections. Not just boss, but these three are no less.'

The three looked different from how they arrived at the office, neatly dressed up. But at this moment, they looked like a mess. Their suit jackets hung at the back of chairs; ties were loosened up with the top buttons undone, sleeves folded up.

"Fourth young master," Xiao Min called.

"Huh?" Lu Lijun responded without even looking at him.

"It's lunchtime." Xiao Min informed.

"I'm not hungry," Lu Lijun replied, still busy with his work.

The other two were busy too, to notice what Xiao Min said.

"President Lu said, this is not the way to work. You should….."

"What will you two like to eat?" Lu Lijun looked at his friend, interrupting Xiao Min. He didn't need to listen to the entire thing from Xiao Min. Jiang Yuyan's name was enough.

His friends heard him, but it was nothing surprising. "Whatever you like," the other two replied in sync.

"Let's go then," Lu Lijun stood up, and Xiao Min turned to leave after bowing lightly as his work was done.

"Xiao Min!" Lu Lijun called.

Xiao Min turned and waited for Lu Lijun to talk.

"President Lu had her lunch?"

"Not yet, but will have now," Xiao Min informed.

Lu Lijun just nodded lightly, and Xiao Min left.

The other two stood up and grabbed their jackets as they looked at their friend, who was busy unfolding his sleeves and buttoning the cuffs.

"We won't mind if you accompany president Lu for lunch," Noah commented.

"Yeah, you should go," Jake added.

Lu Lijun, who was putting on the jacket, said, "I don't wish to let you two go on a lunch date."

"We are just considerate friends," Noah countered as he put on his jacket.

"We won't mind if you abandon us for your love," Jake sided with Noah.

Lu Lijun was ready. "Don't worry. The day will come when I'll abandon you two. Shall we leave now?" He walked towards the door and heard his two friends talking as they followed him.

"See, I knew he would abandon us one day," said Noah.

Jake smirked. "Don't worry. You have me."

Noah could only glare at Jake as it was office.


After lunch, there was one meeting that everyone had to attend. It was regarding the progress of the current project that Lu Lijun was handling. Only two weeks left, and they had to hurry up.

Along with the Chairman and President, the other department heads attended the meeting.

Lu Lijun and Noah entered the meeting room where everyone was already present. Jiang Yuyan maintained her usual cold expressions and didn't show his presence could affect her even a bit.

Lu Lijun greeted everyone as his sight passed across the table. Jiang Yuyan was there, but he didn't show it meant anything much. He acted professionally and continued explaining the project.

It was a relief for Jiang Yuyan, she thought. 'At least he is serious about his work.'

"It's a strong proposal. Very well indeed," said the middle-aged man who was the head of the finance department.

The others agreed and started to ask a few doubts they had. Getting satisfactory answers from Lu Lijun and Noah, they could only praise him.

Jiang Yuyan had neutral expressions which didn't show whether she was satisfied with what Lu Lijun had planned.

"President Lu, what's your opinion?" one of the heads asked.

"I think, just because he is the fourth young master, you all should not go easy on him and get satisfied with small convincing answers. I didn't see difficult and important questions coming in," Jiang Yuyan spoke coldly.

Chairman Lu agreed. "His position is not more important than this company. No need to go easy on him."

Lu Lijun was calm as he never thought anyone to be soft and easy on him.

Noah looked at the President and Chairman and thought. 'These people are so good to work with.'

The others realized they were so soft with their future President and got back to their senses.

When all had their doubts cleared and done giving useful advice, Jiang Yuyan spoke. "This much won't be enough. Fourth young master needs to work smartly."

Lu Lijun calmly nodded, saying he will work better.

"In the next meeting, I would like to see something different that will make it stronger to qualify for what you are aiming at," said Jiang Yuyan.

Though Lu Lijun was smart, Jiang Yuyan still had the upper hand and could outsmart any business plan.

"I will," Lu Lijun agreed and looked at everyone. "I'm thankful for all of your opinions and suggestions. It would surely help us create an even stronger project."

The meeting was over and everyone returned to their offices.

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