Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1181

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As Ming Lan went to the office with her brother, she could not just sit and do nothing.

Ming Lan sat comfortably on the couch and looked at her serious-looking brother, who had already started drowning himself into a pile of work.

"How about I become my brother's assistant today?" she asked.

Busy Ming Rusheng didn't look at his sister but commented, "My assistant doesn't have a privilege to sit comfortably on the couch and lazying around.

Ming Lan immediately sat attentively and spoke, "If brother let me be his assistant, I can be on my toes all the time, running here and there. If not, I'll go to your woman and trouble her."

Ming Rusheng finally looked at her, and she cleared her throat, "I mean, I will go to the woman in the office next to yours…."

Ming Rusheng said nothing and resumed his work. Ming Lan stood up and went to her brother as she sat in the chair opposite to him on the other side of his work table.

She said nothing but continued to look at him. Ming Rusheng sensed her gaze on him and looked at her, "Stop bothering me."

"Am I the one who is bothering you or someone else?" Ming Lan countered.

Not talking to her, Ming Rusheng picked up his office phone receiver and pressed one button to connect with his assistant directly. "Book one air ticket for Ming Lan for any country in Africa. No return ticket."

"What…..?" she exclaimed.

Not being affected, Ming Rusheng resumed his work.

She frowned, "Now I am sure you like Lu Lian. She went on a date, and you are taking it out on me."

"Are you done?" he asked calmly, "If yes, then you can go and sit on the couch."

Ming Lan sat calmly for a moment and spoke again. "Because of this attitude of yours, no woman would want to be with you, brother."

"I am fine on my own."

"Are you sure?"


"Fine then. You can look forward to more good news," Ming Lan said and stood up as she stepped out of Ming Rusheng's office.

'Good news?' he thought.


Ming Lan went to Lu Lian's office, where she was working in the workshop. Ming Lan stood at the door of the workshop and looked at the busy lady with a smile as she mumbled, "No wonder my brother fell for her."

Lu Lian noticed her presence finally and looked at her. "You can come inside."

"I know, I can. I was just getting the feel of what one man would feel when he would see a pretty lady working so dedicatedly."

"Then I should follow you one day to get a feel of one man's heart when he sees you dedicatedly helping the needy ones. Our Lanlan, such a pure and kind soul!" Lu Lian countered.

Ming Lan sat in one chair and said, "Trust me, no man would want a woman who wanders in wilderness and deserted places and looks like a mess while helping those people. I look worse than what I am now. Sometimes I have layers of dust on me when I travel to faraway and not so easily approachable places."

Lu Lian didn't reply and looked at Ming Lan for a while. This delicate lady wearing simple and comfortable clothes didn't bother about looking pretty; even her simplicity made her look eye-catching and different. No wonder the blood of royals ran through her veins.

Ming Lan gave her a questioning look, "What are you looking at? Don't tell me you are interested in me," and thought as she smiled teasingly, 'I don't want to be my own brother's love rival.'

"If I was a man, I would be the first one to pursue you," Lu Lian said and held Ming Lan's chin as she turned her face left-right and said again, "To me, you look like a hot mess. You don't know how pretty you are."

Ming Lan laughed, "Of course, I know I am pretty, but I prefer to be comfy than pretty. Let me just be messy and wander around the world while helping needy ones."

"Well, there might be someone who would like you all dirty, messy, and wild."

"There are no such men, and I don't wish to find anyone."

"But I will pray for you to get one who would love you for what you are."

"Amen!" Ming Lan said, "Happy now?"

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"You are the one to say Amen. Don't blame me later if my wish comes true and one man will come after you."

"Fine, I won't blame you. Now tell me with whom you had your date...I mean that dinner? Who is he? What he does?....."

"Wen Zac," Lu Lian interrupted her before Ming Lan could throw so many questions at her.

"Wen Zac?" Ming Lan mumbled and then asked, "Brother Wen Zac? I mean, my brother's friend?"

"Hmm," Lu Lian nodded.

Ming Lan felt happy and spoke with a pleasant smile, "Good choice. He is a good man."

"Hmm," Lu Lian agreed.

Though Ming Lan was happy for Lu Lian, she felt sad for her brother and thought, 'No wonder brother Rusheng is in a bad mood.'

"Have you decided on something or just dating?" Ming Lan asked; she intended to enquire because of her brother.

"Nothing yet but…." Lu Lian looked puzzled.


Lu Lian explained to her how she and Wen Zac went on a blind date before because of their families and what happened after that.

"So?" Ming Lan asked.

"This time, he looks serious."

"Isn't it a good thing?" Ming Lan asked.

"It is but….I don't know how to explain."

"What is it?"

"He asked me to go on five dates with him, and we have to come to a decision based on those dates. Like if we want to get married or not," Lu Lian explained.

"To me, it looks like a great idea. Why waste more time when you can't decide anything even after five dates. I think three dates with someone should be more than enough," Ming Lan countered.

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