Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1227 - It's My Fault

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Chapter 1227 - It's My Fault

Jiang Yang returned to the VIP room and looked at everyone who was silent, worried, and praying for Ming Rusheng's well-being. Suddenly everything in front of Jiang Yang turned black that reminded him the day when Lu Qiang was gone and how it had shaken everyone. He could see everyone sad and crying and it made his eyes teary.

Lu Jinhai saw Jiang Yang and hurried to him, "Did you talk to the doctor? What did he say?"

Jiang Yang controlled his own emotions but had no heart to say the reality to anyone. "Doctor will call for uncle to explain the situation."

"I know but what did he say to you?"

"They are preparing for the surgery and they have called for the best neurology team. After surgery, only then we can tell," Jiang Yang said as he didn't wish to give anyone false hopes as others were listening to it too.

Soon they called for Ming Yusheng and Lu Jinhai joined him.

Wen Zac arrived there too and went to Jiang Yang, "How is he?"

"Going under the surgery," Jiang Yang answered but from his expressions, Wen Zac didn't get any assurance.

Wen Zac looked around as other family members were sitting and stayed quiet. His sight passed across Ming Lan who was sitting quietly with her head lowered and knew what she must feel. She looked at him but he didn't know what to say to her.

"How is Lian?" He asked Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang quietly led his way to her room as he too had to go to his sister.

When they reached there, Wen Zac went to Lu Lian while Jiang Yang went with his sister, who was still standing by the window.

From Jiang Yang's expressions, she could feel nothing was right and gave him a meaningful anxious gaze.

Jiang Yang placed his hand over his sister's hand that was resting at the window sill and held it tightly.

She turned even anxious and was about to ask something but Jiang Yang shook his head and then looked at Lu Lian and Wen Zac.

Wen Zac sat at the edge of the bed and while looking at Lu Lian as he looked worried for her. He held Lu Lian's hand and caressed it to make her feel better.

These two people would be hurt a lot if something happened to Ming Rusheng. Wen Zac and Ming Rusheng were not ordinary friends but their friendship was like what Lu Feng, Lu Qiang, and Jiang Yang had between them.

While Ming Lan was the one who loved Ming Rusheng and Jiang, Yang almost saw his hurt sister in her and recalled those old days after Lu Qiang's death.

Wen Zac stood up and came to Jiang Yang, "Will you tell me now?"

Wen Zac didn't ask before but now they were alone. He looked anxious and worried.

"Jiang Yang glanced at Lu Lian who was deep in sleep and said, "Things look difficult and….he might not make it….."

"What nonsense are you saying?" Wen Zac exclaimed.

Jiang Yang didn't wish to say anything more and put his hand on Wen Zac's shoulder to calm him down, "Just wait for surgery to be over. Let's not make any conclusions before that."

Jiang Yuyan went silent as she couldn't accept it and looked at Lu Lian, not knowing what would happen. Lu Lian was unconscious and didn't know what was going on around here. When she woke up, Jiang Yuyan prayed that Lu Lian wouldn't be like her.


Ming Yusheng, who heard the same thing from the doctor, didn't wish to go back to the family. He didn't know what he would answer when they asked him. He himself was broken after hearing it and didn't have any strength left to talk to anyone.

"Ming Yu Sheng, I know what you are feeling but handle yourself. Your family is out there."

"I don't want to go there," he said as the tears made their way out of his eyes.

"Just tell them about surgery for now and don't lose hope. Doctors will do their best," Lu Jinhai suggested.

Ming Yusheng followed what Lu Jinhai said and informed them that the surgery will last more than twelve hours.


The surgery started and everyone waited desperately. No one wished to go home and stayed in the hospital.

Jiang siblings and Wen Zac were in Lu Lian's room as they continued to go out and check on others. They were worried about traumatized Lu Lian and her reaction when she wakes up.

When Jiang Yang and Jiang Yuyan went out to others, while Wen Zac assured to be with Lu Lian.

In the next few hours, Lu Lian finally regained her consciousness and the first thing she said was, "Rusheng!"

Wen Zac hurried towards her, "Lian!"

She looked at him and asked in her dull voice, "Rusheng?"

Wen Zac sat next to her, "He is being operated."

She tried to sit up and Wen Zac helped her. "I...want to go to him…"

"Soon, but not now… You know you can't," he said.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she remembered in what condition she had seen Ming Rusheng, "He was hurt badly."

"He will be fine," he assured.

"It's all because of me...he tried to save me…." she started to cry and Wen Zac consoled her by wiping her tears. "It's not because of you. Anyone would have done the same. Don't cry."

She couldn't stop crying and sobbed even louder while pouting her head in his shoulder. Wen Zac hugged her lightly and patted her head, "He will be fine. Don't blame yourself."

Just then the Jiang siblings returned and saw Lu Lian crying. Jiang Yuyan went to her but didn't know what to say. Only a few hours left for the surgery and every passing moment felt like an eternity.

Jiang Yang called for the doctor in charge of Lu Lian and as they needed to keep her calm and crying was not good as she was also hurt on her head.

The doctor did so and soon after she fell asleep.


The surgery took more than twelve hours and each passing moment after those twelve hours felt like a heavy mountain place on the chest.

Lu Lain was awake again a while ago and got to know even though twelve hours passed, the surgery was not over. She refused to eat or drink anything as all she wished was to see him Ming Rusheng only.

Being impatient, she pulled out the IV needles attached to the back of her palm mercilessly and climbed out of the bed but the next moment she lost her balance due to the weakness and Wen Zac held her.

"I want to go out...Please… just take me out," she begged him and Wen felt heavy in her heart. He couldn't see her like this and looked at Jiang Yang to know what to do.

Jiang Yang nodded and he took her out of the room while Jiang's siblings followed them. With Wen Zac's support for walking, Lu Lian reached nearby the waiting room where other family members were present.

Even before they could reach the waiting room, two doctors arrived there and they halted in their paces at the wide opened waiting area.

Seeing the doctor, everyone in the waiting room stood up. The doctor was someone close to Ming family and couldn't hold back his sad expressions.

"How did it go?" Ming Yusheng asked, holding his breath to not hear anything sad while Lu Jinhai stood by his side to handle him.

"Yusheng…." the doctor struggled for words.

"Tell me first, is he fine?" Ming Yusheng asked, searching a little hope on the doctor's face.

"We tried our best, Yusheng...but I am sorry."

With this, the entire place turned dead silent as if they heard something wrong. Jiang Yuyan looked at her brother and he didn't react which she understood and looked back at Lu Lian who looked like she had lost everything. In just a fraction of a second, Jiang Yuyan saw herself in Lu Lian when she lost Lu Qiang and could only think what had to happen with Lu Lian too.

No one could say a word as if their souls have already left their bodies and it was the end of their long wait for the surgery.. After Lu Qiang this was the second blow for everyone.

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