Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress - Chapter 687 - Not Much Respect  

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Chapter 687: Not Much Respect

She could tell that Qiu Xingmi’s bag was an old one, so she naturally did not take a customer like her seriously.

“Calculate the bill for them,” Xiaoli said to one of the clerks.

The clerk quickly calculated. “A total of 167,000.”

Xiaoli said to Shi Jin, “Guest, please pay.”

Although she was speaking respectfully, her words did not have much respect.

Shi Jin could already tell her attitude. Qiu Xingmi was even more hurt.

Shi Jin reached out to hold Qiu Xingmi’s hand and felt her tremble slightly.

Qiu Xingmi was naturally not someone with a glass heart, but Xiaoli’s series of actions were undoubtedly rubbing salt into her wound.

Shi Jin asked indifferently, “So what is the reason for this?”

“I heard that you have an infectious disease,” Xiaoli said. “We can’t let others try on the clothes you tried on. What if it spreads to other customers? Who would dare to bear the responsibility? Since you’ve tried it, buy it.”

“You heard that we were sick and wanted us to pay for something inappropriate, is that what you mean?” Shi Jin asked.

“Guests, I think people should know their place. If you know that there’s something wrong with you, you should stop hanging around, right?” Xiaoli said sarcastically.

She had been the assistant manager of the store for a long time and was used to seeing the rich madams and heiresses of various Hong Kong families. The two people in front of her were unfamiliar faces, and they were unfamiliar faces that even Jiang Yiqian looked down on. When she spoke, she did not show any mercy.

Shi Jin’s voice turned cold. “You said that we have an infectious disease. Where’s the evidence?”

Xiaoli naturally could not produce evidence, nor could she say that Jiang Yiqian had said that.

She immediately said, “No matter what the situation is now, the clothes you’ve worn are already very suspicious. You must buy them!”

“Good, very good.” The coldness in Shi Jin’s eyes increased. “This is how your store does business.”

Xiaoli was shocked by her tone. For some reason, her heart skipped a beat, but on second thought, even if she had offended ordinary rich people, Jiang Yiqian would cover for her. What was there to be afraid of?

She said in a very hard tone, “Pay up!”

Shi Jin ignored her and made a call.

“Is this President Tan and President Li? I encountered a situation in your store. Yes… okay.” Shi Jin hung up.

When Xiaoli heard her say President Tan and President Li, she was a little shocked. “You called the people in charge of the mall?”

Shi Jin ignored her. She could not be bothered to explain to such a person.

She only said to Qiu Xingmi, “Mom, sit down and rest for a while.”

Qiu Xingmi had already calmed down. She was someone who could let go. Now that she saw Shi Jin protecting her, she felt very warm in her heart.

Seeing Shi Jin resolve the problem in an orderly manner, she felt that her son’s taste was really good to be able to obtain such a treasure.

Thinking of this, she was in a very good mood. She sat down by the side and seriously enjoyed the farce.

Xiaoli was a little panicked and asked, “Who exactly are you calling?”

A clerk who was on good terms with her said, “Assistant Manager, you don’t have to be afraid. I think this person is probably just scaring you. How could she know the people in charge of the mall? Furthermore, so what if she knows them? Would President Tan and President Li believe her?”

Xiaoli thought about it and realized that what she said made sense. Her mood immediately improved.

She said, “Even if the gods are here today, you have to buy these two sets of clothes!”

A moment later, President Tan and President Li appeared.

Seeing the two of them, Xiaoli immediately took a step forward and said, “President Tan, President Li! There are two customers here who are being unreasonable!”

President Tan looked at her as if she was an idiot. He turned around and walked to Shi Jin’s side. He said in a low voice, “Miss Shi, I’m sorry that our employees here are rude and offended you! I’ll settle it for you now.”

“Miss Shi, please sit down and have a cup of coffee. We’ll definitely settle it until you’re satisfied.”

“There’s no need for coffee.” Shi Jin’s tone was indifferent. “After all, this assistant manager even said that we have an infectious disease. She’s afraid that we’ll transmit the disease to her. What if she asks us to buy the coffee cups too? I don’t have anywhere to place those in my house.”

President Tan and Preisdent Li were shocked. This assistant manager was actually so stupid?

Ignoring the fact that they already knew that there was no longer anything wrong with Qiu Xingmi, the fact was that she, the assistant manager, actually treated customers with such an attitude!

In her eyes, did selling luxury goods really make her feel that her status had become noble?

Hearing what President Tan and President Li said to Shi Jin and their attitude, Xiaoli was already a little stunned.

Her pupils widened as she glared at Shi Jin.

CEO Tan said angrily, “Zhao Xiaoli, is this your working attitude and how you serve the customers?”

“I… But they are indeed contagious…”

“Where did you hear this from? Do you have evidence?” President Tan said sternly. “Is this how you casually make guesses about your customers?”

“She’s not our customer at all, and she can’t afford our things,” Xiaoli argued. “Look at the bag!”

President Tan was almost angered to death by this blind person. She was actually judging guests like this!

“We are in the service industry. No matter what the guest’s identity is or how they want to try it on, we should do our best to serve them, not treat customers selectively! Even now, don’t you understand your mistake?”

Xiaoli indeed knew that her reason was very lame, but she did not dare to explain to President Tan. She said, “Then I was wrong. I’ll apologize, okay?”

When Shi Jin heard her casual apology, she raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at her. Xiaoli’s hair stood on end from her gaze.

President Tan said, “That’s impossible. Pack your things and leave!”

“Ah…” Xiaoli was so shocked that her expression changed. She had never expected President Tan to be serious about her.

The owner of this store was her lover. President Tan should know about this relationship.

She thought that President Tan had forgotten and reminded him, “Have you thought about the boss of our store, President Tan?”

In front of Shi Jin and Qiu Xingmi, how could President Tan recognize the boss of this store?

His tone was no longer so serious now. He said calmly, “If you didn’t mention it, I would have really forgotten. Tell your boss to pack up and move this store away. Coincidentally, there are already many other bosses who want to rent this golden spot.”

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