Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle - Chapter 1615 - was dumbfounded. I’m Lu Yeming, your Lu Yeming

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Chapter 1615: Chapter 1686 was dumbfounded. I’m Lu Yeming, your Lu Yeming

Even at this time, Lu Yeming and Jun Xi Qing were still flirting. Mu Yan Feng felt that it was too humiliating. So this was a trap. He had fallen for it. Now, Dongfang Yu and the fan sect had arrived and were standing beside Lu Yeming. Lu Yeming stood high and mighty in the middle of the crowd, looking at him with disdain. Mu Yanfeng felt like a clown. It seemed like he had never been a match for Lu Yeming. Mu Yanfeng stretched out his hand and pulled out the sharp blade from his abdomen. He threw it on the carpet and laughed. “You think you can defeat me just like that? You’re too naive.” Mu Yanfeng whistled. Immediately, many men in black rushed out to protect him. Two small storms accumulated in Lu Yeming’s deep phoenix eyes. The corners of his thin and cold lips curved slightly. This Mu Yanfeng was a descendant of the netherworld. After his ancestor was expelled from the netherworld, he had been scheming in middle-earth for a hundred years, he had left behind a powerful force net for Mu Yanfeng. Of course, he knew that Mu Yanfeng was not easy to deal with. Otherwise, why would he take such a big detour and invite him into the trap? He had to get rid of Mu Yanfeng. He had to get rid of the spider web behind Mu Yanfeng. Otherwise, he would definitely start a war. .. The people on both sides engaged in a battle. The men in black that Mu Yanfeng had brought were all death warriors. They risked their lives to save the heavily injured Mu Yanfeng. This time, Mu Yanfeng’s vitality was greatly damaged. The real power net behind him was also heavily damaged and suffered heavy losses. However, this enmity that spanned over a hundred years and affected country A, the netherworld, and the descendants of the Mu family was on the verge of war. Jun Xi Qing stood in the corridor of the stairs and took a deep breath of fresh air. The world had been peaceful for a long time. She could already smell the smoke of war. “Lord…” At this moment, Jun Xi Qing heard the voice of the Brahma sect. She looked up and saw the Brahma sect respectfully reporting something to Lu Yiming on the grassland in front of her. Jun Xi Qing’s beautiful eyes fell on Lu yeming, and it was difficult for her to move her eyes away. Lu Yeming was still wearing that black windbreaker, and the cool night breeze ruffled the hem of his clothes. He lowered his eyes and whispered to the Brahma sect, and that indifferent and shimmering posture of his was overflowing with magnificence. The retro palace lamp shone down from behind him, casting down a golden glow that made it impossible for people to look directly at him. Jun Xi Qing’s mood suddenly brightened. No matter what, the calamity before him had been passed perfectly. Lu Yeming returned to her side. As long as he stayed by her side, she was not afraid of anything. As if he had noticed her gaze, Lu Yeming suddenly turned his head and looked over. He saw Jun XI Qing at a glance and suddenly turned his head back. She stood at the spot where the lights were dim and looked around, gazing at him with tenderness and affection. Lu Yeming put one hand into his trouser pocket and raised his long and narrow eyebrows. His pair of deep phoenix eyes looked at her from top to bottom. Why was he looking at her like that? Jun Xi Qing’s entire body went limp. Only then did she realize that her little face was flushed red and her body temperature was scorching. Her body felt numb. In fact, her blood could completely resist Mu Yan Feng’s medicine, but now that he looked at her like that, it was as if she had been drugged again. The seductive Lu Yeming! Jun Xi Qing turned to the side, not looking at him anymore. At this moment, the sound of steady footsteps rang in her ears, and Lu Yeming walked over. A strong arm wrapped around her willow-like waist and pulled lightly, and she fell into his arms. The only thing that came into her nose was the familiar clean and clear scent of a man, and it was especially pleasant to smell. Falling into his arms, Jun Xi Qing squirmed a few times and protested softly, “What are you doing? Let Go quickly. Everyone is watching.” Lu Yeming’s large palm pinched her waist heavily twice. “Do you really want me to let go?” The place where he pinched her hurt a little. Jun Xi Qing squirmed uneasily twice. “You’re hurting me.” Looking at her shy and shy appearance, Lu Yeming curled his thin lips into a devilish smile. “Other than the pain, you don’t feel anything else?” What did he mean? At this moment, Lu Yeming’s large palm slid down and came to her perky buttocks, lightly patting her twice. Why did he pat her buttocks? It was so ambiguous. Moreover, this was outside, and it would really be seen by others. Jun Xi Qing felt an electric current surge up on the delicate muscle that he had patted, causing her legs to go weak and she wanted to slide down. “Lu Yeming, stop messing around. If you continue to mess around, I’ll get angry.” Her pearly white teeth bit on her red lower lip as she looked at him with her watery eyes, looking as if she wanted to reject him but still wanted to welcome him back. Lu yeming slapped her perky buttocks again, then he covered her snow-white ears and laughed softly. “Qing Qing, you’re really dishonest.” ”…” What… What’s dishonest? Jun Xi Qing’s little face flushed red, feeling that his words were a little straightforward. “Lu Yeming, I…” In the next second, the world turned upside down. Lu yeming had already carried her horizontally. “Ah!”Jun Xi Qing cried out in shock. He quickly raised his two small hands and hugged his neck tightly. “Lu Yeming, quickly put me down. Can Your Body Carry Me Now?” .. Going Upstairs, Lu Yeming lowered his handsome eyes and looked at the little woman in his arms. “Which room is yours?” “That, that. Put Me Down first. I’ll get the key.” Jun Xi Qing struggled hard. Her feet fell on the ground and she left his arms. She took out the key from her bag. Lu Yeming stood behind her with his long legs. His two big palms held her deeply sunken waist and then pressed tightly against her from behind. His soft thin lips fell on her long hair and he urged her in a hoarse voice, “Hurry up, what are you waiting for?” Separated by the thin cloth, the two of them pressed against each other. Jun Xi Qing’s palm-sized face was burning. Why did she feel that they were like a couple in love who had returned to the hotel room and were in a hurry to get a room? Being with him, even a very healthy thing could change its taste. “Don’t rush me, I’m looking for it… The key was clearly in my bag, why can’t I find it… Eh, where did it go… Ah, I found it!” Jun Xi Qing had just taken out the key, but before he could finish his sentence, there was a “Bang”, and Lu Yeming had already stretched out his long legs and kicked the door of the room. The door of the room opened. ”…” The key in Jun Xi Qing’s hand froze in mid-air, and the whole thing fell apart. How could he kick the door, even though this was very Lu Yeming’s style. Lu Yeming pulled her into the room and closed the door with his back legs. His large palm pressed on her smooth shoulders and turned gently, and she turned around. Facing him, he lowered his eyes and kissed her. “Lu Yeming!” Jun Xi Qing used her small hand to block his thin lips and stopped him from kissing her. Lu Yeming opened his eyes. His phoenix-like eyes were as dazzling as jade. With a hint of pampering and gentleness, he locked her tightly. Then, he said with a hoarse and charming smile, “Are you dumb? I’m Lu Yeming, your Lu Yeming.”

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