Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle - Chapter 1616 - you don’t miss me?

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Chapter 1616: Chapter 1687, you don’t miss me?

Are You Stupid? I’m Lu Yeming, your Lu Yeming.. Jun Xi Qing’s heart fluttered. Why did he sound like he was acting coquettishly? “I know.” “Then why did you reject me, Qing Qing? How Could You Reject Your Lu Yeming?”Lu yeming reached out and pinched her delicate little face. Jun Xi Qing felt that she was no match for him. She wanted to pounce on him and bite his sexy thin lips hard. “No, not yet. You have to tell me how your body is doing first. When I sent you away, your body was still not well. How did your body recover in such a short time? Yiming, are you fully recovered?”Jun Xi Qing asked uncertainly. His body was her biggest concern. Lu Ye Ming kept his handsome eyes closed and did not reveal any emotion. He curled his thin lips and nodded. “Yes, Qing Qing, I’m fully recovered.” “Really? Why Don’t I believe you?” Jun Xi Qing reached out her small hand to take off his black coat. There was a thin black collar shirt inside him, so she could only reach out her small hand to grab the hem of his sweater and push it up. “Let me take a look. I want to have a check-up.” She said she wanted to check. Lu Yiming hugged her and carried her up vertically. He strode towards the bed. “You said it yourself. If you don’t check properly, you’re a puppy!” He threw Jun Xi Qing onto the soft bed. Before she could get up, his tall, jade-like body pressed down on her. “Lu Yiming, what are you doing?” “Didn’t you want to check? Let’s begin.” Lu Yeming hugged her and flipped her over, letting her sit on top. Jun Xi Qing looked at him with his long and slender body. He lay lazily on the bed, one arm resting on the back of his head. A large palm was still holding her willowy waist. He calmly watched her performance, filled with a devilish playfulness. Miss Jun’s palm-sized face suddenly became hot, and she felt her entire body heat up. She felt that Mu Yan Feng’s medicine had a strong effect, and she did not accept any rebuttal. Otherwise, her mouth would not be dry and her whole body soft. “Do you think I don’t dare to examine you? I will examine you now.” Jun Xi Qing pushed up the thin sweater on his body, revealing his entire muscular chest. His body was no longer in a sickly state of dispirited, but was as strong and sturdy as before. Although he was still much thinner, his abdominal muscles and strength were still not lacking. Jun Xi Qing stretched out her small hand and caressed the few deep wounds on his abdomen. Her soft fingertips gently caressed his wounds back and forth, filled with pity and heartache. Lu Yiming’s protruding throat rolled up and down twice. Her fingers seemed to be on fire, about to burn him to ashes. “Are you done touching me?” Jun Xi Qing was still feeling heartache for his wounds when he suddenly heard his hoarse and magnetic chuckle. The long and slender yu jie trembled. Jun Xi Qing raised his spirit eyes and in the next second, they collided directly into his pair of deep phoenix eyes. Lu Yiming was looking at her, his eyes dancing with Scarlet Flames and a deep and tender color. He was laughing. The Blush on Jun Xi Qing’s little face spread all the way to her snow-white earlobes. She stuttered, “Wh… what?” “Acting, Huh?” He raised his voice, and when he spoke, he even straightened his muscular waist. Now That Jun Xi Qing was sitting on top of his muscular waist, the moment he moved, he practically threw her up. Ah! Jun Xi Qing was so scared that she let out a soft cry. “Heh.”Lu yeming raised his long and narrow eyebrows and looked at her with a smile, his large palm pinching her soft waist. Jun Xi Qing felt like she was having butterflies in her stomach. She and Lu Yeming had known each other for a long time, but they had never been in such a passionate and intimate moment. It was as if they were in a relationship. He was a mature and charming man. Sometimes, he looked at her with a very revealing gaze. The action of sticking out his waist just now was so sexy and seductive. “Help me take off my shirt,”he said in a low voice. “What?” Jun Xi Qing realized that his reaction was a little slow now, and he was afraid that he would say something that would make her feel embarrassed. Lu yiming held her soft waist with one hand and took off the sweater on himself. Then, he straightened up and kissed her red lips. “Are you really silly? Silly is actually quite cute.” He licked her red lips with the tip of his tongue and then kissed her. Jun Xi Qing quickly supported himself on his handsome shoulders, afraid that he would be soft in his arms. Now, he had no clothes on top, black trousers below, and an expensive black belt on his muscular waist. He kissed her very powerfully. His long tongue pried open her teeth and hooked her lilac tongue.. Jun Xi Qing was soft as water and fell into his arms. Lu Yeming put her in his arms and turned around to kiss her. After a while, his kiss moved down. Jun XI Qing woke up a little and gently pushed him away. “Don’t… No…” “What’s Wrong Now?”Lu yeming bit her snow-white earlobe as a punishment. Jun Xi Qing crawled into his arms in pain. “Your Body… you just recovered. What did the Doctor Say? Did he tell you to rest more… not tonight. You Can’t indulge yourself… when you’ve just recovered from a serious illness.” Jun Xi Qing said the word “Indulge”with a red face. Lu yeming clicked his tongue and looked at her with some dissatisfaction. His big hand pinched her delicate little face, “I’ve already fully recovered. If you let me hold it in any longer, I’ll have another problem. I’ve been a monk for more than half a year. The last time I held it in was also a year before I met you. Being with you is cultivation. How can I indulge myself?” “But…” Jun Xi Qing was still unwilling. Lu Yeming kissed her. “Qing Qing, don’t you miss me?” … I do. “Just once tonight, just once. Go take a bath first, be good.”Lu yeming reached out and patted her perky little butt, motioning for her to get up and go take a bath in the bathroom. He was still the domineering and domineering Lu Yeming, and no one could argue with him. Jun Xi Qing lowered her little head and ran into the bathroom. .. In the bathroom, Jun Xi Qing had finished showering. She stood in front of the sink and looked at her beautiful little face. It was like a flower bud that had just bloomed. She dawdled and did not go out. At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Lu Yeming’s deep and magnetic voice was heard. “Qing Qing, are you done showering?” “I’m… I’m done bathing.” “Then open the door. I want to go in and bathe too.” Jun Xi Qing opened the bathroom door. Lu Yeming’s tall legs were blocking the outside. He leaned over and leaned against her hair to take a whiff of her body’s fragrance. “It smells so good.” Jun Xi Qing threw the towel in his hand directly on his handsome face and went out. Lu yiming smiled behind her, making her little face turn red. Jun Xi Qing patted the skincare products on her little face and adjusted the quilt. Very quickly, with a click, the bathroom door opened.

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