Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle - Chapter 1617 - son, What are you looking at? Daddy is kissing Mommy

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Chapter 1617: Chapter 1689 son, What are you looking at? Daddy is kissing Mommy

He washed very quickly. It had only been a few minutes. Jun Xi Qing looked up and saw that Lu Yiming had come out with a refreshing scent of bathing. Today, he did not wear silk pajamas. Instead, he wore a black shirt. The buttons of the shirt were all open, revealing his muscular chest. Underneath it was a black magazine, and he was barefoot on the soft woolen carpet. It was the first time Jun Xi Qing saw him dressed so casually, languid and sexy. A handsome man coming out of the shower. At this moment, Lu Yiming threw down the towel in his hand, and a pair of deep phoenix eyes fell on her small face. Jun Xi Qing quickly averted his gaze. Because of his gaze, the temperature in the room rose by tens of degrees. Intimate, lingering. In order to hide her guilty conscience, Jun Xi Qing pretended not to have seen him. She got up and calmly walked over to the counter and poured herself a cup of water. She picked up the cup and was about to drink water when a large hand with well-defined joints reached out from behind and grabbed the cup in her hand. He slowly and firmly snatched the cup from her hand and placed it on the counter. Lu yeming held her slender waist and turned her around. Then, he lowered his eyes and kissed her red lips. “Lu Yeming,”Jun XI Qing quickly said, “Do you want to Chengye? Let our son sleep with us tonight. Our son misses you very much.” Lu Yeming stopped kissing and slowly opened his eyes. He asked in a hoarse voice, “Miss our son?” “Yes, don’t You Miss Him?”Jun Xi Qing asked back. Lu yeming curled his thin lips. “Oh, you don’t miss me when you have a son?” ”…” Why did he throw the question at her again? Also, what question did he ask? Could it be that he was jealous of his son? “Lu Yeming, that’s your child.” Lu Yeming kissed her delicate face hard. “I still want to give you another child so that you can give birth to another one, can’t I?” What? Jun Xi Qing’s agile pupils shrank as she looked at him in horror. She was not mentally prepared. She did not want to have a second child! Looking at her frightened look, Lu Yeming found it funny. “I’m just joking with you. Chengye is enough for us. Go and bring our son over.” “Okay, I’ll go and carry our son.” Jun Xi Qing left the room. Little Chengye had been brought by Bai Xue for the past two days. However, Miracle Doctor Sikong had been drugged and Bai Xue had gone to see Miracle Doctor Sikong. Therefore, Jun Xi Qing called Yue Sao and asked her to bring Little Chengye back. Seeing Jun Xi Qing’s delicate figure disappear from his sight, Lu Yeming did not look away for a long time. He was joking just now. He did not intend to let her have another child. She had almost died giving birth to Little Chengye. He could not bear to let her have another child. The most important reason was that he could not accompany her for long. How could he let her have another child? Having Little Chengye was enough. Lu Yeming Drank the cup of water on the counter. The water was a little cold. .. Jun Xi Qing carried Little Chengye back to the room. When Little Chengye saw Lu yeming, he quickly grinned. “Daddy ~ Daddy ~” Lu yeming quickly reached out to hug Little Chengye. “Son, Daddy Hug ~” Little Chengye threw himself into his Daddy’s arms. Lu Yeming hugged him and spun him around a few times. Little Chengye giggled happily. “Daddy, Ride… Ride a big horse ~” “Okay.” Lu yeming lay on the carpet while Little Chengye sat on his muscular waist. He even stretched out his little white hand and patted his Daddy’s Butt. “Ride… ride…” Lu yeming quickly brought little chengye around and made little chengye laugh so much that he almost fell off. Jun Xi Qing stood by the side and watched the father and son interact with each other. Her beautiful red lips curled up. Lu Yeming was a good father. He would accompany his son to play together. He would be a teacher and a friend in his son’s future life. Moreover, he had the throne for his son to inherit. However, when she saw Little Cheng Ye Pat Lu Yeming’s butt, Jun Xi Qing’s little face turned red and her eyes avoided him. In this world, the only person who patted Lu Yeming’s butt was probably Little Cheng Ye. At this moment, Lu Yeming turned his head and his deep phoenix eyes landed on her delicate and beautiful little face. “Qing Qing, come here.” “What’s Wrong?”Jun Xi Qing walked over in confusion. Lu yeming signaled with his gaze. “Let’s play together. Climb up and sit on your own.” What? He wanted her to be like Little Chengye and ride on his muscular waist to ride on a big horse? Little Chengye was a baby, and she was a woman. It was too flirtatious, so she didn’t want it. Jun Xi Qing shook her head and refused. “You can play with your son.” She turned around and was about to leave. But Lu Yeming reached out his big hand and grabbed her slender wrist. He pulled hard, and she fell onto his waist. “Ah!”Jun Xi Qing cried out in surprise, and her palm-sized face turned red. “Mommy, Mommy, let’s play together!”Little Chengye was dancing happily. Now that the mother and son were riding on him, he was playing with them on a big horse. Jun Xi Qing was flustered and shy, but she felt even sweeter, and her mouth felt like it had been smeared with honey. If outsiders were to see this scene, they would probably be shocked to death. Lu Yiming, who was born to be high and mighty, would actually let her and her son ride on him one day. It was simply unimaginable. She had never dared to think that there would be such a day between them before. .. After playing until they were tired, the family of three went to bed. Little Chengye wore a light yellow one-piece suit. His skin was as white as tofu, his facial features were like Mommy’s, and his Phoenix eyes were like Daddy’s. He was extraordinarily beautiful. When he grew up, he did not know if he would be even more charming than his daddy, charming thousands of young girls. Now, Little Chengye was sleeping in the middle, Jun Xiqing was sleeping inside, and Lu Yeming was sleeping outside. Little Chengye was sucking on a milk bottle in his mouth. Lu Yeming did not fall asleep. His handsome back leaned lazily against the bed cabinet. “Has your son been weaned?” He asked her in a low voice. Jun Xiqing looked up at his exquisite and handsome face. Under the dim yellow light, the man in the dark night had an indescribable sexiness. She nodded and said in a low voice, “Yes, I was breast-fed for six months before I was weaned. You weren’t there at that time.” Lu yeming raised his long and narrow eyebrows and leaned over, kissing the hair by her earlobe. “Weaning so early?” Why did he keep on talking about weaning? Some inappropriate scenes appeared in Jun Xi Qing’s mind, so he glared at him with a red face. “Because… because my son doesn’t want to eat anymore…” “Then why don’t you ask me, maybe I…” “Lu Yiming!”Jun Xi Qing quickly stopped him, not allowing him to talk nonsense. Lu yiming curved his thin lips, wanting to kiss her red lips. “No, Son!” After Jun Xi Qing softly reminded him, Lu Yiming lowered his handsome eyes and looked. Little Chengye, who had already closed his eyes to sleep and was drinking his grandmother, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his daddy and Mommy. “Son, what are you looking at? Daddy is kissing Mommy.” Lu Yeming kissed Jun Xi Qing directly. —— PS: Babies, the 10,000 update has been sent again. One vote every day, please support, I love you all.

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