Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? - Chapter 1544 - You Are My Little Love Song (111)

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Chapter 1544: You Are My Little Love Song (111)

Shi Niange took a taxi to the villa area where the Qin family lived. It was the Lunar New Year, and the security was even stricter than usual. Thankfully, the security guards of the villa area had seen her several times before. She had also appeared on this road with Qin Siting. The security guards recognized her and let her pass.

After entering, she rushed to the Qin family’s villa. The door was closed and the lights were on, but she could not see anyone.

She stood outside the door and felt that it was inappropriate to press the doorbell rashly. She could only stand outside and wait. As she waited, she picked up her phone to call him. She called him again and again, but his phone remained switched off.

A few days ago, he said that he was returning to the Qin family, so he wouldn’t lie to her. He was definitely in the Qin family.

It was the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, and it was snowing. Shi Niange was only wearing a down jacket that was not too thick. She stood in the snow in front of the villa’s entrance for a long time, but no one came out. She looked up and saw someone walking by the villa’s windows, but it seemed to be a servant or someone from the Qin family. However, she did not see Qin Siting.

Time passed minute by minute. Shi Niange stood rooted to the ground, trembling. She did not wish to fall ill from the cold. She thought of calling for a car and asking it to stop here. She would sit in the car and wait.

As she was thinking, suddenly, there seemed to be a sound coming from the yard. Then, the sound of a car coming out.

She raised her head and looked inside. When a commercial car drove out, she subconsciously stood to the side to avoid blocking the path in front of the door.

However, after the car drove out, it suddenly stopped. The car window rolled down and the driver stuck his head out to look at her carefully. He asked in surprise, “Little girl? Why are you here?”

This driver seemed to be the driver of the Qin family she had met when she had helped Qin Siting buy the medicine for cholecystitis.

The moment she saw the chauffeur, Shi Niange felt as though she had seen her savior. She quickly walked over. “Uncle, can I ask if anything has happened to the Qin family?”

The chauffeur watched her for a while. Seeing that she seemed to have been standing outside for a long time, her frozen face turned red, and her nose turned red. She looked pitiful. He thought for a moment and pointed at the door of the passenger seat. “Let’s talk in the car first. It’s too cold outside.”

As he was an experienced driver of the Qin family, Shi Niange was very assured of him. She nodded and quickly got into the car.

The chauffeur helped her turn on the heater in the car and drove the car to a small road outside the villa. He then turned to see that she was still trembling in the car and asked her softly, “You and our Young Master Qin…”

“I’m his girlfriend now, Uncle.” In order to show that she was not a busybody, Shi Niange raised her eyes and said, “But I haven’t been able to contact him for the past few days. His phone is also turned off. I’m a little worried, so I came to take a look. But I didn’t dare to rashly press the doorbell.”

Seeing her stubborn look, the driver nodded. “It’s so good to be young. You can give up everything for love and just stand outside. It’s been hard on you, little girl.”

“I’m fine. At most, I’ll catch a cold and fall ill. What’s important now is where is Qin Siting? Is he in the Qin family? Did anything happen to him in the past few days?”

The chauffeur hesitated for a moment before saying, “You’ve known him for so long, but you still don’t know what happened to the Qin family?”

“I only know that there should be some things. Last time, I even saw a Japanese person… That person even followed me. Qin Siting probably doesn’t want those people to come into contact with me, but I don’t know anything deeper,” Shi Niange answered honestly.

The chauffeur nodded but did not say anything.

When Shi Niange saw that he didn’t seem to want to say more, she quickly looked at him pleadingly. “Uncle, can you tell me what exactly happened? The Qin family is such a big family. What exactly happened? I’ve seen a lot of things in the Shi family since I was young. Tell me, no matter what, I won’t be frightened. But I’ve always been like this without knowing anything. I don’t even know how to face him. Furthermore, he hasn’t contacted me for two to three days… I’m really worried…”

Seeing that her nose was still red and her eyes were also red, the chauffeur sighed. “You can’t air your dirty laundry in public, especially when the Qin family is one of the four big families in Hai Cheng. They are also a well-known family in the country. There are some things… that are really difficult to say.”

Shi Niange sniffed and looked at him.

“Our Madam… is Young Master Qin’s mother. She is a very opinionated woman. As for our Sir, Young Master Qin’s father, he is also a very upright person. The Qin family has been in business for several hundred years and can be considered a business family. The elder in the family has long stopped caring about the outside world. Usually, he only grows vegetables and fruits to enjoy his youth. Who would have thought that such a thing would happen…”

“What exactly is it?”

“Almost two years ago, our Madam frequently came to Japan for business trips. She had a man there, and she took good care of herself. She looked to be in her early thirties in her forties. She was smart, beautiful, and had a strong character. That Japanese man took a fancy to her and forcibly detained her for two months. Everything that shouldn’t have happened happened. In the end, this affair that shouldn’t have happened, even if it was a forced affair, was found out by our Sir. But for some reason, our Madam fell in love with that Japanese man after experiencing such a thing…”

Shi Niange’s eyelids twitched.

The chauffeur continued to sigh. “After that, the Qin family could no longer live in peace, especially that Japanese man. He has a lot of power in Tokyo, and he has a lot of dirty tricks up his sleeve. Although he won’t be able to destroy the Qin family with a powerful background, it’s enough to make the Qin family unable to live peacefully for the next few years. Our husband was so angry that he almost got hospitalized. For the sake of the Qin family’s reputation, he kept it to himself. Even if his heart was bleeding, he kept it up. Madam wanted a divorce, but our husband didn’t agree. She also wanted Young Master Qin’s forgiveness. She hoped that her own son could support him and leave the Qin family with her to go to Japan.”

“How could Qin Siting possibly agree…” Shi Niange muttered.

“That’s right. Young Master Qin didn’t agree, so Madam often went to look for him to talk to him, but Young Master Qin refused to meet her.” The driver shook his head. “Because our husband refused to divorce, Young Master Qin was so angry that he couldn’t tolerate his mother’s actions and couldn’t have a smooth conversation. Madam couldn’t leave the Qin family, so the Japanese man felt that the Qin family refused to let her go and kept trying to torture us. He sent many people over to try and find the Qin family’s weakness.”

At this moment, the chauffeur turned to look at Shi Niange. “I reckon that the people following you, be it one or a few, should be the subordinates of that Japanese man. He hasn’t been to the country himself. Have you been close to Young Master Qin for a period of time and been noticed by those people?”

Shi Niange recalled carefully. It was as though she had finally connected everything.

She did not speak, and the chauffeur understood her answer from her eyes.

He sighed again. “These people are really crazy. They are looking for the weakness of the Qin family and their methods are not clean. The things they do are more despicable and hateful. Young Master Qin usually has very few people close to him. His two best brothers are also abroad. He shouldn’t be affected, but if you were very close to him, perhaps…”

Shi Niange recalled the kiss on the skating rink.

Recalling the car parked outside the scenic area and the Japanese men outside, they had discovered her. Qin Siting pulled her behind him with a cold expression. From that day onwards, he suddenly stopped contacting her.

If it were her, she probably wouldn’t be able to explain such an unspeakable thing to anyone.

Shi Niange pinched her sleeves and recalled the time he sped. How many things did those people do to the Qin family to make Qin Siting so angry? And that day at the police station, she saw him beat someone up with her own eyes.

In the half a year since she had entered university, those Japanese people must have been pestering the Qin family and pestering him. That was why he had maintained a distance from her for so long.

Afterward, the person who had been following him was arrested by the police. He finally relaxed, but he did not completely relax. However, under this slight relaxation, she crawled into this gap without hesitation, breaking all of his worries and defenses. Finally…

“Then what happened to the Qin family these days?” She pinched her sleeves and tried to calm herself down.

“Yes,” the driver said. “That Japanese man suddenly came to China two days ago. He came straight to the Qin family.”

When Shi Niange heard this, she secretly sucked in a breath of cold air. The Qin family was definitely not peaceful these days. No matter which side it was, they would not gain any benefits.

But Qin Siting was innocent. His mother had an affair, and the Qin family refused to let her go, causing them to offend the other party’s power. But he shouldn’t have been implicated…

Such a good, good Qin Siting.

He should not have endured this darkness.

“What about now? Has that person left?”

“He left, but he didn’t leave Hai Cheng. Our Madam left with him. Because of the company’s matters, our Sir had no choice but to go to the company overnight. Young Master Qin is at home. You can’t contact him. It should be because his phone hasn’t been charged. He hasn’t been out for the past two days. This Spring Festival is really too cold…” The driver looked at her.” If you want to look for him, I’ll give you his room number. Call him yourself? ”

“Alright.” Shi Niange nodded at him gratefully. “Is there a landline in his room? Quickly tell me!”

The chauffeur took her phone, pressed a few numbers on it, and handed it to her. Shi Niange thanked him repeatedly, then held the phone and got out of the car. She ran to the door of the Qin family’s villa, looked at the villa and the windows that were lit, and dialed a number.

The phone rang many times. Just as it was about to automatically hang up, someone finally answered hesitantly: “Hello?”

It was Qin Siting’s voice, slightly hoarse and heavy.

Shi Niange said, “Qin Siting, are you home?”

He seemed to pause on the other end of the phone. In the end, he did not ask how she knew the landline number and only answered, “En.”

“Are you all right?”


“Then open the door for me.”

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