Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? - Chapter 1551 - You Are My Little Love Song (118)

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Chapter 1551: You Are My Little Love Song (118)

Shi Niange’s brows twitched. Her mind was numb from the alcohol and she could not understand what he meant.

Killing intent?

What killing intent?

Her own boyfriend was not even by her side on her birthday. She did not even have the intention to kill him. Where did he get the intention to kill her?

Shi Niange looked up at him. Qin Siting touched her hair again. “Go, dry your hair. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Oh.” She was about to get up, but perhaps because she had soaked in the water for too long, and because of the alcohol, even if she wasn’t completely drunk, she was still a little dizzy. After standing up, she quickly sat down, raised her hand, and pressed her temple. She said, “Forget it, I won’t blow it. Anyway, it’s already so late. I won’t go out. I’ll naturally dry itself.”

Seeing that she was having a headache, Qin Siting raised his hand to rub her head. He did not say more but got up to help her find a hairdryer.

Usually, she lived alone. There were definitely not that many hairdryers at home. She only had one in her bedroom.

Qin Siting went upstairs to find her bedroom. After entering, he saw that the clothes the girl had changed out of but had yet to wash were neatly stacked by the side. The entire room was filled with her fragrance and the scent of shower gel and shampoo from the bathroom.

The hairdryer was in the bathroom. As he walked in to take it, he suddenly saw from the corner of his eye that the pink underwear she had changed out of before showering was hanging by the side.

Qin Siting silently picked up the hairdryer and walked out without looking at it.

Shi Niange was still sitting on the sofa in the living room downstairs in a daze. On the one hand, her conscious mind was telling her that Qin Siting had returned. On the other hand, the alcohol was invading her rationality. She was sleepy and confused.

She leaned lazily against the sofa for a while. Suddenly, she felt footsteps approaching from behind. Following which, there seemed to be the sound of an electric power socket. She turned around in a daze and saw that Qin Siting had already plugged in the hairdryer. He stood behind the sofa and helped her dry her hair.

The warm wind blew against her head, warming up her numb and sleepy head that stood outside for two minutes. When he helped her blow dry her hair, he even brought the hairdryer further away. It was not very hot, but it was warm and comfortable.

Shi Niange sat there with her eyes closed, enjoying her boyfriend’s care as she hummed. “En, I can barely feel a little love…”

“Are you satisfied just like that?” Qin Siting lifted her long hair slightly and changed the hairdryer to help her blow.

Her hair was very long, as though it had never been dyed. After drying it, it was very soft and smooth, making one unable to part with it.

“En, en. I’m very satisfied.” Shi Niange had never thought of making any requests of him on her birthday. She had always felt that it was already sufficient for Qin Siting to appear in front of her on her birthday.

Her hair was almost completely dry. After blowing for another minute, Qin Siting put down the hairdryer and unplugged it, placing it aside.

Shi Niange was so comfortable that she fell asleep on the sofa. However, when she fell asleep, her head tilted and she almost fell down. She was frightened and quickly sat back down. She opened her eyes to look around and saw that Qin Siting had already walked back to the sofa.

She quickly tugged at his wrist. “Sit down. Sit with me for a while.”

“Aren’t you sleepy?” Qin Siting sat down.

“Yes, I’m so tired.” She leaned her head against his shoulder naturally and closed her eyes as she hummed. “I can only let you sit with me for a while. I can’t let you sleep with me, right?”

There seemed to be a few seconds of silence in the air. Shi Niange was drunk and did not realize what she had just said. She only heard him smile helplessly. “It’s not impossible to sleep with you, but I’m afraid you can’t bear the consequences.”

“En? What consequences?” She raised her head and rested her chin on his shoulder. She leaned against him at such a close distance and looked up at him. Her eyes were hazy.

At this distance, as long as Qin Siting turned his face a few centimeters, he would be able to kiss her.

Qin Siting turned his head and lowered his eyes to look at her small face that was so close. He smiled and raised his hand to rub her hair that had just been dried. “All right, don’t provoke me. You’re still young, en?”

“What do you mean?” Shi Niange’s mind was a mess. She did not understand what he meant and continued to stare at him innocently.

Under her gaze, the veins on Qin Siting’s forehead faintly twitched. He then looked at her drunken expression as though she was sending herself into the big bad wolf’s mouth. He sighed and kissed her forehead. “Have you eaten cake tonight?”

Shi Niange had yet to recover from her earlier doubts when she was brought to the next topic. She leaned on his shoulder and recalled. “En, I ate it. At night, at the KTV, Zhao Xiaoqing and the rest bought a cake. It was very big, but my stomach felt uncomfortable when I drank. I only ate one piece.”

“So you haven’t eaten anything else since tonight?”


“What’s wrong with your stomach?”

“Nothing much. When I was drinking at night, it hurt a little. I’m fine now.”

Afterward, Shi Niange was still a little dazed. She didn’t know when Qin Siting had left the sofa. She closed her eyes for a while. Although she was sleepy, she couldn’t sleep. Furthermore, after sitting here for a while, she felt that her mental state was much better than when she came back. At the very least, she should be more awake than before.

Thereafter, for ten minutes, she did not hear Qin Siting’s voice. She thought he had left and quickly got up. However, she suddenly heard movement from the kitchen. She walked over and leaned against the door to look in. She was suddenly stunned.

He was boiling water. On the dining table by the side, there were bowls and chopsticks. There was a simple bowl of egg soup. It was the kind she often liked to eat when she was young. There were some green onions scattered on it. It looked very tempting and warm to the stomach. Just by looking at it, her stomach felt much better. The air seemed to emit the fragrance of egg soup.

The boiling water in front of Qin Siting emitted a bubbling sound. It was lively and friendly. Looking carefully, he seemed to be pouring noodles into the pot.

“Do you want to eat noodles?” Qin Siting heard her and turned back to ask.

“I do.” It had been several days since she last ate the onion noodles he made. She immediately broke into a smile. “It’s already so late. I was too embarrassed to say it earlier. Then can I eat the onion noodles?”

“Wait for me.” He had already gone in. His tall figure stood in front of the counter, looking extremely warm and intimate.

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