Zhan Long - Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063- Massacre

Late at night, many ships opened their sails. The black ship body shone a devilish light under the moonlight. Many Demon Hall Cavalry and Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman boarded the ships and one could hear many fighting noises as the hybrid demons fought one another. The hybrid demons were hot tempered and it was normal for them to attack one another.

As the guest vanguard officer I sat at the head of the ship and looked at the two Demon Hall Cavalry that fought one another. I didn't stop them and didn't talk about military punishment. It was good that they were fighting. If they weren't a mess, I was worried how we should block them the next time they attacked the human race.

"Pull up the anchors and head out." A one star god tier boss shouted.

Looking out, a large amount of troops were gathering on the hill. Lanais stood there with her bow. She was the commander of the expedition and was in charge of the main force. As the vanguard officer, I headed out first.

The ships slowly left the shore. Tens of thousands of ships headed towards the Sea of No Return like arrows. There were 11 Moon City ports here and one could see them on the map. Moreover there were many NPC ships here and we might have a naval war.


After 30 minutes, we could see the lights from the docks.

I ordered, "Extinguish all torches!"

The Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman and half-beast warriors replied and tossed the torches into the river. We could see the structures around with the moonlight. But once we extinguished the flames, the NPCs at shore wouldn't be able to see us.

I glanced at the cannons and frowned. The cannons were fixed to the dock and unable to move. These Hybrid Demons were fools. Forget it, we couldn't rely on cannons and had to use a soldier type. I pulled out Butterfly and flew in front of the ships, "How many giant whales do we have?"

A boss tier general said, "We have 27 here. As our officer, what orders do you have for us?"

I smiled and just said, "Send all of them out to attack the docks. Destroy the ships there and the other ships head forwards and get on shore quickly."

"Why should we listen to you?" This Hybrid Demon boss laughed and revealed his row of yellow teeth. I nearly wanted to slice his head off.

I looked towards the shore and said, "Lanais made me the officer. I think her bow wouldn't mind leaving a thumb sized hole in your head. What do you think?"

The demon's body shook and he laughed coldly, "A scum that only dares to hide in the south actually knows how to threaten others. Okay, I won't argue with you. Once we get Moon City, I will cut your head and stick it on a spear. You wait and see!"

I smiled and looked at him in disdain, "Don't worry, if we have a chance, I will slice off your dog head. Stop saying such useless things, send the giant whales out. If you don't get the docks, I will slice your head off right away!"

"Scoff, yes..."


This Boss still followed my instructions,

the giant whales charged towards the shore. We were just 300 meters away and very quickly the scouts on the light towers shouted, "The hybrid demons are attacking! The hybrid demons are attacking! These people are sneak attacking the harbor at night, go inform the general!"

It was too late. Before they even finished their words, the whales caused giant waves to sweep the harbor. They smashed into the ships at the harbor. As it was late at night, no one was defending on the ships so this sneak attack naturally worked.

"Head to shore!"

I held my sword and charged out. I waved Butterfly and Wind Carrying Slash exploded in the NPC crowd, killing many. Those warriors cried out and their white souls were sucked into the cage in my hands.

The ships got close to shore and the hybrid demons charged up to shore. They maintained their primitive nature and used their axes to slice the head of the enemies. They opened their sharp teeth to bite the necks of the enemy and chew their meat. With a portion of the flesh in their moughs, they continued to wave their weapons at the enemy.

Screams rang out and turned the ocean into a sea of flames. As ships got close, the 200 thousand hybrid demons disembarked. I held my bloodstained sword and killed people all around. At the same time, their souls were absorbed by the soul prison. Looking at the many souls floating in, I felt like I was being inhumane. I was leading hybrid demons to invade the human homeland, I was really sinning.

But this trade was solely for Tian Ling City. Even if I was judged, I was willing. But if I could take down Moon City, who had the rights to judge me. Who had the courage to judge me?


"Demon Hall Cavalry."

I said as a Demon Hall Cavalry Boss ran over. This was a level 184 Deity Tier Boss, "Sir, what instructions do you have for us?"

I pointed at the forest, "Send a few hundred to find the path. Kill all those trying to send news back."

"Yes, sir!"

The Demon Hall Cavalries disappeared into the forest. It felt good to command monsters... But I was now in the quest system and the Hybrid Demon army was all friendlies. Damn, I felt like a spy. However, this was only good for me. Frost and I saw the situation with Lanais, Sif, Igoras etc hybrid demon lords. They could lie to me but definitely not frost. Frost had a god divinity and she could sense how weak they got.

Close to midnight, moonlight fell on the forest and what replaced it was starlight.

Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman and Demon Hall Cavalry headed into the forest and in the sky one could hear the sounds of the Sword Spirit Cavalry. Many War Hawk Knights were slain. Moon City's scouting ability was wiped out right away. Actually, the Hybrid Demons didn't have any tactics and didn't know what to do. Who knew whether or not my teachings were good or not. What if they used this to deal with Tian Ling City, I am not sure if our border troops can defend against such an attack.

A while later, a dense Hybrid Demon army headed out of the forest. I think Moon City got news too as many players in the forest were killed. Moreover, I also killed three players inside. However, it was okay even if news got leaked. The time they had now was probably just to close the city gates!

"Sir, it is Light Rain City ahead!" A Demon Hall Cavalry officer said.

Under the starlight, a secondary city stood in the forest. This was one of the two defending cities of Moon City and it was one we had to pass if we headed from Sea of No Return to Moon City.

I raised my arm and pointed Butterfly at Light Rain City, "Split a third of our troops to attack Light Rain City. The rest go around to attack Moon City. Don't waste time, be quick!"



Light Rain City's defence was so-so and in the next moment, the hybrid demon had surrounded this small city. Cloud ladders were placed up and those gravedigger ghosts climbed up the walls. Light Rain City had only a few players and even fewer NPCs. How could they handle such an attack. They would definitely fall within an hour!

The army wrapped around. Many half-beasts, barbarians, undead rode war horses and waved their blades. They shouted in rage like beasts out of a cage. As the commander, I was conflicted. Aiya, it was great if all these sacrificed people became my experience points, I would reach full level. But now, I had to make good use of them!

In the distance, Moon City appeared on the horizon and there was a moon carved on the walls. This was the mark of the Moon City Moon Family. This should be the final time it shone bright as after today, it would be wiped away!



Demon Hall Cavalry's Deity Tier general raised his blade and laughed viciously, "Human bastards, leave none of them alive. Kill them all!"

I frowned. If all were killed then wouldn't a dead city be left? I didn't want a dead city!

But I didn't have time to give any orders. The souls in the cage cried out in pain. I had done too many sinful things and didn't lack this little bit. Time to let these animals go!


Within Moon City, the army headed out of the city. There was around 120 thousand of them. This was the final group of elite from Moon City. As for players, most of them were the ones that died at Fan Shu City. There was 2 million of them and more of them were on the way back to Fan Shu City. Teleportation scrolls weren't to be used during the city war. One had to use special things like Valella crystals to teleport. But they were too expensive and couldn't be produced in scale.


5 million hybrid demons against 2.12 million weak troops. The outcome was obvious!

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