Zhan Long - Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064- Streaming cloud fan

"Tsh Tsh..."

A Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman bit on a bloody arm and his eyes turned blood red. This was a two star god tier Boss commander but he currently had to listen to me. He looked at me in greed and also then at the guards army at Moon City. He cried out like he was calling out to fight. If he could speak, he would definitely say, "My axe is so thirsty for blood".

I nodded and pointed my sword at the city, "Attack, kill all the troops! After you enter don't kill any commoners or you won't be pardoned!"

The bunch of hybrid demons objected but the even louder sounds were those of people fighting. The cavalries charged over and war drums banged at the back. Many mountain giants pulled their heavy axes over. These were all the subordinates of Berserker Leiding. Although they all listened to my orders but they didn't fully listen.


The city was quickly dyed red. Moon City's hundreds of Dragon Crystal Cannons started to fire into th crowd, blowing the Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman into pieces. But more and more of them slashed into the players and NPC crowd. Their heavy shields weren't able to block the attacks of the chisel tooth blades. They courageous cavalries used their fresh blood to show off their ow loyalty.

Looking at the cannonfire, I looked at the crowd behind me, "Sword Spirit Cavalry!"

A cavalry rode a flying dragon and looked at me with cruel eyes. He smiled, "Sir, do you have any instructions for us Sword Spirit Cavalry?"

I looked at him in disgust, "Every 1000 of you gather up and attack the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Focus fire and destroy all their Dragon Crystal Cannons first so that they don't have any ranged attack power."


The Sword Spirit Cavalry flew over. Right as they got close I regretted. Damn, why did I send them to do that? If the Dragon Crystal Cannons could kill more Hybrid Demons that would be good, at least, that would be beneficial for me.

But it was too late to regret. As the Sword Spirit Cavalry roared, many dragon crystal cannons turned them into shreds. The Sword Spirit Cavalries' spear was buffed with magic and could pierce through cannon barrels. If you think about how that barrel had a stick in it, it definitely couldn't fire anymore.

The city was drowned in blood color. I didn't seige right away and just rode on the back of the God Dragon Horse. I guarded below and my right hand held the bloodstained Butterfly and I had the soul prison in my left. The souls around were all sucked into the cage. Apart from me, there were a few other hybrid demon generals that held cages but they didn't absorb as many as I did.


I didn't want to continue staring at the seige situation so I opened Zhan Long's guild channel and noticed that it was in a mess--

Yue Qing Qian, "The north gate is about to be broken! Li Mu bring Furnace God Cavalry to block, don't let them head into Fan Shu City!"

Li Mu gritted his teeth and roared, "Damn, the south is about to be broken. We are using our bodies to block them but we can't hold on for long. How can our shield formation block their Dragon Crystal Cannons?"

I asked, "What is the situation in Fan Shu City like?"

Dancing Forest, "It is not good, if we don't get assistance within three hours, the city would definitely be broken. Sky Rose is just too fierce."

I sucked in a deep breath, "Are there reinforcements?"

Lin Wan Er said, "My troops are at Waterfront City,

we won't be able to head over in a short amount of time. I have contacted Ye Lai and Misty Clouds and him would lead 500 thousand players over in 2 hours. Green Rock City will be left to NPCs and factionless players to defend."

"500 thousand... That won't do much!" I was anxious, "Did Moon City players move?"

"They retreated!" Li Mu said, "What are they even thinking, there were so many of them but all of them disappeared."

Yue Qing Qian smiled, "That is because Moon City is being attacked by the Hybrid Demons."

Li Mu was shocked, "The Hybrid Demons have joined in?"

"Yes, moreover, it should be related to someone." Dong Cheng Yue giggled.

I smiled, "Right, I am at Moon City and I am the commander of the 2 million vanguard army. Lanais, Sif, Igoras are working together..."

Dancing Forest was shocked, "Aiyo, is our guild leader colluding with the wolves? Are you doing a large scale quest?"

I nodded, "En, no choice. I could only think of this solution. The Hybrid Demon Territory has changed nad after which, you should be able to see storyline details. If I didn't bring Lanais's army over to attack Moon City, they would be here to attack Tian Ling City. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attack Iron Skull City if not that battle would solve Fan Shu City's situation."

Li Mu was a little excited, "Can we get Moon City in one shot?"

"Maybe, it is not so optimistic though, let's defend Fan Shu City first!"


My news undoubtedly calmed the hearts of everyone.


Late at night, a bell rang out in the sky and another shocking news spread over--


System Notification: Congratulations player Fang Ge Que (China) for destroying Nine Heavens City (Many servers), moreover he has chosen to occupy it and turn this primary city over to china region. Moreover, the top three players will receive rewards-- Player Fang Ge Que has received Streaming Cloud Fan (4 Star God Weapon), player Q-Sword has obtained Dragon Scale Sword (3 Star God Weapon), player Simple has obtained Star God Cape (3 Star God Weapon), other players have also been rewards!


My mouth was agape. I didn't expect that on the third day of the country war, Fang Ge Que actually made a miracle. He obtained Nine Heavens City from the hands of people as strong as Demon Mountain and 7K! This merit was enough to let Fang Ge Que's CBN rankings jump much higher!

After opening the China region forums, everyone was talking about it. But one thing was for certain, everyone was impressed by his courage. One of the top posts was by Ouyang Nuo Yan herself. This was a recognition from the CEO of Destiny's China branch?

Three days and three nights, Nine Heavens City has been taken down! Congratulations Fang Ge Que! Congratulations China! Posted by: Ouyang Nuo Yan

Contents: After three full days of battle, a stunning achievement gotten from China reguon players' blood and sweat. Nine Heavens City, a city with many servers which have the title of eastern lion has ended up bowing to our feet. Congratulations China players, this is the glory that we have obtained together. Thank you players defending Fan Shu City, you helped to block teh enemy so that Heaven Planning Hall can take down Nine Heavens City. Good luck everyone!

1st: Soogela's underwear: Hahaha, long live Fang Ge Que! Long live Legend!

2nd: Bai Li Ruo feng: Congratulations China Region! Congratulations Heaven Planning Hall! Heaven Planning Hall's first battle ends in victory!

3rd: Past Sadness: Haha, Demon Mountain has suffered a defeat. I want to see how godly this person called the god of Nine Heavens City is. Hasn't we stepped him beneath our feet!

4th Yan Zhao Warrior: It has been tough on Fan Shu City, they have been defending for so long

5th Rumor: Thank you Ouyang!


Most of them were celebrating, only Fan Shu City players were crying and fighting. Moreover, the Nine Heavens City situatio wasn't good for us. Although Nine Heavens City was taken down but as long as Demon Mountain and 7K were there, they could fight for it. How many were Fang Ge Que planning to defend Nine Heavens City? How many could he send back to defend the gate to the west? Did he just want us to rely on the 10 million here to defend against 5 times our number?

In truth, the more cities we got, the harder it was.


Looking at Moon City, the hybrid demons attacked the city and many Demon Hall Cavalry were sent by the trebuchets into the city. Moreover, many hooks hung on the walls and Demon Spirit Swordsman climbed up. In the sky were many Sword Spirit Cavalry riding dragons which sent the NPCs and Moon City players into a nightmare.

Moon City could last for at most 1 more hour!

Half an hour later, news came that Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple led India Region's elites out of Waterfront City to attack Nine Heavens City!

The moment the Indians moved out, the situation changed.

Fang Ge Que cancelled the plan to assist Fan Shu City!

Lin Wan Er sent out troops too to attack Waterfront City!

The entire country war was not as I predicted. This was great, it was so exciting.


Half an hour later, another bell rang in the sky. 20 minutes, Lin Wan Er led Flaming Cloud City's million strong army to take down Waterfront City. It sounded so much like a miracle--


System Notification: Congratulations player Cang Tong (China) for destroying Waterfront City. She has chosen to occupy it and this primary city is under china. Moreover, as the seige points were too low, all rewards has been turned to experience and given to relevant players!


The news spread and the only reason why the city was taken down was because the NPC commander Liu Jun surrendered. The millions of Indians inside were caught off guard. Lin Wan Er ordered the 5000 giant elephant to charge into the palace while Lin Wan Er rode Little White to grab the throne!

At this point, Clear Black Eyes was definitely furious!

I opened India's forums and I couldn't tell what they were saying. But I saw that Clear Black Eyes posted something. It was posted a few seconds ago and the contents were in english--



Ha, India's goddess was mad!

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